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18 responses to “Next Food Network Star 2008 Winner Revealed on Show’s Website Before Final Episode”

  1. Jack Rabbit says:

    Congratulations Aaron! We’re looking forward to seeing much more of you.

    Adam just wasn’t creatable as a Food Network Chef and Lisa (bobble-headed, squinty-eyed, china doll) would be someone I’d hire to cater an event. She was so intent in looking good that no one would be able to follow her lead. She just wasn’t authentic.

  2. Jeff says:

    I felt all 3 lacked that star quality for
    a show of their own but heck thats what a good producer helps fix for tv viewing.
    All three finalists each had something that I
    liked about them, the most embarrassing moment for me was when Aaron made that stupid
    opening for the Vegas people and he went on
    to win so go figure. It was hard to pick a
    winner with these three. Lisa to me was the
    odds on favorite with all her knowledge. Aaron likes to cook, does great stuff most of the time but…(I think he also boomed for the Vegas people?)
    but most of the time he was ok, nervous but very likeable, he just
    needs some polish. Adam, I liked the best
    he was ruff around the edges but doesn’t have Aaron or Lisa’s cooking chops to but I liked
    he personality, a producer would help him
    with all the rest(cooking?) but ultimatley it was Aaron
    who was a basic no frills, real cook and chef who took the prize. I think they will
    polish him up for TV and give us a whole new
    Aaron, he will do ok. I did like the elegance of Lisas stuff but oh well, but I
    think this was more of an embarrassment to
    the network but we’ll see if Aaron can really
    do a show and get people to want to watch
    what he does?

  3. Chris says:

    I was surprised they picked Aaron… I think he was very insecure in front of camera. Lisa is just too fake and also is scared of camera. Adam was my favorite, he deserved to win since he worked so hard on his cooking skills and his last cook show was just so much fun. I’m disappointed and I’m sure that I won’t watch Aaron’s show for sure.

  4. Amy says:

    I am so glad Lisa did not win. How she made it as far as she did…wow. She is very gross to even look at. Very up-ity, unapproachable, not at all a star.
    I would have however chosen Adam. But congrats Aaron!

  5. Christine in Seattle says:

    Congrats to Aaron, but I sure would have liked Adam to win. His ease in front of the camera and solid knowledge of food–and WITH a sense of humor–seemed like a winner to me. But Aaron is definitely a likable chap, and he’s actually kind of funny without even knowing it. I’ll watch his first show, but maybe the Food Network will still give Adam a chance?

  6. Melissa says:

    Thank goodness Aaron won.. I was really hoping that he’d be the winner.. Out of three he was the most likebale… I really didn’t like Lisa at all.. I wish she wasnt even part of the final three but he knowledge in the kitchen got her further than her warmth and welcoming nature.. But Adam I could have watched.. Great personality… But that was the case with Aaron as well.. Especially during the take with the kids and Rachel Ray.. Many people say that won’t watch Aaron’s show I will for sure.. Why they wouldn’t watch is beyond my understanding must be some other reasons.. Because he was a great cook..

  7. VANESSA says:

    I was suprised Aaron won. I felt he was very uncomfortable in front of the camera. Lisa and Adam grew on me as the contest went on. I felt Aaron talked too fast and I was unable to understand him. Maybe the jitters will go away. I am curious to hear why the judges felt he was more marketable.

  8. WI says:

    Wish Adam had one. Aaron is likable but . . .

  9. Nancy Nichols says:

    Good people, please come here for updated info and comments. Thanks, NN

  10. David says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with any of the contestants this year. Hopefully next year they will pick people that have cooked food and know about food if they want someone like that. Otherwise it was a total waste of my time watching these losers. I just don’t get Food Network. They hire other people and put them on the network without competing with anyone and then they want the contestants to be food and TV personality smart. If that’s the case the pick better contestants.

  11. David says:

    Sorry, forgot to post that Aaron just doesn’t have any TV personality. Just like the winner from last year and you saw where that got her. SHE QUIT.

  12. patrick says:

    What were the judges thinking???? Aaron was perhaps somewhat likeable but really couldn’t cook (three different pastas for Vegas? and a hospital chef!!)He is so clumsy and uncomfortable on the screen as to be unwatchable.

    Lisa is a much better chef but was annoying and five minutes watching her would make me reach for a valium.

    Adam was by far the winner. He may have messed up somewhat on the Vegas gig but his pilot was great. The whole internet cooking idea was brilliant and with a little work could be great.

    Get some new judges who don’t have an agenda.

  13. Greg says:

    The decision to pick Aaron was such a joke. There must have been some bias there since they clearly create three slots in the finale to save him from elimination the week before. He was absolutely awful at the Buffet challenge, yet they kept him in the game. Both Lisa and Adam were better then and in the finale. Bobby Flay must overrule the other judges since we saw he did not like either of the other two contestants. It’s also interesting that they took the decision away from the viewing public this year. What, did they need to guarantee who the winner would be by taking it out of our hands? Was the fix in all along?

  14. Eric Payne says:

    I’m more convinced then ever that the fix was in… but last year, not this year, and that’s why this year there was no telephone vote. I think, last year, some high-tech buddies came up with something that allowed for the very forgettable “Bore-met next Door” to win, following her reinstatement after elimination.

    If you read the fine print, it says there are “other considerations” taken when choosing a winner. The choice had to be between Adam and Aaron, as Lisa would have been just another “Bore-met Next Door.” So the consideration then becomes, do we have another Alton Brown, or another… wait.. we don’t have another Aaron right now.

    I agree Aaron, on just the strenght of his performances during the run of “Star” would not have been my choice, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And with him and the Neely’s (if their cooking show gets picked up again), even though I’m a white guy from a long line of Southern Scarlet-Throated Crackcers, it’ll be nice to see some diversity finally hit Food Network.

    But they ever go to cancel Paula Deen, and I’m betting the burning of Atlanta is gonna look like a campfire next to what happens to Food Network!

  15. mickey says:

    I wasn’t shocked at the results, I knew they would pick him… I agree with you Eric – the fix was in!! I don’t agree with it but who am I. I don’t think he was a good choice out of the three. I think Adam’s idea about the emails was brilliant. That relates to the home cooks more then anything at all! But as the fine print states “other considerations” were taken. I don’t think I will be watching his show. He needs to lose the slurs when he talks, cuz it is hard to understand him! Whatever food network

  16. Jan says:

    Mickey I agree with you that Adam’s idea about the emails was brilliant. So brilliant that I just saw it advertised on the Food Network as and I quote from

    “Cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp will prepare delicious dishes while solving Food Network viewers’ culinary conundrums in her new interactive cooking show, Ask Aida. From recipe and ingredient issues to advice on kitchen machinery and tools, Aida will even offer guidance for impromptu parties, feeding a crowd, make-ahead dishes and time-saving tips. Whether it’s pies or pasta, grilling or frying, each episode will highlight a specific topic inspired by viewer-submitted video and email questions that Aida will answer as she whips up tasty recipes that utilize the ingredient or theme.” (end quote)

    One wonders if Adam will get credit for the idea?

  17. OOLABY says:

    Wow, I was saddened that Lisa did not win, as she has total knowledge of food and how food should be presented.For all of you mumu and hair roller wearing ladies out in dry county USA, wake up and put on your stilletos! You don’t have to be a sweaty pig with a unibrow to be ladylike and desireable to cook. It’s a wonder your hubby’s have a mistress! We have enough big guy, bar-b-q-ing dudes on the telly and not enough high class! I hope Lisa gets a show on another network and put the judges to shame. Fogelson probaly didn’t want to have someone with Lisa’s fashion saavy around. Too bad, she would have learned a little. Fogelson needs a makeover for sure. We need delicious, classy food that the 9 -5 working woman can create for her loving family and be able to set a table with real cloth napkins and tablecloth and perhaps a lovely flower arrangement. If American tablescapes a la Sandra Lee, we are in trouble for sure!
    Everyone that I know was hoping to see a true cook come through…now we will be getting hospital cafeteria yummies….hoorah! Enjoy…I will not be tuning in.

  18. Knew it would be Aaron. Look at everyone afraid to say anything about Obama.