Quick Not Weekly Until October, Celeste to Gloat For Days

A little birdie at the DMN tells us that Quick won’t go weekly until October 1, which means that, technically, Timmy Rogers LOST the bet, since he said, and I quote:

“The bet, then: Quick is a weekly by September 18. You’re on, Eric.”

[Stifling giggle.]

Tim, I would appreciate my money by 10 a.m. Or you can just buy my drinks today. I’ll have an Eric’s Better, on the rocks.


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13 responses to “Quick Not Weekly Until October, Celeste to Gloat For Days”

  1. Vaudeville says:

    If I join you guys for cocktails, will you split my bill for a tall glass of ‘I’m drinking with douches’?

  2. amanda says:

    A technicality triumphs once again in the land of D…

  3. Bethany says:

    Will you be having that at the Monk, or Potemkin Village?

  4. Tom says:

    I haven’t heard any good things about Potemkin Village. Too many 30K millionaires hang out there.

  5. rumormonger says:

    rumor is that it will be called Qweek.

  6. Emilio Velasquez, Jr. says:

    You are correct, Señor rumormonger!

    We have long recognized that Señor Decherd has gone beyond himself in offering us the wonderful Al Dia. We also agree that, in exchange for the many, many, many of us assuming the sad, lapsed subscriptions to The Dallas Morning News that have created such heartache, it would still be too much to expect him to print that paper in Spanish as well.

    But there is good news! As part of the recently announced changes, though sad for so many, Señor Decherd has agreed to print the newly invigorated News to come in Anglo, but with an Hispanic accent! Another win-win for the entire community!

    Now, Señor Decherd, if you would only ask El Gato Grande where are our cabras?


  7. Puddin'Tane says:

    Eric’s Better, on the rocks with a Crow Sandwich.

  8. J Paul says:


  9. Josh Pearson says:

    Eric – is this the same little birdie that told you they wouldn’t go weekly at all? I hope your sources are better this time as I would hate to see Tim do his victory dance up and down the hall again…

  10. Tim Rogers says:

    I think I got my first fake ID at Potemkin Village.

    I’d like it noted here: the DMNer who discovered the technicality alerted me to it and offered to keep his mouth shut for half my take. I’M the one who alerted Eric to the fact that he’d won.

    Because while I’ll lie to score hooch, I won’t screw a friend. Except for that time I nearly got Eric fired from a corporate job after I set up his fake blog. Whatever.

  11. fruitdog says:

    Vikon Tim, Vikon. And you should have gone to Gaston Bazaar instead.

  12. hoilaart says:

    What about this new weekly to launch August 27? “Briefing”

    A weekly paper delivered to the more affluent homes in Dallas… genius!

  13. Tim says:

    ^ You mean another free piece of [email protected] thrown on my lawn when I didn’t ask for it?

    I don’t remember asking for Modern Luxury, F!Deluxe or this. Why don’t they save some damn trees and send me some more spam.