“Bloodbath in Big D” — Podcast about A.H. Belo

Editor & Publisher presents a Fitz & Jen podcast about the latest A. H. Belo results, which includes an irritating commercial, lots of throat-clearing, a demonstration of ignorance about the Dallas market, and some news that any FrontBurnervian will already know. It does tell us that Al Dia is going from 40,000 to 120,000 free distribution in August, which I didn’t know. One piece of very good news: an analyst they quote says the company should be trading at $14.50 (current quote: around $5.14). About the recent staff cuts, there’s a key quote from Robert Decherd from his recent conference call with analysts:

“We are looking at everything that moves.” 


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15 responses to ““Bloodbath in Big D” — Podcast about A.H. Belo”

  1. LOC says:

    Would that include Decherd himself? I assume he moves . . . .

  2. El Rey says:

    He can’t see himself in the mirror, so he doesn’t count.

  3. DA says:

    Bravo, El Rey. Bravo.

  4. Emilio Velasquez, Jr. says:

    You of such little vision cannot see the astute thinking of Señor Decherd right before your very eyes in the Al Dia example above.

    Rather than try to squeeze the profit from every unit like some heartless patrón with the throat of some poor peón in his fat fist, El Decherd Grande has cleverly decided to make it up in volume!

    Now, where are our cabras?


  5. publicnewsense says:

    The staff psychics are really letting Belo down.

  6. aston says:

    Simple supply and demand. No demand here pushes this dog s**** to sub $2. This will be a penny stock in no time.

  7. Roman says:

    Who needs newspapers.

    A drag on news anyway.
    It doesn’t give you breaking news.

    It is old. Just like the management, workers, and readers. You time is over.

  8. Bethany says:

    I don’t know about that, Roman. Newspapers just need to change their current way of thinking, and their current delusions of grandeur.

    I think, with an attitude adjustment, there is a way to make it relevant – but it would take some setting aside of egos.

  9. publicnewsense says:

    Newspapers need to remember for whom they are published — readers, not analysts. Their product is news, not stock.

  10. Roman says:

    Oh, great “Al Dia” going to 120,000 free distribution in August.

    The free newspaper for
    free illegal aliens…great!!!!

  11. Roman says:


    People that work in the newspaper don’t change their thinking. It is a tired old mentality.

    A bunch of boring, angry, self rigtheous, old left wing thinking from the 60’s and 70’s. That isn’t cutting edge thinking in a news revolution with blogs, talk-radio, and social sites informing news.

    I can’t wait to place the flowers in front of the DMN building when they die off. I might be generous and even spit on the grave too.

  12. Roman says:

    I forgot.

    Al Dia a “free” newspaper.

    Great business model!

    And your audience, illegal alien peasants, thanks for giving me Mexico news DMN.

    Yeah, brilliant minds in publishing.

  13. Dave In Texas says:

    Excuse me, Roman, but how much are you paying for “Frontburner?” 50-cents a day? $20 a month? Oh, that’s right. Nothing.

    Traditional publications, be they newspapers or monthly mags, are peddling on the intertubes as fast as they can. Free may be a stupid business model, but it’s the only one we have. You folks who insist the web is the only way to get your news won’t pay the old fashioned way.

    As for your concept of the market for Al Dia and the weary, worn-out nature of the MSM, it must be tiring to be such an intolerant butthole. Hope you get some rest soon.

  14. Roman says:

    Hey, Dave pal!

    I am clicking and reading “Frontburner” , because they actually provide me with news, info, breaking information, and “local issues”

    Plus, they aren’t constantly carping about losing readers and bitching about losing circulation figures. You see Dave, I like news that doesn’t blame its customers for everything, i.e. readers. “Frontburner” doesn’t have an elitist view like the newspapers’ view. Nothing wrong with free news. But when you have the self-righteous
    newspaper people whining about losing profits , and then they start carping to me for not paying for their news when it is free anyway on the internet and including the same sources!
    Why should I pay?

    I am not clicking and reading “DMN”, simply because they don’t report news or stories that I care about.

    And I think you too can appreciate that, since you are reading “Frontburner” and
    you too have posted your comments on “Frontburner”.

    Oh, I prefer being an “intolerant butthole”
    , as you’ve stated. I tried being a sophisticated douche bag like yourself, but I didn’t think it was for me. But you enjoy it. I think you wear it well.

  15. Dave In Texas says:

    Why, thank you, Roman. No one’s ever called me ‘sophisticated’ before.

    I don’t really care why you read ‘Frontburner.’ I simply thought it peculiar you ridiculed ‘Al Dia’ for being free in the comments section of a free blog.

    Your silly description of ‘Al Dia’ as a free publication for illegal immigrants was just icing on the cake and says so much more about you than the Belo business model.