Mavs Cement Status as No. 4 Team in Southwest Division

And they didn’t have really have to do anything, other than watch Ron Artest get traded to the Houston Rockets. But don’t worry. I’m maybe five days away from perfecting time travel. So the Mavs’ new starting shooting guard is going to be 1986 Rolando Blackman. I just need to find someone to keep 2008 Ro out of sight for a few months, so there won’t be any issues with the time-space continuum.


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7 responses to “Mavs Cement Status as No. 4 Team in Southwest Division”

  1. If I had a beer I’d cry in it right about now. The only was this offseason could get worse is if the Mavs signed Kwame Brown (thanks Detroit).

  2. Philip says:

    I don’t think Cubes would have let an opportunity like this slip through his fingers if he had any intention of hanging on to this team after the Cubs deal gets done. The Mavs are as good as sold. Let’s just hope Hicks isn’t looking to buy a new franchise…

  3. jrp says:

    call me when McGrady wins a playoff series

    0 and his career so far

    2008 — lost to Utah, 4-2, first round

    2007 — lost to Utah, 4-3, first round

    2005 — lost to Dallas, 4-3, first round

    2004 — lost to LA Lakers, 4-1, first round

    2003 — lost to Detroit, 4-3, first round

    2002 — lost to Charlotte, 3-1, first round

    2001 — lost to Milwaukee, 3-1, first round

    2000 — lost to New York, 3-0, first round

  4. Don Nelson says:


  5. MIssing Dots says:


    The same used to be said about KG, but now look at him.

  6. jrp says:

    true, but KG is 10x better than McGrady and The Truth and Jesus Shuttlesworth are 10x better than Yao and Artest

    we’ll see

  7. OakCliff says:

    McGrady is good enough. It’s just that, as has been said about so many players, he needs to be Scottie Pippin to someone else’s Michael Jordan. If McGrady could stop trying to be The Man….