Russ Martin’s Official Non-Statement Statement

We’ll see if we can’t get something a little more forthcoming when the time is right, but for now, here’s Russ Martin’s official statement about getting arrested:

I am thrilled to comment on the issue and put everything out in the open, but my overpriced lawyer, who is charging me retail, said to keep my yap shut. Once I’m exonerated, there won’t be much he can do to keep me from running my mouth.


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42 responses to “Russ Martin’s Official Non-Statement Statement”

  1. Gene says:

    If KLLI isn’t careful, Russ and P&K may be the least of their problems. I just now heard an advertiser claim on-air for the umpteenth time that “everybody’s going to have to switch to HD next year, so you might as well go ahead and do it now.”

    Of course if pressed I’m sure that’s not what he meant to say, he probably just got tongue-tied while doing a live spot for the analog converters he was advertising at midday rates.

    Dude, think! Air checks! Interwebs! YouTube!

  2. Matt R says:

    Probably talking about Television HD and not Radio HD. I’m sure it was Starpower doing one of their live spots.

  3. Eathan says:

    I can’t wait to hear the details. Should be some type of public info request made by the local media that will give us more info.

  4. IAB says:

    what happened to puggs & Kelly? They dissapeared weeks ago. Maybe this is why Russ was arrested.

  5. clint says:

    Yea, what happend to pugs and kelly? And im sure Russ somehow got a bit going.

  6. Tobie B says:

    Pugs & Kelly have gone to the place they belong…off my radio

  7. pop says:

    seems as though russ is not on the air again today…

  8. Heather says: has new details. turns out the assault was on a woman at his house.

  9. Jon says:

    I can’t wait to find out what this stupid ass lady did to piss Russ off, he’s not stupid enough to do anything like this unless she just really really pissed him off.

  10. Everett says:

    It won’t matter who it was or what Russ did. As usual, celebrtities will skate.

  11. Bethany says:

    Stupid ass should be hyphenated when modifying lady.

  12. carlos says:

    Maybe this ass lady was noticeably more stupid than the usual ones.

  13. Nancy says:

    I am a Russ fan but to all those calling her a “stupid ass”…What is WRONG with you??? Assault is NOT ok. Threating someone with a gun..again NOT ok. It’s unfortunate that you think it is ok. Shows how you were raised I guess. Did your dad beat the crap out of your mom???? Would that be OK too???
    I am just disgusted by this.

  14. defjam says:

    yes…Nancy has a point that everyone should take note…also, bear in mind that Russ would be the first to give somebody crap for doing something so incredibly wrong and stupid…hopefully the truth is tamer than revealed, but let’s let the courts decide…and yes, I love Russ’s show as well, but this situation has nothing to do with entertainment value and is not a radio bit…this is serious…

  15. tonyg says:

    His lady’s hot, right? where can I see a pic of her?
    Get back to something more interesting than dumbass Russ…What happened to Pus & Kelly?

  16. Everett says:

    Russ Martin doesn’t return to airwaves after all

    04:59 PM CDT on Tuesday, July 22, 2008
    By DEBRA DENNIS / The Dallas Morning News
    [email protected]

    In an abrupt reversal, Russ Martin’s Dallas radio station said this afternoon that he won’t be returning to the air immediately, following his arrest in connection with an altercation with a woman at his Southlake home.

    The 47-year-old host of the Russ Martin Show was to be on KLLI-FM Live (105.3) at his usual time, 3 p.m. It would have been his first appearance since his arrest Friday on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the July 14 incident at his home on Byron Nelson Parkway.

    Also Online
    Document: Read the arrest warrant and affadavit

    Link: The Russ Martin Show
    A recording of an earlier Russ Martin Show was broadcast instead.

    Officials at KLLI did not characterize his absence from the air as a suspension. Neither, however, would they say when he might return. Station manager David Henry declined to comment beyond saying, “We’ve decided to keep him off the air for the time being. It’s an ongoing situation.”

    Mr. Martin and his attorney have declined to comment on the substance of the allegations against him.

    The 27-year-old woman who claimed to have been attacked by Mr. Martin said they were engaged to be marired. She calle dpolice the day after the attack is alleged to have occurred.

    An emergency protective order prohibits Mr. Martin from approaching the woman he’s accused of assaulting and threatening with a pistol.

    Southlake Judge Carol Montgomery, who issued the 61-day order Friday, also suspended Mr. Martin’s concealed-handgun license.

    Mr. Martin’s attorney, Tim Powers, has declined to comment on the allegation.

    “This is not trial by media,” Mr. Powers said. “We welcome the opportunity to present our set of facts to the Tarrant County district attorney.”

    The woman, whose name has not been released, told police that Mr. Martin became irate after phoning home and learning she had failed to follow up with an IRS agent about a package delivery. She said he told her the IRS was trying to “take his house and everything he owned.”

    “When he arrived home, Mr. Martin began screaming at the woman to come downstairs,” according to an arrest warrant affidavit released Monday.

    When the woman refused, the affidavit says, Mr. Martin went upstairs and began kicking and pushing her desk, destroying it, a bookcase and other personal items, the affidavit says.

    The woman accuses Mr. Martin of pushing her against a wall, kicking her and pulling hair out of her head, police said. She said he also grabbed a Glock pistol from a counter, loaded a round and cocked the hammer

    “He then started pacing around the kitchen holding the gun,” the affidavit said.

    The semiautomatic pistol was turned over to a court officer, said Lt. Rhonda Moore, a spokeswoman for Southlake police.

    Police said the woman had several red spots on the back of her head where her hair had been ripped out. She also had an abrasion behind her right ear and told investigators Mr. Martin bruised her left thigh when he kicked her.

    Mr. Martin was arrested Friday morning at Larry North Fitness center in Southlake.

    “He offered no resistance to officers and was not armed at the time of the arrest,” Lt. Moore said.

    Mr. Martin was taken to the Keller jail and was released after posting a $10,000 bond, police said.

    The Southlake Police Department presented its case to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office for review, Lt. Moore said.

    Mr. Martin was not on the air Monday, but he has not been suspended and is expected back today, said the station’s general manager, David Henry.

    He has no previous arrest history with Southlake, and records show no history of assaults or disturbances at his home, officials said.

    Mr. Martin’s local charity work includes The Russ Martin Show Listeners Foundation, which assists the families of officers and firefighters in Dallas-Fort Worth who have died in the line of duty.

    The talk show host’s attorney said he’s in good spirits and “taking everything in stride.”

    “Russ is a great person,” Mr. Powers said. “He’s a very resilient person. Obviously, when someone is arrested for a second-degree felony, it’s serious.”

  17. Fred says:

    It almost has to be a bit folks. The way that the “Best of” shows have been running. I really don’t think that they put the victim’s report into an arrest warrant anyway do they? Why would Joe Schmo beat cop need to know the intimate details it just needs to say “Arrest Russ Martin” right? There were some allusions on the show last week as to something coming up this week. His “Official / Non – official” statment was all jokes, and laughs. Put all those little pieces together and it equals a bit. Now don’t you Russ bashers look stupid?

  18. Not important says:

    If it is a bit, why is his address, drivers license number and birth date in the arrest warrant? They are running best of because CBS isn’t letting him on the air.

    He’s done.

  19. Carrie says:

    I remember him saying something that alluded to “big news” this week when JD asked him about his relationship with Amy. This is just crazy. I don’t think it’s a bit, but just when you think that….seems pretty serious and I miss him being on the air. I love his show, but can’t believe he’d do something so STUPID. Assault is never OK- he’s always clowning on women beaters. Surprised it’s Tim Powers representing him and not Everett. Anxious to see how it plays out. I’m over “best of” already. Hoping the truth isn’t as bad as the reports say it is.

  20. Female Fan says:

    I really do not care if it is a bit. Somewhere in the back of your minds whether you like the man or not and whether you know the man or not there must be one shred of doubt not as to what has been reported but as to the credibility of the reports.

    The only source of the arrest warrant I have read is the one from the party making the complaint, who remains nameless, although everyone seems to immediately jump to the conclusion that it was “Amy” his girlfriend.

    One thing Russ has always said is anything and everything is subject to being a bit so why not this? Records are created everyday false and counterfeit as well.

    There are so many things you can point to in restrospect that would tend to indicate this is a bit it’s ridiculous almost like playing a game of Clue. I think the Colonel did it in the study with the candlestick myself. If it’s a bit it was well orchestrated.

    The complaint was filed and the story told was told, then we only have one side of the story don’t we? Whether or not there was or is a recording and what is on it is in question and also in question is whether it was staged as part of a bit as well or some other rationale we are not privy to now and may not ever be.

    Russ has yet to give his version nor should he have to really. The Media as well as the public would only distort anything he had to say just as they have distorted what he has not said.

    So based on the facts, right now I have no idea what transpired and since I have never met Russ Martin I cannot attest to his true character, only his radio schtick and persona. I dare not judge the man on that basis nor would I want to be judged in that fashion.

    What I have seen on these blogs is the ability of man/woman to jump to a wide variety of conclusions based on no facts they have seen. An arrest report is not factual it is a report of information given on which to base an arrest.

    I’ll be the first to say the radio persona of Russ Martin may at times cater to the baser side of one’s personality and we all have one but at the end of the day, though not always, he and his crew make me laugh, not only at them but at the world and myself in general. That’s entertainment but by no means should anyone be so naive as to believe it is reality.

    I wonder how myself or anyone would fare with a few rumors floated that sound bad. Would your friends stand by you? What about your acquaintances, your co-workers, people you do business with, your neighbors?

    People are always willing to believe the worst in their fellow man just as they slow down to look at a wreck for the bodies.

    I can’t wish Russ Martin anything but thanks for making me laugh based on what I know of him because I don’t know him. I just know he makes me laugh and sometimes just maybe a little irate and then I laugh at myself for being irate at a “bit”.

  21. this guy says:

    Everett is not doing it because he’s a traffic attorney

  22. D.E. says:

    I think it has gone too far to be a “bit”, but it’s quite interesting that most, including me, think there is at least a slight chance that this is a “bit”.
    The other thing is…we should have learned many years ago, but at least recently, witht he “Drug Cookie” incident, that cases can NOT be tried in the media. One is presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. It doesn’t matter who this person is, the crime is alleged at this point, he is not guilty of anything.

  23. guy says:

  24. Frank says:

    I just noticed something on the warrant and affidavit there is no State, County or City impressed seal on it. That should show up on the PDF that was scanned. Also I believe any document from a Judge would have that.

  25. TFF says:

    Are we in the middle of sweeps?

  26. TFF says:

    Unless this victim is underage, why would their identity be kept private? I don’t understand why the victims name was blacked out…..

  27. TFF says:

    How many of these posts are Russ himself!?

  28. Noël says:

    I have dealt with various court documents in my line of work. Not arrest warrants, but other documents, and this one looks as legit as any I have seen. Besides the lack of a county seal, which someone already mentioned, I can’t see anything on the document which leads me to think it is a forgery. Speaking of forgery, regardless of the document’s authenticity, the victim’s identity, whatever, if this is a bit, it is not funny. I don’t see how allegedly brutalizing someone and intimidating that person with a loaded gun is funny. I love the show and hate to think the worst of someone who has done so much good for the community. However, as much as he seems to want to delineate his persona as a separate entity from his personal life, it doesn’t strike me that he would pick such a hot-topic issue to “hose” the entire community.

  29. Jay says:

    After reading the arrest warrant and the other documents I would say if this is a bit then it is well thought out. But the unfortunate side is as a police officer I can tell you that it is a real warrant.

  30. Claw says:

    Regarding Russ Martin’s mini-statement to the media after his arrest. I have to ask – If you are innocent, why do you need to keep your “yap shut”? More to the point, why would you WANT to?

  31. abc says:

    if you are guilty or not… you still dont say anything just becuase anything you say may be taken out of context or in the wrong way, always CYA no matter if your guilty or not

  32. Silence says:

    I think they have Russ holed up in some looney bin getting treated for God knows what mental problem. If he does come back on the air he’ll say he had some mental breakdown and he’s getting treated. Or I’ve had a bad drug reaction to Wellbutrin. Or I was trying to get off alcohol and I hit rock bottom. He’ll join the scores of other celebrities who will not take personal responsibility of their actions!

  33. justachick says:

    Exonerated? He actually believes he’ll be exonerated? He’s an idiot for thinking he’ll get away with this one.

    What a loser.

  34. Claw says:

    abc? I absolutely understand the legalities of him keeping quiet right now, but it wasn’t the point I was trying to make. It will give him and his lawyer enough time to come up with a good story though! So his fiance pissed him off.. Still doesn’t give him the right to get physical. He can’t explain his way out of this one.

  35. SailorMoon says:

    I hope he beats this and comes back on the air soon. She could have put the marks on her herself. Besides…..doesn’t Russ have security cameras everywhere?? If I were her and he did what she says he did, I’d be pushing for those tapes all over the place.

    Re: Pugs – Pugs voice annoys the heck out of me. Big time. Tell me they aren’t back on yet.

    Big deal–Russ got arrested. David Henry needs to quit being a wussy and let Russ back on the air. I think the problem may be Russ keeping his mouth shut about it.

    It’s okay Russell!! We love you!!

  36. Brandie says:

    I have ping-ponged back and forth about this possibly being a bit. As a woman, and, embarrassingly, someone who has been arrested for domestic violence, I can tell you that the paper floating around is exactly what mine looked like. Also, if you go to the Texas Vine website and search for Russ Martin in Tarrant county he shows up. Now, the Texas Vine is a website that allows victims to search for the person who assaulted them in order to see where they are….for example if they are still in jail or have been released. I did a search for Russ…and there he was. Although, oddly, under “reason for release” it says “unknown”…which is weird cuz if you bond out it says “bonded” or “out on bond”. As a woman who has been both the victim and the perpetrator, and I’m not a Russ fan, I say let’s wait and hear his side. And yes, we all make mistakes….sometimes horrible ones…but it is what we do to change ourselves after we acknowledge our shortcomings that make us who we are.

  37. Benjamin says:

    This is all so tragic because Russ is truly brilliant. It’s easy to make relative statements about any media personality that you have only randomly absorbed. Even the most elevated “trailer trash” would never grasp the nuances of Martin’s performances. Any regular listener grows to understand the genius of Martin’s comedy, his timing, his ability to convey the many colors of the characters on the world stage. While his cohorts are obviously intentionally placed humorously low on the hierarchical structure that is the Show, the chemistry between all of them is unheard of, and one can sense the brotherhood b/w all of them, all the time.

    You grow up and are pushed into the sea of dualities. We’re never children again unless for brief, abstracted moments. It’s all disenchantment. What is so disappointing about Russ’ recent crime is that it was not a sign of any sort of “stupidity.” What is shocking about his behavior is that he is such a magnificent mind. What led to his crime was a deep violence brewing in his heart; he is simply a complicated man who can control a radio show with the grace of an untouched atom, but has lost control of his personal life, over his boiling emotions. Unfortunately, while men express their anger and confusion and pride in a myriad of ways, Martin chose the most destructive and monomaniacal.

    I love Russ Martin. But I’m afraid it’s all over for him. And all over for Live 105.3 for that matter.

  38. TFF says:

    Benjamin, your last sentence is only vaild if YOU assume he is in fact guilty.

    Looking at the glass half-full… I see it as a ratings boost because loyal listeners and possibly non-listeners may be tuning in now just to see if the incident will be discussed…

    I have a hard time believing that a company as large as CBS leaving someone on the air “if” he were truly guilty of said incident… We have seen other hosts of radio and television for that matter across the nation pulled of the air for alot less.

  39. Kris says:

    What did the girl expect? Golddigger goes after a man 20 years her senior. Did she not understand that she was his slave? I don’t understand these golddiggers that think they actually have rights in the household at all. If she didn’t want to obey the rules, then get out, get your own life, your own rules, your own home. That way, you don’t have to subject yourself to such abuse.

    I loath rich men that behave the way he does, but I think I loath the golddiggers even more.

  40. Benjamin says:


    I appreciate your opinion, but hosts that have been previously fired or reprimanded (justly or not) were so for actions related to “attacks” on groups of persons in the public sphere (i.e. Don Imus to a college basketball team; Michael Savage to the definers of Autism). Regardless of how big of a deal these actions were or weren’t, they were immediately executed on the airwaves, whereas Martin may or may not have attacked his fiance in the privacy of his own home, off the airwaves. Furthermore, a trial is to be had, so perhaps Live 105.3’s philosophy is “we need the ratings; we recently got rid of P&K; we can only give “Big Dick” (pulling eyeballs out of head to roll them against wall) this much airtime for so long; let’s see where Russ stands after his trial.” While I’m sure that JD and his other mates probably know the truth about what happened, I actually doubt that the “management” has their finger on it.

    Furthermore, at this point, I truly believe that Live 105.3 is sh*t without Russ. The only redeemable thing about the Jagger Show is Jagger himself. They’re like a Zoo Crew trying so hard not to be a Zoo Crew, self-betrayed by all their vomitous tag-lines and predictable reactions. I’ve NEVER laughed at one thing that Dean has said; Mondo, unveiled, is truly a dunce with monochrome ideas; and Jasmine just has nothing interesting to add to the mediocre banter. Who really gives a crap about her dating life? And Pugs and Kelly failed, I think, because of Kelly, who thought she was a comic genius, cracking up (uncontrollably) at her own stupid jokes (anyone remember her convince-my-kids-to-wear-helmets schtick? Pugs literally had to say, “Okay, stop laughing”), and who thought all of Dallas gave a crap about what her kids were up to (I am so angry).

    I think Pugs really shined whenever Kelly was out, or accompanied by Big Dick. He was relatable and had a funny tension. But in regards to Dick, who is taking a look at the Wild Ass Circus and saying, you know what you should do 75% of your show time? Interview porn stars and talk about your experiences in the live music world as if your Henry Rollins himself. And also, is everybody THAT interested in extreme fighting??? I mean Jesus I actually find that stuff interesting to watch every now and then (moreover boxing) but should it really go so far as in depth fighter interviews and fight examinations?

    I didn’t realize how bad Live 105.3 was until all this stuff happened with Russ. Loveline is still great, even after Carolla’s departure, but that’s about it.