Anti-Business States Are Hurting (Surprise!)

For years, New York floated on an ocean of Wall Street money, so legislators could tax and regulate with impunity. Now the bill is being called due. Here’s an analysis of how states considered anti-business are doing compared to pro-business states like Texas. It ain’t pretty.


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13 responses to “Anti-Business States Are Hurting (Surprise!)”

  1. Gwyon says:

    This dispassionate analysis brought to you by the Manhattan Institute.

  2. Tsk Tsk says:

    Clarification on Wick’s post. The article explains the pro-business states’ tax and budget situation, not each states overall health (i.e. tax revenue AND cost of living, infrastructure, education, quality of life, new businesses, etc.).

  3. Jason says:

    It’s still a tradeoff. Those states who it lists as hurting because they’re more pro-consumer than pro-business also lead in innovation (ref. number of patents released by state: So the consumer/creative/etc would rather live, create, and employ R&D (the lifeblood of a growing company) in NY/CA, but he’d rather plant his manufacturing facility in Houston. Who wins?

  4. Nate says:

    Hmmm, how does Obama’s tax plan affect these states? I can see more companies moving out of those states, perhaps to Texas.

  5. IC says:

    Good point. Maybe that’s why Wick is voting Obama…the potential for big business moves to TX?

  6. Enrique De La Fuente says:

    Jason, they just don’t move their manufacturing plant, they move their corporate headquarters too. Texas does have more Fortune 500 than NY.

  7. Enrique De La Fuente says:


  8. itsnotrocketscience says:

    Will this be read by the city council before the vote of the smoking ban?

  9. Jason says:

    Good point.

  10. bleacherbum says:

    Blue states, with a larger tax base, pay far more in taxes than red states. The pro-business red states, while paying far less in taxes, actually receive far more federal assistance than the pro-consumer blue states. In fact, the top 10 states for federal assistance are all pro-business red states, including Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia and Alaska (ok, the last one is probably because of the senior senator.) So what do you make of them apples, Wick?

  11. Texas Tough says:

    Take away all that federal assistance from the blue states and the pro-biz red states would be up the creek. Or standing on their own two feet for a change.

  12. bleacherbum says:

    Speaking of budget surpluses, did you hear the news about Iraq? Their budget surplus is estimated at $80 million. Oh right, they’re just another pro-business red state getting a lot of U.S. federal assistance

  13. bleacherbum says:

    …correction: Iraq budget surplus is $80 billion