Tire Thief Terrorizes Park Cities, Preston Hollow!

Okay, okay. That headline was a bit alarmist of me. We’re only talking about two incidents. But in the past couple of days, a tire thief has hit two SUVs: a Tahoe on Wentwood in University Park and a Suburban on Lakehurst in Preston Hollow. In both cases, the owners of the cars woke up to find their rides on cinder blocks, with the tires and wheels gone. In the big city, this sort of stuff happens all the time, I know. But the visual got me. Are moms in UP and Preston Hollow now putting spinners on their SUVs or what?


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16 responses to “Tire Thief Terrorizes Park Cities, Preston Hollow!”

  1. Nate says:

    This happened in my Knox/Henderson community once…hilarious as can be. It even hit a former colleague in Flower Mound. Both were Escalades with no spinners. Go figure.

  2. Michelle says:

    It’s also been happening near Greenville and Monticello (or at least it did last weekend)…old-fashioned tow trucks will attach to SUVs in restaurant or bar parking lots, pull them into an alley, take the tires, and put the SUV back in the parking lot. Takes a matter of minutes.

  3. Bobby Ewing says:

    Tough times…as long as they left the all important stickers in the back window: ESD, Bradfield, Hockaday, and of course W (the president). Take the tires just don’t take the stickers!

  4. Beavis says:

    You said UP moms and spinners. Count me in!

  5. MIssing Dots says:

    Anybody know if they have “4 more years” in support of W still?

  6. TSE says:

    There was a big Dodge truck up on blocks last friday down by the House of Blues. Maybe this is some crazy ecological campaign to keep gas guzzlers off the road? [mental note: must go hide my SUV]

  7. IttyBittyWussy says:

    Beavis, just exercise some discretion. Asbury = Cougarlicious. Beverly = Hello, Grandmother.

  8. Kristen says:

    This happened in Lakewood a couple of weeks ago… right in the driveway, left the SUV on bricks. Maybe if people would use those giant garages they’ve placed so prominently in front of their McMansions, their vehicles would be more secure. I still feel bad for them tho — what a drag.

  9. Josh Pearson says:

    “what a drag” – not bad, Kristen. Not bad.

  10. Roscoe Purvis Coltrane says:

    Spinners are so 2004. Tim, if you wanna ride dirty, you gotta get 22’s or bigger which coincidentally come standard on most “hoes” and escalades. With the urban car culture currently focused on the conversion of Caprices and Crown Vicsit doesn’t surprise me that there are probably some people out there thinking these locations are easy targets and make a good enough set of dubs. Lay it low FB. (PS- you never see a car with dubs parked outside anywhere else in Dallas other than Park Cities and Preston Hollow- sorry Plano)

  11. sezc says:

    It also just happened to a friend of mine in Lakewood – to her Tahoe.

  12. brett says:

    that’s what happens when you roll tight whips.

  13. amandacobra says:

    What about the 20s I put on my Accord? Am I safe?

    What can I say? I’m ostentatious but also like fuel economy and don’t have any kids to take to soccer practice.

  14. Wes Mantooth says:

    This would be a good time to buy those 13″ gold-plated wheels you’ve been looking for. Buy low, sell high.

  15. Rawlins Rubbing Alcohol says:

    Funny, no one has taken my stock 15″ Scion wheels (with eBay hubcaps.) But hey, we’re always behind on the hot Metro Big D trends over here in Southeast Dallas inner-city land. Awaiting satellite feed info from outlying community correspondent Trey.

  16. Danno says:

    This happened in Sparkman two weeks ago. It was parked so close to the curb they could only get three wheels. My neighbors had just bought the new Sub the day before.