Press Club of Dallas Katie Awards, Like a Long-Lost Facebook Friend Who SuperPokes You After You’ve Just Dreamt About Her, Reappears

And I was just thinking about her. So glad she’s back. Once again, we will be able to recognize excellence in North Texas journalism. Once again, we will be able to gather with our colleagues from print, digital, television, and radio to be over-served. Once again, we can complain when we lose to Texas Monthly that those jerks are just getting by on reputation. Ah, I can’t wait for November.


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28 responses to “Press Club of Dallas Katie Awards, Like a Long-Lost Facebook Friend Who SuperPokes You After You’ve Just Dreamt About Her, Reappears”

  1. bobolink says:

    Eric doesn’t mention that our own FBvian Bethany is running for a seat on the board. Lookout, ya’ll, there soon may be a new sheriffista in town.

  2. Bethany says:

    Pfffffft. The last time I won anything was Prom Queen.

  3. publicnewsense says:

    Where can one findthe categories? And will there be one called “Casual Fiction”?
    Good to see the Katies back.
    Any word on what the ex-Press Club director is doing these days? Working in politics?

  4. Clark Kent says:

    I think the page that shows the benefits of belonging to the Dallas Press Club is the most profound:

  5. Bethany says:

    Easy now. The site just got a revamp in the past couple of days, and not all of the content has been put up just yet.

    What are the benefits to joining? Simple. You get to exchange views and ideas with people who care about journalism and how it operates in Dallas. In 2008, the PCD is probably moreso than ever populated with people who genuinely want to be members, and are interested in seeing the organization be something that facilitates industry growth in the area.

    I’ve often found that anyone can throw a dart, but it takes real prowess to piece a balloon back together.

  6. amanda says:

    You know, comments like Clark’s…and notice he doesn’t have the cajones to post under his real name…not productive in what the members of PC Dallas want to do. Move forward.

    I’m extremly happy with the newly redesigned web site, it looks/feels so much better.

    Go back to your phone booth.

  7. jrp says:

    the site is a work in progress there, Superman. care to help?

    if you’re a working member of the press here in the metroplex and can’t see the benefits of belonging to the local press club, then i can’t help you

    it’s been a joy to sit on a board with Hugh Aynesworth, Tony Pederson and the rest of the PC directors. guess which two men i’ll ask to write my next two letters of reference. here’s a hint: one is the distinguished chair of JN at SMU and the other is a four-time Pulitzer Prize nominee and one of the foremost authorities on the events of Nov. 22, 1963.

    i think it’s fair to say i’ve benefitted from my association with the Press Club

    scoff all you want at what happened with the past president, but the club has turned the corner and the 50th Katies should be an excellent event and a damn good time, due, in part, to the over-serving Eric alluded to

    again, care to help? or would you rather remain in the peanut gallery spewing forth more jeers

  8. Zach in New York says:

    Why are people so defensive about the Press Club?

  9. Bethany says:

    Probably because they’ve been working really hard on it, and people continue to take potshots at it. I mean, it’s not THAT difficult to wrap your head around.

  10. jrp says:

    Bethany, you remain my hero.

    I get a little defensive about it because, as she said, I’ve been working my arse off the past year (as have many others) as a director trying to reshape the club and restore its place within the Dallas media landscape.

    And folks like Clark just continue to piss all over those efforts for reasons that escape me.

  11. amanda says:

    JRP…Clark is just mad that he can’t fill out his Superman Underoos.

  12. Oh My Eyes says:

    You were voted Prom Queen?

    My, my….high school Royalty in our presence.

    I suddenly feel under-dressed.

  13. Dooner says:

    Gotta defend the naysayers. Many of us have been burned by the Press Club in the past. We joined in the hopes of helping the area’s journalistic community only to have the old guard at the PC continue to put a priority on self aggrandizing projects like the embarrassing Gridirons, Roasts and Katies. The Elizabeth Albanese episode last year not only tainted the Katies but also demonstrated to the public sector how incompetent and slow acting the PC leadership was. Let’s hope that instead of being the last straw, the Albanese debacle was a shot in the arm for a new group of media leaders to take over and create a responsible and dynamic organization that reflects a healthy community of journalists.

  14. jrp says:

    re-join and vote for me and bethany

  15. klr says:

    I see no evidence anyone has done much of anything at the Press Club for the last year, minus the website. But, due to the egos involved, all will all be eager to take credit for “reforming” it. That’s why put you all in this hole in the first place… It wasn’t just Albanese… it was the membership that allowed her to do what she did.

    At least Albanese scheduled programs and happy hours during her term. What the heck have y’all done?

  16. Dooner says:

    They held meetings, listened to a lot of input from “outsiders,” thanked them for their time and returned to modus operandi. If you look at the board and the officers on the website, you see that it’s still log jammed with pr people and folks who allowed Albanese to hijack the organization.

  17. jrp says:

    while the former president was cleary derelict of her duties in securing judges for the Katies, i agree that the collective checks and balances of the club were essentially nonexistent. but i seek no credit, as i’m kind of a masochist, and simply enjoy the challenge of the seemingly impossible

    as for some of what the PC did this past year: no fewer than six happy hours that were all poorly attended for various reasons, save one at Ounce steakhouse in Addison…in June, the club was a co-host of the PRSA’s annual joint communicators meeting in Arlington…earlier the club raised funds for scholarships through a roast of Troy Dungan that was well attended…and we also hosted about a dozen Bangladeshi journalists for a lunch through a collaboration with the WAC, but only me, Mr. Aynesworth and Mr. Dunnigan showed up

    we’ve tried to keep the club relevant during these tumultuous times, but many here in the metroplex have simply given up on the club and i can’t see why

    so you’ve felt burned or ignored in the past and you just quit and taunt those that try to keep the club afloat? again that way of thinking escapes me

    the new board will be announced friday August 1, and we hope to have another happy hour sometime in September, if not sooner

    c’mon out and tell me how great the Cowboys are…i’ll be the one wearing the Brain Dawkins jersey

  18. Dooner says:

    jrp, the problem is that the current board includes at least three people who either defended Albanese — even after the DMN revealed her criminal past — or actively obstructed media coverage of her misdeeds. I am simply going to let this new group prove themselves before investing time or money in an organization whose greatest achievements so far are happy hours and a lunch with Bangladeshi journalists.

  19. jrp says:

    fair enough, Dooner, i understand completely

    email me at [email protected] and we can discuss more away from the FrontBurner in more detail, if you’d like

  20. amanda says:

    Dooner…you are correct, AND it’s why this round of elections is so important.

    For DPC, this is the fork in the road.

  21. Trent says:

    I just don’t understand why the board has FIVE PR types but the Katies won’t be allowing any pr stuff this year?
    And bad idea to hold the ceremony at the Sixth Floor Museum, when one of its employees sits on the board.
    Smacks of the behind the scenes crap that went on during the Albanese era.

  22. Joe says:

    Hey, I have a question about the upcoming Katies. They didn’t present awards last year. Yeah, I know they haven’t presented legitimate awards in years. Still if they’re going to play fairly, they should have both 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 entries. But then it might be awkward to have the stories of 2006-2007 include the PC fiasco.

    So the question is, “Are they going to include two years of media coverage?” The follow up question is, “If not, why?”

  23. nmlhats says:

    Note also that there are drastically fewer categories/awards on the Katies list now. I think radio has about half (or a third?) the number of awards that were formerly given. I didn’t look closely but assume other divisions saw similar reductions.

    Can one of you Press Club types please explain why? Thanks.

  24. Bethany says:

    JRP can weigh in here more ably than I can, but this year’s Katies is the first since everything happened. It’s back to the drawing board, and a chance to make everything run in such a way that such a thing can’t happen again. So yeah, things are going to be a little different, and things this year are scaled back so that we can all watch the gears turn, so to speak.

    A lot of these questions are somewhat answered on the Web site. Even more could be answered by attending a happy hour, or e-mailing one of the board members.

  25. klr says:

    JRP –

    Thanks. I appreciate your details on what the club has done. I don’t remember it being very well documented at the website, which I think would build some momentum for the club… I was around for Albanese and while people say “she was evil, she was evil, she was evil…” she also was a social butterfly who managed to get some attendance at social events and schedule some newsier stuff, too.

  26. jrp says:

    first, let me say i, for one, truly appreciate the questions and comments and feel this type of frank discussion can only help the club

    still, it’s hard to respond to all these queries adequately here in this limited space

    so, i implore all of you that are interested in the club (even if you want to see it fail) to attend the annual meeting this Friday August 1, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. CDT on the mezzanine level of the Trammell Crow Center on Ross

    i will make a point to try and touch on all the subjects brought up here on FB and elsewhere in the blogosphere and community at large

    we’re trying, folks. maybe what happened with the ’05 and ’06 Katies could’ve been avoided if this or maybe that…but reality is it’s nearly August 2008 and what’s done is done. and i can see it’ll only get harder and harder to keep this club relevant, but i’ll do what i can

    again c’mon out friday night and/or attend an upcoming happy hour and i’ll be glad to discuss all this further and in more detail

    also here’s this: [email protected]

  27. nmlhats says:

    Just wondering, how is it that broadcast stories are limited in length but print and wire stories are not? A story is as long as a story is, and it does not seem fair at all to place limits on the length of TV and radio pieces while print and wire pieces can go on as long as the storytelling requires. I think this is a serious discrepancy that needs to be addressed.