Leading Off (7/22/08)

1. If all goes as planned at the Parkland Memorial Hospital board of managers meeting today (and if the county commissioners approve it), we will be voting in November on a $1.2 billion proposal to build a new 862-bed hospital to replace the current Parkland. (It would be built across the street.) We’d only have to foot $750 million of the costs. Okay. Pause. Take a breath. Now you may begin your caterwauling.

2. At the risk of being called a Rangers bandwagoner by certain UGL Equis Senior Associates in the commercial real estate leasing industry, Texas is now in 2nd place in the AL West, people.

3. OMG! C-Ev wuz right? The Jonas Brothers might move to Westlake? Itz 2G2BT! They R 2 6Y! IJS! OK, TTFN! CUL8R!


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17 responses to “Leading Off (7/22/08)”

  1. Just Wondering says:

    If universal health care (in any form) passed, what would happen to a “public owned” hospital like Parkland? Would it then become necessary to compete with other area hospitals for patients to stay open? My assumption that is everyone would then be entitled to hospital of choice, because everyone would have “insurance” coverage. Many would chose hospitals that were less crowded or closer to their home.

  2. ROJ says:

    Think how little that $750m would seem if we had $500m laying around not being spent on a convention hotel. And I bet the beds are full at the hospital.

  3. Daniel says:

    Just Wondering,

    I’m sure Parkland would continue to operate in much the same capacity as it does now — providing medical care for non-citizens. IJS

  4. Kathie says:

    The Jonas brothers news is already 2 items down. omgodijs

  5. AJ says:

    My response is simple. I hate the Jonas Brothers, and I hate anyone that likes them.

  6. TLS says:

    You don’t “hate” the Jonas Brothers. You don’t know them to hate them. You are just annoyed with the whole Jonas circus. And yeah, it would be better if Metallica was moving here.

  7. Bethany says:

    Metallica wouldn’t move to Westlake though, would they?

    Where would Metallica move?

  8. SB says:

    I picture Lars fitting right in with the “douche scene” at the W.

  9. Tom says:

    Dalworthington Gardens is already home to Pantera, so I’m sure Metallica would fit right in. The bigger question is whether Richardson would let Jessica move back. I say no.

  10. Chris says:

    I could see Metallica in Timarron more than Vaquero. They could live near Russ.

  11. amanda says:

    Wherever they may roam, Metallica needs to set up shop near a rehab facility.

  12. Marcus says:

    Not all rockers do drugs.

    Just the good ones.

  13. dazzling urbanite says:

    Why don’t we just rename Parkland for Cesar Chavez?

  14. Ashley says:

    Daniel: Parkland takes care of PLENTY of U.S. citizens, trust me. And if you are ever burned or in a horrible accident, that’s definitely the place you want to be. Parkland does lots of amazing things, but the current facility is bursting at the seams. It would be a shame for the proposal to get voted down because people can’t see past the fact that Parkland provides care for non-citizens.

    Besides, this is Dallas, not friggin’ Farmer’s Branch!

  15. Daniel says:

    I was just trying to answer his question. Y’know, about universal health care and what would hapen to Parkland. Admittedly, it was a Blowian guess, tendered without reportorial legwork.

    I don’t hate or even dislike illegal immigrants, I think they provide a net benefit to our economy, but I do reserve the right to laugh at their preposterous mannerisms and music, as well as to imply with sweeping arrogance that they are shiftless nuisances, just as my forebears, in their turn, were mocked for their enormous teeth and subhuman table manners.

  16. SB says:

    Daniel, rarely do we see eye-to-eye, but man, you know how to turn a phrase! Best comment of the day.

  17. Rusty says:

    So, like the sad thing, like.. was that I like, y’know.. got the whole txt msg bit you did at the end of that post.. even though I’m like really old and stuff.. cuz I’m like 38 y’know.