What Happens to the Mavs If Cubes Buys Cubs

David Cohen at Bleacher Report thinks ownership of the Chicago Cubs would lead to salesmanship of the Dallas Mavericks. (“Salesmanship” is most assuredly the wrong word, but it sure do sound nice.) Here’s how strongly Cohen states his case:

Cuban is a wise businessman and understands that he cannot give his whole-hearted effort if he owns two teams in different parts of the country. He has proven he can pounce on an opportunity. That’s how he acquired his massive wealth. He can’t be the owner he feels he should be if he owns both the Mavericks and the Cubs. Especially with the length of the baseball season.

Cuban, if he seriously looks at it, might acknowledge privately that the Mavs window of opportunity has closed. With the Hornets, Lakers, and Blazers all young teams on the rise and the perennial Spurs now in their title year (their pattern is to win every two years), the Mavericks are in a tough spot. Either a drastic shakeup has to be made or they won’t make the playoffs in the loaded west next year.

Cuban wants to win and is looking for a chance to do so. He feels the Cubs might fill the void.

I’ll give you one guess as to if Cohen contacted Cuban about his feelings.

Update: Hypocritical of me to chide Cohen for not contacting Cuban and then failing to do so myself. So I sent him a belated note asking for comment. He replied:

i have no intentions of selling the Mavs. Cubs or not.

So there you have it.


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15 responses to “What Happens to the Mavs If Cubes Buys Cubs”

  1. rollin says:

    Does this dip think this would be the first multi-sport owner in pro history? Tom Hicks anyone? Also, William Davidson had no problem owning the Pistons, the Shock and the Lightning. All three won championships in their respective leagues.

  2. Andrew says:

    I don’t think Cohen is all too familiar with Cuban. He doesn’t own the Mavericks because he desperately wants to win a trophy. He owns the Mavericks because he loves the Mavericks and correspondingly wants to bring them a championship. Would he really sell just because a championship isn’t on the horizon for the next 2-3 years? I think that’s nonsense. Plus, he’s simultaneously owned the Mavericks, HDNet, and his movie production company while writing blogMaverick and I’d imagine investing in a number of different enterprises. Would the Cubs really require all his attention? Does he plan to move to Chicago?

  3. microdermer says:

    Even if the Cub’s owner takes Cuban’s deal, it will take a three-quarters majority vote (22 of 29)for Cuban to be approved by MLB owners. It’s a good old boys club and Cuban isn’t their type of guy.

  4. rollin says:


    The MLB owners have NEVER rejected a prosumptive owner. Owners know not to rub others the wrong way because one day they may need their vote for something they want done.

  5. Andrew says:

    Gaylord buying the Rangers was rejected by MLB. In fact, Chicago’s own Jerry Rheinsdorf led the fight to reject him because he was worried Gaylord would make channel 11 into a cable superstation. And he’s already on record of expressing his doubts about Cuban.

  6. DKC says:

    If Cuban offers $1.2B and the value of the team is closer to $885mm, the owners will have no choice but to approve, as it would increase the value of every other franchise.

  7. rollin says:

    I dont believe that vote ever came to pass. Rheinsdorf can gripe all he wants. He still needs a majority.

  8. N Lieberman says:

    @ rollin,

    Re: William Davidson

    The Shock doesn’t count.

    All Sports Fans

  9. Andrew says:

    Gaylord was rejected by the AL ownership group. And all Rheinsdorf needs is 7 other owners, not a majority.

  10. drew says:

    re. the update, I didn’t think it was hypocritical since you were merely linking to the post.
    Now if for some reason Steve Blow had chided Cohen on the other hand…

  11. rollin says:

    MLB owners vote as a whole.

  12. DKC says:

    Transfers of control in a club require 3/4 approval, with the exception of transfers to heirs or legatees upon an owner’s death.

  13. JB says:

    Last I checked, this is what “The President” of a club does. Cubes can sit and drink Mai-Tai’s or maybe look at owning a European football club and hire somebody like Nolan Ryan to run the Cubs and oh, I dunno, maybe David Stern to run the Mavs.

  14. DM says:

    If he spends that much on the Cubs… I don’t know how he’s going to finance his purchase of the Moon.

  15. Brandon says:

    You might not realize this if you were actually living in the DFW market, but at the time Gaylord was trying to buy the Rangers, KTVT was by definition a superstation. It had the 5th largest cable distribution at the time, behing WTBS, WGN, WWOR, and KTLA.