Dallas Criminals Go Wheels Off

In the past two days I’ve heard of two separate incidents of stolen wheels. In both cases (a Tahoe around Abrams and Northwest Highway, an Escalade around Lovers and Inwood), the owners woke up for their morning commutes to find their vehicles up on blocks — tires, wheels, gone, gone. Do two occurrences constitute a trend? Tune in to KXAS to find out (I’m assuming).


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38 responses to “Dallas Criminals Go Wheels Off”

  1. Tom says:

    We’ve had a couple of reports of this crime in Midway Hollow. Also a couple of stolen vehicles that are stripped and left in alleys. The moral of the story appears to be that if you have room to park your rig in the garage, do it. Or don’t drive an SUV with fancy wheels.
    And I’m sure Ch. 5 will be live, local and late-breaking with this now that the Olympics have ended.

  2. This is happening all over or years. First it was carjacking people and then abandoning the car for the rims. One guy near me got killed for his truck in his Dad’s driveway. The killers were caught.

    The cars-on-blocks thing has been heating up for about two years. It’s been around forever though.

  3. Stonebriar HOA says:

    Told ya so.

  4. Tim Rogers says:

    Adam, it’s been going on at least since July 31.

  5. Adam McGill says:

    @Tim: What’s your point?

  6. j.d.w... says:

    This happened recently to my neighbor’s Tahoe in Richardson.

  7. Marcus says:

    Shortly after my arrival in to Dallas in 2002 my explorer was “borrowed” by some guys from my apartment. Apparently they used it to drive around and strip out my CD player, XM, etc, and when that was done, they parked next to an escalade and used my jack to steal the rims and tires off it. They left my car there, unlocked, with the electrical wiring ripped out of the dash. The Escalade owner comes out the next morning finds his car on blocks(and my jack), and finds some way to get his car to the dealer to get replacement rims. My car, sat there, next to his spot for a day and a half until I spotted it as I drove around the area. I called the DPD to report that I have found my car and I’d like to have it impounded as to prevent it from being stolen again.

    DPD shows up an hour later and impounds my car. The good news is, 3 days later, I get a call from DPD. The lady informs me “we’ve recovered your car.” I was shocked to say the least and I told her “I know, I’m the one that found it, 3 days ago.”

    Good times.

  8. Mike says:

    Do you think that the thefts are burglaries or just the automotive fashion police disposing of those ugly chrome monsters?

  9. jrp says:

    buy a civic or prius move to oak cliff and don’t worry about this crime

    other crimes to worry about, sure, but not this one

    what’s it gonna take for people to stop driving monster trucks? at what point do people realize they’re more hassle than they’re worth in numerous ways?

  10. glenn hunter says:

    JRP: I dare you to tell my neighbor–who had the wheels and tires ripped off his new Tahoe Saturday night–to “not worry” about this crime. Yours is the sort of arrogant attitude that gives the do-gooding Greenpeace set such a bad name.

  11. Bethany says:

    Why doesn’t anybody want the wheels off my Hyundai? Why?

  12. jrp says:

    you completely misunderstood what i wrote there, i was implying that this type of crime doesn’t seem to happen so much in Oak Cliff because there doesn’t seem to be as many ’08 Tahoes,Escalades etc. driving down Jefferson Blvd. as there are on Abrams et al

    you incorrectly inferred that i was telling folks not to worry about having their tires stolen, when i was trying to imply that isn’t something i worry about driving a civic and living in Oak Cliff

    kneejerk much there, Glenn??

    that said, i’ll take you up on that dare, as i’m not afraid to say anything to anyone at any time…now that’s arrogant

  13. AK says:

    hugs not drugs.

  14. Stephanie says:

    But I love my Civic…

  15. glenn hunter says:

    JRP: That makes about as much sense as telling Highland Park people whose homes have been burglarized to move to Sunnyvale, where the homes are less grand and, therefore, won’t be such prime targets. In other words, no sense at all. The fact remains that when you spout off about the evils of “monster trucks,” you’re blaming these victims for these crimes. People like my neighbor, a hardworking guy who owns a modest Tahoe, don’t really need your high-minded advice.

  16. Joe says:

    Rumble developing between Glenn and JRP.

  17. ns says:

    jrp: Actually, you stated

    “other crimes to worry about, sure, but not this one . . . what’s it gonna take for people to stop driving monster trucks? at what point do people realize they’re more hassle than they’re worth in numerous ways?”

    I’m one of those listed that had their wheels stolen. We had the car for 6 days. It’s gonna cost us alot of even (even with insurance), and nobody will do a thing to stop it. In fact, Chevy doesn’t even put wheel locks on the Tahoes because they know will get to sell them twice.

    When you figure out how to cart infant twins (including pack ‘n plays, diapers, etc) around in your civic, please let me know.

  18. amandacobra says:

    Hand on a stack of Bibles or Torahs or Quarans here, I am (for once) not being a wiseacre but asking asking a legitimate question…

    For the people who retort “try packing infants and playsets and strollers and soccer kids and dogs etc” into a Civic, could that stuff not fit into anything less, for lack of a better term, steal-able than a Tahoe/Suburban/Escalade? I’m thinking an Element, Xterra or the runs-forever Land Cruisers? Honestly, I am not a parent so I don’t have to haul stuff around but I would think I would aim to buy the vehicle with the less coveted wheels.

    I say that as the owner of a Honda Accord two door coupe or as a DPD officer once told me, “the most stolen vehicle in Dallas County” so who am I to talk?

  19. ashley says:

    I live near Walnut Hill & Abrams. Three weeks ago, my Tahoe was parked in our back driveway, we woke up to it sitting on blocks & a jack, no wheels. On April 23, OF THIS YEAR, my same Tahoe was stolen from the front of my home and found a half mile up the road, no wheels, broken windows, luckily nothing else stolen. This past Saturday, a home just 3-4 houses down on our alley-side, had his truck sitting on blocks when he woke up. Two months ago, a guy 2 streets over had his Escalade stolen from his front circle-drive. All the while, our DPD is more focused on making thier speeding ticket quota by camping out 4 motorcycle cops in one corner off Walnut Hill close to Fieldcrest. Glad we can continue to feed their monthly ticket quota while the real criminals are still out there, unphased by the “DPD” and still paying themselves by stealing from us. If anyone has an idea how we can alert the DPD to our crime zone, I’m all ears and ready to go. As for you, Mr. JRP, just you wait til someone rips off something of yours. TWICE. My husband and I both work very hard for every penny & everything we have. I agree there are worse crimes out there and I certainly hope they are being given adequate attention, but enough is enough. And I’m not getting rid of my “monster truck” (kneejerk?) either! – the next time will be THE LAST TIME THESE PITIFUL, DESPERATE FOOLS RIP ME OFF. Likewise, I am very sensitive & proud of the growing Oak Cliff. I think its wonderful for our city. But just watch it with your own kneejerk reactions please. B/C there are people out there like ME – and i’m sick of the thieves and want some attention to these, and all crimes…

  20. Carl says:

    Who knew that ordinary factory standard Tahoe wheels, essential for carting multiple kids and gear to destinations, could command the same premium as their artistic, heavily chromed gangsta cousins?

  21. ns says:

    So now I’m not supposed to get the 20 inch wheel upgrade? Are you freaking kidding me? Of course the dealers don’t tell you that your wheels are going to be stolen, but that’s besides the point.

    You are going to place the blame on two peopel that earned the right to drive that car instead of placing the blame with the criminals? It’s OUR fault because we shouldn’t have purchased something nice? Give me a break.

    No … it is DPD’s fault. How hard is it to set up a sting? Anyone that tolerates this type of criminal behavior is responsible as well.

  22. Brandon says:

    At least the criminals give you some blocks and jacks to play with!

  23. Jay says:

    I’ve got the perfect place to set up the sting. After 60 months, I just payed off my Tahoe today. Fate is a cruel mistress.

  24. Randy says:

    DPD won’t even come out to the crime scene unless you demand that they do it. Otherwise they just take a report over the phone. Apparently they do not feel the need to search for evidence or take prints (i.e. investigate a crime), because they have no intention of actually catching the perpretators…

  25. Bethany says:

    This would never happen to the Pontiac of Justice.

  26. Going through the Daily Crime Report database, I find the Dallas Police list nine incidents where wheels were removed from parked vehicles in the past ten days.

    Four were in the Northwest and Northeast Divisions respectively, and one in the Central Division.

    From the narratives, two of the incidents took place after the vehicle was stolen and moved to another location, while the balance took place outside the owner’s location.


    Daily Crime Report – What happened in your neighborhood yesterday??


    (shameless plug for a cool website)

  27. jrp says:

    great stuff, love it all

    and i’m in no way blaming these people that had their tires stolen for the crime, i was simply trying to point out that there are a lot of reasons to stop driving monster trucks with this latest rash of tire thefts as the most recent example

    @ ashley, i’ve been robbed, once here in Oak Cliff and more than once elsewhere. so please, i understand the frustration of having things stolen

    @ ns, gimme a break, seriously

    i, too, have an infant (just one, not twins) but have little problem fitting my 6’5″ self, the boy, his mother and all his accoutrements into the civic

    your excuse to “needed” a larger vehicle is that suburban mentality of bigger is better that i abhor and simply don’t understand

    and, i guess you’re right, Mr. Hunter, who needs high-minded advice? let’s just all dumb it down to the lowest common denominator so nobody’s feelings get hurt

    why be a responsible citizen of the Earth? when it’s sooooooo much easier for me to live in Frisco in a 7,500 sq ft McMansion and transport the twins around in the gas-guzzling, road-hogging, tire-theft-magnet that is my Tahoe/Escalade/Suburban

    FYI, the ’95 civic remains the most stolen vehicle in the US, followed by the ’91 accord and the ’89 camry

  28. New Tahoe Victim says:

    I’m the neighbor Glenn Hunter is referring to in his post. Chevy Tahoe or Honda Civic… does it really matter what they stole? Theives walked into my quiet neighborhod, set-up shop in my driveway while I was sleeping, and stole my four day old wheels and tires. I didn’t cry (excessively) about having to replace the wheels and tires. I didn’t whine (again, excessively) about having to deal with the insurance company, the dealership and the tow truck. Rather, I lost sleep at night worrying about the best way to protect my wife and unborn child. Sometimes its not what was done to you… its what COULD HAVE been done to you. Stay safe.

  29. jrp says:

    well said, dude
    i feel for ya and in no way meant to imply that you were responsible for the crime despite what your neighbor may think. i was just ranting on my belief about big trucks being a scourge in and of themselves, which, i guess, i coulda saved for another thread

    and as i said, we were robbed in November.
    front door kicked in while we were both at work. lost hundreds of DVDs (they left the worthless CDs), a digital camera, PS2, some coins, etc. bunch of junk really. but i couldn’t sleep for weeks

    hate to say it’s life in a big city, but chances are if you live in a metropolis such as this one long enough, you’ll be the victim of a crime. sad but true…

    although you can always move to the ‘burbs, right? no crime out there, is there, Trey?

  30. Joe says:

    “Although you can always move to the ‘burbs'”, right?

    Oh, please. Maybe Glenn broke in your place. No, he’s too much of a wuss.

    Sorry about the break-in, but you’re kissing up major league to New Tahoe Victim. Barf!

    Get out of your earth-loving sandals and get a real life.

    In the meantime, call your doc and get some scrips for sleeping meds and rethink your sorry-ass ideas.

    I ain’t name calling, I’m just calling you out on how weak your argument is for a post about a guy who had his wheels ripped off.

    Your comments make as much sense as holding the Katie awards at the 6th Floor instead of @ Hillcrest Mausoleum.

  31. Bethany says:

    I was at the board meeting where that was explained – the Katies are being held at the 6th Floor because it was offered for free – and given the current economic climate and the past shenanigans, it seemed like the smart thing to do in accepting the offer.

  32. Bill says:

    Just a touch off topic: Last night(Sunday 7pm) there was a HUGE police chase down Mockingbird, from Dallas, west, into Highland Park. There was a black Chrysler they were chasing 6-8 Dallas Police cars, Highland Park police, University Park Police, the Dallas Police GhettoBird was up too. The bad guy crashed at Highland Park Village.

    I was wondering what he had done to get such an awesome chase going. Pretty awesome to see police cars flooring it on residential streets like that. Quite a scene.

  33. East Dallas Eccentric says:

    If they had just widened Mockingbird..

  34. jrp says:

    Joe, obviously, you are not a golfer.

    Some of my sorry-ass ideas of late: buy a nice home as close to work as possible; replace all 50-year-old windows with double-paned windows; own one fuel-efficient vehicle; pay less than $250 a month on natural-gas, electricity, and gasoline bills; drink as many frozen with salt margaritas as humanly possible; do all i can to make sure the unconscionable actions of one person don’t ruin a 50-year-old journalism institution here in Dallas; incite the blogosphere with as many incendiary, and often downright rude and crude, comments as possible; raise my boy to be a Philly Phan while growing up in Dallas.

    And I like your idea for the Katies, as I’ve spent more than one drunk night in a cemetery. But that’s just me.

  35. KS says:

    The reason I never go out to public blogs or message boards is because there is inevitably one dumb-ass who takes a medium for informative dialogue and muddies it up with his non relevant argumentative opinions. JBL… you are that guy. Do us all a favor and get a life. Please… go post on a ‘green earth’ blog and let the victims of this crime have a forum for relevant information exchange.

  36. jrp says:

    how ’bout dem Cowboys!!!!!

  37. Tom says:

    JBL, jrp, whatever.

  38. jrp says:

    why let accuracy get in the way of a good barb, ya know?

    and there is a JBL that comments here on the FB, no?