Leading Off (7/24/08)

1. City Manager Mary Suhm is considering a proposal to raise taxes to make up for the current budget shortfall. Mayor T-Lepp and other Council members are against this, and are instead hoping their investments in penny stocks pay off big time.

2. The man who pulled a ligament (literally, not a euphemism) capturing Lee Harvey Oswald died this week. Graveside services are scheduled for this morning.

3. With all due respect to the huge crush former D Empire blogger Jessica Jones has on him, can we all agree that C.J. Wilson doesn’t have closer stuff? And then, you know, do something about it?


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9 responses to “Leading Off (7/24/08)”

  1. Dallasite says:

    So when the City Council members were telling us two years ago that the massive pork filled bond election would not lead to higher taxes, I guess they were just kidding, huh?

  2. dave little says:

    are they certain that mr. bentley wasn’t shot by a local
    topless bar owner?

  3. Gwyon says:

    Huston Street is available. But he doesn’t have closer stuff either.

  4. Tom says:

    Huston Street is better than what we have now. So is Sesame Street, for that matter.

  5. TY says:

    Wait out the year with Guitar Hero and then sign K-Rod or Marte.

    This is year two of rebuilding and things are ahead of schedule – anyone who thought we were set to win the division in the second half is delusional. Just enjoy being competitive and hope that Jon Daniels Summer 2007 Edition returns to make some good trades in the next week.

  6. Trey Garrison says:

    You should probably put Lee Harvey Oswald’s name in quotation marks because, I mean, come on.

  7. Dessica Dones says:

    Leave C.J. alone! Sixty percent of the time, that pitch works every time.

  8. beavis says:

    uh..huh huh…he said “pork”.

  9. El Rey says:

    I drove by the funeral preparations this morning and I have to say the DPD Honor Guard looked super classy. Can I hire them to come to special events?

    Without going into conspiracy theories, Detective Bentley helped catch a cop killer and potentially saved his partner from Oswald. Big respect. I will be putting flowers on his grave today.