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30 responses to “Ben & Skin Get A Steady Gig”

  1. BLM says:

    They should replace Norm on The Ticket. Why? Because Norm sucks.

  2. Idunno says:

    BLM +1.

    Good on those guys, hope they do well.

  3. Zach in NY says:

    Norm is a sports genius.

  4. Patrick says:

    Who’s going to do the Mavs post game show? Best of luck guys, but this sucks for the P1!

  5. mm says:

    This definitely sucks for the P1. Now I have to choose between BAD radio (which has become the best show on the Ticket, IMO), and Ben and Skin (who also make me giggle).

    I’m sure Norm and Greggo will be doing the Mavs post-game show.

  6. BLM says:


    What Norm is rhymes with genius.

  7. AK says:

    That does suck for the P1 — I think Ben and Skin are (were) the best kept secret on the Ticket. I honestly wouldn’t mind if the Ticket did some rearranging, and put Ben and Skin at drivetime in place of the new-and-not-as-good Hardline. Ben and Skin mix schtick with actual sports knowledge as well as anyone. Corby is still a yuk-monkey at heart, and Rhyner is bored by everything not-baseball. It makes the Hardline really suck for basketball and football coverage, in my book. Give me Ben and Skin.

    Feel free to flame me for this HSO.

  8. Bobby Ewing says:

    BaD(D) Radio is definitely the best thing going on The Ticket now. They have the best (only?) combo of actual sports knowledge, personalities, and schtick.

    The Hardline is the aging cougar whose past her prime and definitely going home alone at the end of the night, and the Musers’ dead weight (Craig Miller) is only redeemed when Gordo tries to piss Jub Jub off.

    Ben & Skin were ace too – maybe I’ll have to figure out how to work the FM dial now after all.

  9. Facob Taylor says:


    You are a moron! Norm is the king of Dallas sports radio. He is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s almost as good as Chipotle.

  10. sarah says:

    The Hardline has been so busy attacking Norm lately (e.g. segment devoted to his selfishness last week, complaint about his callers this week) that they may force him out and create an open spot for Ben and Skin.

    Tangentially, I never thought the Hardline would adapt a “Morning Zoo” format.

  11. Spamboy says:

    At least 1920’s Reporter Guy didn’t also jump ship.

  12. AK says:

    The schtick of attacking Norm has gotten soooo old. He knows more about sports than the rest of the station combined. I enjoy the Ticket’s schtick, but D&M and the Hardline know nothing about sports — they’re not the hungry sports nuts they used to be that made them successful. They’re guys doing a job, now, and prefer to talk about what entertains them. Like Bobby said, BaD(D) Radio (which I preferred before the extra D, but it’s not a dealbreaker) is the only show on the Ticket that successfully mixes schtick and sports. The others are either only good at schtick (D&M and the Hardline) or are so dreadful at schtick (Norm, when he does “Nose in the News) that you beg them to stop.

  13. mm says:

    I’m glad somebody mentioned Craig Miller. I’ve said for years that he was the luckiest man in local media, riding along with the talents of Jub and Gordo.

    And then when I found out that Greggo made $500K/yr, and figured that Junior was probably also in that range, it made me crazy.

    Oh, well, the uniform czar is kinda funny…

  14. jenny says:

    D&M is small market radio show to me.

  15. BLM says:

    Surely you Norm lovers have figured out his MO.

    During show prep, find one or two issues that allow him to be indignant. Then rant on each issue for about 30 minutes each. Mix in some overly dramatic voice inflections, useless sports information, cut off callers just when they start refuting Norm’s idiotic sports point — then throw in a dash of arrogance, bad jokes and an overall lack of gratitude for people who make his show bearable (Friedo, engineers and the Musers, his lead in show) — that is Norm’s show.

    For Pete’s sake — he ate all his engineers’ food while in California!

  16. AK says:

    BLM — say what you will about Norm, but at least he can rant for 30 minutes on a sports subject. I’m pretty sure most of the others can’t.

    And all of the hosts would be lost without their engineers / producers / board ops / etc. Not just Norm.

  17. Patrick says:

    I actually enjoy the D&M show… It’s certainly better than the Hardline. Rhyner could care less about the world- they should force him to retire and let Ben & Skin do the show with Danny and Corby (then you’d have something)!!! Unfortunately we’ll prob never hear Ben & Skin on The Ticket again..

  18. Liles says:

    Ben and Skin make for very entertaining radio. The Tick shoulda held on to these guys at all costs. Jeff Wade is a brilliant dood.

  19. Ollie says:

    B&S will do fine away from the Ticket, but why all the Ticket bashing? The station has been on top for 15 years, consitently producing quality radio that all other stations try to copy but never can.

    Bashing the Hardline, after what they’ve been through makes no sense…they are still funny! Bashing Norm and Craig confuses me, too. The have both contributed a long list of things that have added to station lingo and lore (not to mention drops). Craig is smartly funny and always trying new things and segments. No, he doesn’t have the voice range of Jub and Gordo, but he still manages to do Fake Parcels and Fake Goose Goslin, and some other suprisingly good voices…in many ways, he’s glue of that show, given his role. And Norm is, well Norm…and that should be good enough for anyone who likes entertaining radio.

    Be thankful for what we have. I lived in Houston 8 years ago, and the radio was brutal.

  20. todd carruth says:

    well said, Ollie.

  21. monkey god says:

    I’ll take the first five years of the Ticket over present day ticket any day.

  22. Mike says:

    I don’t really know how to explain Ben & Skin. They take all successful aspects of good Ticket radio – sports, “guy talk,” bits – and do them well. Yet, it doesn’t really work.

    I love the Ticket. Many if not most of the hosts are a-holes, but it’s about the forest and not the trees. Fans have to complain. About things like Gordon thinking his crazy humor talent entitles him to engage in philosophical discussion about human behavior that’s at the seventh-grade level and includes the lamest straw-manning ever put forth. Mike’s recent sports commentary has been embarrassing.

  23. SmokeyTBandit says:

    I thought I was in the minority thinking BAD Radio was gold. Glad to know it’s not just me.

  24. Idunno says:

    Norm sucks. His incessant rants on minutia are a royal beating. BAD radio sucks, except for 1920’s Reporter Guy and Donovan. Sorry but I tune out from 10-3.

  25. Paul says:

    I guess this means Saturday’s at noon will not be a radio-stop-down anymore. The mix between Ben and Skin and the Orphanage is always gold!

  26. Jason says:

    Ben & Skin. Never have 2 guys tried so hard to be funny and failed so miserably. They are an automatic tune out so good riddance to them. The Ticket just became even stronger
    with good ole addition by subtraction.

  27. JRC says:

    Good for B&S. They are best kept secret(s) on The Ticket. As a P1 who has been tuning out more and more lately, I can’t blame them for making the move.

    It is a shame there wasn’t a spot in the rotation at 1310 for them right now. Guess I’ll start going more FM.

  28. Socalguy says:

    Now that Ben and Skin are gone, its time to add Steve Carbone to the mix, he’s The Ticket best kept secret, no doubt.

  29. Jewels says:

    I have been listening to Ben and Skin on 105.3. Have to turn it off and say good-bye to 105.3. They bite and are so boring. Their interview skills with the so-called celebrity call ins was really bad. Who cares about half the non-relevant celebs they had call in the first day. It was very painful to listen to.