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42 responses to “Russ Martin Update: “Suspended””

  1. Tom says:

    I don’t know if I’d label it a “suspension.” Fourth paragraph:
    Officials at KLLI did not characterize his absence from the air as a suspension. Neither, however, would they say when he might return. Station manager David Henry declined to comment beyond saying, “We’ve decided to keep him off the air for the time being. It’s an ongoing situation.”

  2. amanda says:

    You say tomato,I say to-mah-to…

    “Suspension” or not,he’s not on the air, and it wasn’t his choice.

    It makes me ill to read the allegations…

    And, gee Russ, I guess your “retail” attorney didn’t tell you that when the feds take your house and everything you own, you usually have some advance warning…by several months (if not years). Put your big boy pants on, and track your own packages.

  3. Matt says:

    “She said he also grabbed a Glock pistol from a counter, loaded a round and cocked the hammer.”

    That really doesn’t make much sense. If “loading a round” means chambering a round (as opposed to inserting a magazine, which wouldn’t be referred to as “a round”), then there is no other “cocking” for a Glock. And there’s no exposed hammer to be separately “cocked”.

  4. Kinsey says:

    Wick, the article didn’t say that he’s been suspended. Do you have some extra information that hasn’t been released yet?

  5. Russ Martin says:

    This is a bit guys.

    A BIT

  6. Russ Martin says:

    Hey Matt…. Do you think a Woman knows that.

    Some one lick this guys neck.

  7. Sorry I ment to make my name NOT Russ Martin.

  8. Matt says:

    Oh yeah, it’s a “bit.” A bit involving an actual police department that probably has more to do with its time and tax dollars than to help boost the ratings of a shallow drive-time host.

  9. I’m clocking the hammer on my glock right now and pointing it at your head.

    After I kick you in the leg of course.

  10. JD Ryan says:

    I’m still getting paid, right?

  11. AJ says:

    Yawn…who cares about Russ Martin? Is 105.3 still a country station?

  12. Am I Russ Martin? says:

    If not paying taxes was good enough for Wesley Snipes, it’s good enough for me! Oops.

  13. JS says:

    In other news, tree falls in forest — no one hears.

  14. Not Everett says:

    I have read an unconfirmed source that indicates that the IRS investigations involves the RMS Foundation, which you may draw your own conclusions from.

  15. PuddinTane says:

    So not every penny went to the Fallen Heros?

    Lost faith in humanity…..a-gain.

  16. WeeWee says:

    The details of the arrest warrant look horrible. He has always said that he felt like his fame and money wouldn’t last- I guess it was true. Who would’ve ever guess’d, a woman beater….

  17. brett says:

    here we go again.

    I’ve got this great game…it’s called, “JUMP to conclusions!”…get it??

    I feel bad for everyone involved. “Amy”- for ALLEGEDLY getting beat up (no one’s been convicted yet, if ever)…and Russ, for having people crucify him on blogs like this and Unfair Park.

    There are a bunch of sick people in this world who get off on other people’s misery. What a pathetic bunch you are.

  18. Bill from fort worth says:

    I think Russ was about to kick her to the curb and she is doing this to hurt him.
    his house has cameras all over it but I bet the confrontation happened in an unmonitored room
    just my two cents
    oh and if it did happen i am sure she deserved it

  19. Marcus says:

    So it’s okay for Russ Martin to publicly criticize celebrities on his show, but we as the general public can’t criticize him on public media forums?

    Cry me a river, Brett.

  20. Hillbilly Beau Monde says:

    Hate to tell ya this, Bill From Fort Worth, but your attempt at irony fell done flat on its ass.

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents. Think I’ll go file a false police report to get back at my old man for leaving the toilet seat up…

  21. Russ Is Getting What He Deserves says:

    Russ brags about hurting women on his show and saying they get what they deserve. As a past listener, I have noticed how Russ will go after anyone he calls “Friend” if they leave his show. Remember, Dan and how Russ talked bad about him and tried everything in his power to discourage people from listening to Dan because he was upset that Dan wanted to move on. Russ always said he days are numbered on the air and getting away with everything. I assume those days are starting to come. For the record, I believe her….

  22. Fred says:

    It’s gotta be a bit folks. It’s a bit. I’ve looked at other arrest warrants and they look nothing like the one available online. Russ’s “warrant” looks like it was put together in Adobe Acrobat. Why would the victim’s statement be in the arrest warrant? Those are separate forms aren’t they? The arresting officer doesn’t need to know all the details, right? Nice job, Russ, you jerk. You had me for a while.

  23. hahaha says:

    ha ha ha ha just what i have always thought of the “man”…

  24. Zh3rO says:

    Theres a 83 year old woman up the street who is giving me shit, i wonder if tuff guy martin will come over and beat her up for me. What a pussy. Theyre not keep him off the litle bitch is hiding. Thats right lil bitch hide like the pussy you are. Try that shit with a man and see what happens. Get your little ass handed to ya. wow and i use to like the lil pussy

  25. Insider says:

    This is not a bit Guys Fred this is more than you thnnk it is I hate to say it but Russ is going down for this hard

  26. guy says:

  27. BARMATT says:

    If he was jackin with the foundation funds then [email protected]#$ him, and if this is a bit then [email protected]#$ him too!!!

  28. bigbrother says:

    typical grove white trash – get a gun, beat a woman, blow yer fame & fortune

  29. Silence says:

    I think it’s just a matter of weeks if not days before we hear that Russ has committed suicide. His radio career is toast now and if you think about it’s the only thing he was really in love with. I hope I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s the next move from him. He just won’t be able to survive the shame.

  30. GMOM says:

    Oh, he’ll do just fine, look at Walker Railey…..

  31. WhoCares says:

    Russ is nothing more than a big bully! He bullies the guys on the show and his woman at home and if you call to challange him he cuts you off and hangs up on you. This guy is a wuss and will most likely blow his brains out and save us all a ton of crap.

    Get on with it Russ!

  32. Fuzz says:


    You know nothing about warrants or how the process works. Probable cause warrants do contain information about the incident and victim statements…this is used to prove to a judge that probable cause exists to make an arrest..Just because a warrant is issued does not mean he is guilty it only means there is enough information to make an arrest. This is not a bit and like every person arrested Russ is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and not in the court of opinion. If he is found guilty of what he did then he must deal with the consequences. But no matter what he has already been tried in the court of public opinion.

  33. Silence says:

    I guess the one person I feel really sorry for is J.D.. I just don’t think he’s going to find a better gig then the one he had with Russ. But I suppose if anyone is going to survive this mess it will be J.D.. I just hope he doesn’t go back to hard drinking.
    The only way Russ could get a job now is move to Montana and change his name.
    Gavin is probably spinning is circles now trying to figure out how to save the station.

  34. Wheelman says:


  35. justachick says:

    This guy has been demeaning women (not to mention minorities) for years. The only thing different this time is that it got physical.

    It comes as no surprise to me that he beat up and feloniously assaulted his fiance.

    Good Riddance Russ Martin!!!

  36. Oh No says:

    I suspect the allegations are true. It would be stupid to file a false report of this public nature in the first place, not to mention that Russ’s CHL was revoked and he had to bond out of jail. This cannot be a prank. Tim Powers initially said Russ would be cleared and now the silence is deafening,

    I love his show but it’s not hard to see that he can be callous and selfish.

  37. Silence says:

    KLLI really needs to address the situation this week. The Russ we knew would have at least made a statement saying he’s okay and he expects this problem to be cleared up soon. Face it he’s probably in some mental hospital heavily sedated trying to figure out how his life became unhinged.
    As a self appointed spokeswoman for the not hot and fat chicks of North Texas we would like to say this is what you guys get for dating chicks that are way too young and way beyond your league. They make you nuts and you spend all your time trying to hang on to them. Now you’ve crashed and burned. Go back to the trashy Grove chicks with broken teeth! And maybe spend some time with that poor stroked out Daddy of yours. The one who took you in when things weren’t going so good in your life. It’s karma Russ and you know it!

  38. Flatch U. Lence says:

    If he did what he’s accused of, his career is probably over. Women beaters are pretty low.

    You really can’t go by his radio shtick when considering his private life. Most of the things he does on the radio is planned and discussed.

    It was a pretty detailed story to be a lie. I believe he did it and I don’t have to consider him innocent until found guilty. That’s the job of the courts.

  39. FIRE RUSS says:

    I’m shocked with what has happened. Then Russ gets back on the air and jokes about the situation. I don’t know how David Henry or Gavin Spittle can keep this woman beater on the air. Russ said that the IRS will take everything he has. I hope they do. I cannot believe that KLLI is promoting this guy. Russ is a big man for abusing her he can pull his gun out and be a bad ass but what if the tables turned on him. And someone beat his ass up and down and the pulled out a glock. I just hope he gets whats coming to him and I hope CBS Radio stops promoting abuse against women and hope that they dont pick the money that he makes them over the principles.

  40. AussiePaul says:

    Does anyone have an update on Russ’s charges?