Message to Jody Dean: We Do, Too, K-LUV Our Oldies

Mom will be so proud.This morning Jody Dean and his crew at 98.7 KLUV were discussing our nightlife and party pics, in particular the image you see here. Jody said: “Back in the day, before I quit drinking, I totally could have dragged that girl in the red dress out of that party at Joule.” I’m kidding! But Jody did say something to the effect of: “They don’t care about us over at FrontBurner. We’re too old and not hip.” To which I say: you hush your mouth, Jody Dean. 98.7 is one of my presets in the Prius. My rotation in the morning: KERA (because no self-respecting Prius driver doesn’t listen to “All Things Considered”), The Ticket (because I hate Gordon Keith with a passion and he owes me money), KISS (because Kidd Kraddick is my lover), and K-LUV (because Jody Dean really could have drug that girl in the red dress out of the Joule back when he was drinking).


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58 responses to “Message to Jody Dean: We Do, Too, K-LUV Our Oldies”

  1. Jack E. Jett says:

    With all due respect to Jody Dean, I think my Grandfather could have dragged that girl in the red dress out of the party.

    She looks like she is ready to be dragged.
    Again, with all due respect.

  2. Roscoe Purvis Coltrane says:

    R-ah-ah-ah-ah-xxane… forget the light, you’ve got the dress… with all due respect of course.

  3. Bill says:

    “self-respecting Prius driver”

    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    Or did you mean “pretentious driver who has to thrown in that he’s hip to the latest fad every chance he gets?”

  4. amandacobra says:

    (seconding Jack E. Jett here, with all due respect)

    I think gravity, alcohol and her need for attention from any breathing male will drag that girl in any direction the dragger so desires.

  5. whoa-ly shee-it says:

    is there anyone who couldn’t have drug her out of the Joule?

    Making mom proud.

  6. columbiasooner says:

    Look at Nick making a cameo on FB. Looking forward to flag football in the fall.

  7. Claire says:

    Bill is an bitter person.
    And I think the highlight of my day was reading this:
    “You hush your mouth, Jody Dean.”

  8. m2thej says:

    Nick looks like his head is floating though strangely. He’s multi-talented! Making the Dealers proud, columbiasooner, making us proud.

  9. DM says:

    Not to change the subject, but what happened to Pugs & Kelly?

  10. MushMouth says:

    With all due respect… she looks like she has been repeatedly dragged out by multiple men. And not necessarily consequetively.

  11. Bethany says:

    I so don’t want to know what her right hand is doing.

  12. Patrick says:

    Was the theme “Sluts & Douchebags”?

  13. jody says:

    Anyone wanting to drag her out would have to have to have been drinking. Ah, the burden of disposable income. Goodness, Tim…I though the only time you noticed is when the punchline is DISD! With all due respect, of course.

  14. wyatt says:

    We’re #2

  15. Classy says:

    Classy comments guys. Real Classy

  16. Bethany says:

    We had classy material to work with!

  17. chandler says:

    “98.7 is one of my presets in the Prius.”

    All hands on deck! Pretentiousness ahoy!

    The girl in the red dress looks like she’s a terrible lay. Such an angry face!

  18. mlh says:

    I kinda feel sorry for the girl in the red dress.


    Hate to think that could have been a pic of me… or any number of my friends who are always being over-served.

  19. Peterk says:

    so I wonder if Jody P’s photo is posted where she works

  20. Ali says:

    mlh- I was there that night with another party and lets just say they were being kind posting that picture because I saw a lot worse photo ops!

  21. That Jeff says:

    Um…Tim? It’s Morning Edition that you’re hearing on KERA 90.1 in the…uh…mornings.

  22. Renee says:

    Just for the record….if you are listening to KERA in the morning, you are listening to “Morning Edition” and not “All Things Considered” — unless driving a Prius somehow causes timeshifting.

  23. Bethany says:

    Where we’re going Marty, we don’t need roads!

  24. Wes Mantooth says:

    No, Bethany, no!

  25. Red Dress says:

    One bad apple sure can spoil the bunch. First off, I’m in the picture. Second, we had just arrived and ordered our first drink. Let me ask you fools – have you ever taken a bad picture? Surely you’re not exempt.

  26. Tim Rogers says:

    Chandler, I guess you’d have to know me to catch the sarcasm in the “self-respecting Prius” line. I fully recognize that I’m a dork for driving that car. I also fully recognize that I’m get 46 mpg.

    Red Dress, you’ve taken more abuse than you deserve here. I apologize for that. I opened the door with the “dragged” line; though, in my defense, my target was Jody Dean, not you.

    To all: let’s keep it classy. Snark and comedy can coexist with civility. (God, driving the Prius really has ruined me.)

  27. Red Dress says:

    Thank you Tim, I really appreciate that. =)

  28. w-hoe-ly shee-it says:

    Tim, i’d say don’t do in public for the cameras what you are ashamed of… clearly if everyone in the pic was overserved (and i’d buy that was true), no one else acted a fool… you take these kinds of pictures on your own camera for your friends to tease you. This invites public response when its published on a website for all to see.

    We all live with regrets, Red Dress- but that doesn’t look like just a bad picture of you- you went for shocking and got it. Know when to say no to photographers you can’t control the pictures from. Or try smiling and posing like the blond gals next time.

  29. Classy says:

    I probably encouraged the picture, I’m always goofing around like that.

  30. Red Dress says:

    It’s called a candid moment. No regrets.

  31. Classy says:

    They would probably. That’s it from now on I’m sticking w/ Blue Steel.

  32. w-hoe-ly shee-it says:

    for no regrets, Red Dress, you are defensive about it.

  33. LMAO says:

    Great Pic. Making Dallas proud. Way to represent! 😉

  34. Classy says:

    Sheet, Come one… Stirring the pot a lil?

  35. DC says:

    I think Red Dress looks hot! If you know her, then you would realize how fortunate you would be to have her as your date. So stop the hating…she amazing!

  36. Classy says:

    I mean come on…

  37. alfred says:

    if all the Dallas girls like Red Dress who attend these sort of parties were laid end to end. … i wouldn’t be surprised.

  38. Jack E. Jett says:

    Dear Red Dress

    Please accept my apology for my bit of snarkiness. The reality is that you look like a fun gal to go out and get overserved with. The sad thing is that I have been in the very same pose, in the very same dress, sans alcohol and with my uncle.

  39. She didn't hump me says:

    Overserved? Is there really such a thing?

  40. johnny utah says:

    This is better than!! Does Nik Richie work for D now?

  41. Jeremy Business says:

    I would make sweet yet forceful love to “Red Dress” in my Prius

  42. Oh My Eyes says:

    This whole thread has degenerated into some really sleazy stuff…


    Miss Red Dress DOES have some amazing leg muscles though.

    Jody Dean has stopped drinking… Dale Hansen has gone on a diet… And they wonder why restaurants and bars are closing in Dallas.

  43. Bethany says:


    Guys, there’s a difference between blue and funny and blue and disgusting.

    Red Dress, even though there’s a picture of you mock humping some guy’s leg, I almost feel like I should apologize for some of these latest comments.

  44. brobrobroyourboat says:

    Probably time for a heat wrap with a burn cream chaser…

  45. Bethany says:

    You were breastfed through a wool coat as a child, weren’t you?

  46. She didn't hump me says:

    Are you dumb or do you live under a rock?

  47. She would hump me says:

    It must take an absolutely FANTASTIC blogger to not have a clue as to what is going on here.

  48. brobrobroyourboat says:


  49. Chris says:

    Who’s that hot girl in the middle, I think I have seen her out before. She’s SMOKIN!

  50. Cynthia says:

    i went to high school with the girl in black. just saying. and red dress looks like somebody i’d want to party with.

  51. Oh My Eyes says:

    Thank you invisible editor….

    The level of gross and disgusting posts last night showed that YES, we do need a level of decorum.

    And if those who posted last night thought abortion was a funny topic…take it from me…it isn’t….EVER.

  52. Hot 4 teach says:

    Dear Off Color Commenters.

    This blog is monitered and edited by wealthy white women. Don’t let the male names fool you. The only off color jokes allowed are deemed to be funny are racist or bigoted in some way. Off color must be about color.

  53. She didn't hump me says:

    My god people, expand your horizons a little:

  54. I heard you guys like to take things up a notch…

  55. Ryan says:

    Meh… These girls are cute.
    But, if you take away the spa treatments and nice cloths. They’re really nothing special..
    Atleast no natural beauty between any of them

  56. Nick says:

    Yeah…these girls are cute, but they’re certainly not the supermodels I’m used to.

  57. Will Arnett says:

    I’m pretty sure every one on the internet ONLY dates supermodels.

  58. Millhouse says:

    I don’t think I saw them entering a “something special” contest. Plenty of natural beauty inside and out from all 3 of them.