Feds Sue Eleanor Mowery Sheets and Nicky Sheets

The U.S. Gubmint filed suit today, claiming Eleanor Mowery Sheets and her husband Nicky Sheets together owe about $1.6 million in unpaid taxes. Read the filing, if you’re interested. Can’t imagine why you’d be, though. Unless you’re a low-life voyeur. Shame on you.

Update: Combing through the document, I’m now realizing that a D Magazine article plays a role in the suit. And the government accuses the couple of establishing a sham trust to protect their assets. (You’re a low-life voyeur. I’m a journalist.)


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63 responses to “Feds Sue Eleanor Mowery Sheets and Nicky Sheets”

  1. microdermer says:

    Is Nicky Sheets his real name or porn name?

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    See? That’s the kind of off-color comment that you definitely leave up. (See my musings in the comments section here for context.)

  3. Bethany says:

    So basically, one time D had the Sheets, and now, thanks to the Feds, everyone knows D had the Sheets.

  4. yikesdallas says:

    and… beating a dead horse yet AGAIN from the DallasDirt blog, I guess all the vendors they owe definitely won’t get paid now!

  5. I didn’t say a thing.

  6. LM says:

    I guess the rich aren’t really like the rest of us.

  7. amanda says:

    She can just Eat Macaroni Slowly…

    Best line ever on any blog…

  8. SLR says:

    Uh, Tim, the total amount owed between Eleanor, Nicky, her sham trust, and payroll taxes is actually a little over $2.1 million — a tough check to stroke for just about anyone. Plus, it appears that the pleadings are simply requesting the district court to recognize and record the judgment rendered by the tax court, meaning its all over but the crying. Apparently, she’ll have to stiff quite a few more vendors before she can raise that kind of scratch.

  9. EMS sold us our house in 1999. I note that the tax she didn’t pay in that year approximates her cut of the Coldwell Bankers commission she earned on the sale. What burns me is that it meant that the federal government had to go into hock just that much more to pay for the security detail to guard Bill Clinton while he savored cigars with Monica Lewinski.

  10. Amanda, I love you!

  11. Topham Beaclerk says:

    This is really going to put a crimp in the ad revenues for Park Cities People.

  12. amanda says:

    I love you too Candy…

  13. yikesdallas says:

    I guess what really irks me as that this wasn’t just a one time “Whoops, we didn’t pay our taxes last year” event. Apparently for 30 odd years or so, the Sheetses have been actively trying every scam in the book to avoid paying their taxes, with multiple bankruptcies (3 for Nicky!), shell companies, etc. It’s really disgraceful, and I hope they aren’t able to write off this liability like they did the previous ones.
    Maybe it was the IRS painting their signs?

  14. LakeWWWooder says:

    I wonder what the TREC will have to say about this.

  15. amanda says:

    It’s a totally separate issue. If there’s a fabulous house, Candy reports it. If she gets a tip about vandalism, she reports it. Because I also write for D Home, I can say without a doubt there is a complete separation from editorial and adverstising. Candy is editorial and can/should/does cover great houses, breaking news and the like.

    I think Candy deserves a round of applause, BTW for bringing this story out. The easiest thing to do with the original tip would have been to let it drop, for fear of offending someone. However, as fun and adorable as Candy is, don’t forget she is a journalist at heart with some respectable credentials to boot.

    The orginal post going back a month or two was HOT. There were something like 50 or so comments, and some were “moderated” (deleted) due to content. The spirit of the post wasn’t to trash anyone, it was a news worthy oddity in the real estate scene.


    And you people thought we were crazy a few months ago on Candy’s blog. Can you un-moderate those posts now, D Magazine?

  17. JS says:

    We bought our HP house from her last year. I thought she was a nice lady, but obviously they are deceptive people. That’s a lot of $, I wouldn’t be surprised if they see jail time.

  18. E(ffed).M.S. says:

    Yeah, don’t expect TREC to do anything…because I bet they actually got paid…while a lot of people, including the government, did not. Not paying vendors (per the word on the street), fine: you just piss off business owners who won’t work with you again. Not paying your taxes? And not even setting up a good enough sham trust to protect your assets? Well, that’s what happens when you stiff accountants and lawyers / you have bad Karma (energy, whatever you want to call it: because what you put out there comes back to you, sometimes in a big way).

    Now, why you’d eff with the IRS is beyond me…

    By the time penalties are figured into that 2.1ish Million Dollar figure, attorneys are paid, etc etc it’s gonna hurt in a way that only being forced to fork over several million dollars to the US Government can.

    Looks like someone won’t have the credit to “borrow” the latest fall and winter fashions from Neimans for the night like she used to…allegedly.

  19. GMOM says:

    Ding Dong the Witch is DEAD, which old witch, the mean(greedy)old witch. Ding Dong the wicked Witch is dead!!!

  20. Ummm.... says:

    GMOM, so she made some mistakes with her taxes, and maybe she pissed off some vendors, but she’s a damn good realtor and a pretty nice person also. She’s not a witch! Have a heart.

  21. KC says:

    No, not even remotely nice. Ask around. This is a good lesson kids: all those people you step on while you’re climbing your way to the top, well, you’re going to see them all again when you fall back down.

  22. Tim says:

    I bet TREC doesn’t get involved with this. They usually only play a role when an agent has done something unethical to the person they represent. They don’t go after agents for other agents or IRS. Hell, I bet there are a lot of agents who are behind in their taxes.

  23. pb says:

    So what happens to all the agents working for her? Are her sellers pulling their listings? This is a very unfortunate situation and hopefully we can all learn from others mistakes. They are nice people and no one should take joy in other’s misery.


    When they bring the misery on themselves, you can’t say it’s not deserved. There has been a long history of financial “creativity”, noone is surprised by any of this. As for the “nice people” comment – I’m not sure where you get your information, but I’ve always heard otherwise. I believe the term “Dragon Lady” is typically used as a description.

  25. pb says:

    Of course they deserve whatever happens – you do something wrong and you face the reperpucsions, however, who enjoys seeing others fail? That is sick, sadistic behavior. What you have “heard” and what you know to be true are probably very different. Eleanor and Nicky are lovely people who made a bad decision. We all make mistakes.


    pb – read all the comments, you’re out numbered. When you treat people badly because you’re in a position where you can get away with it, don’t expect them to forget how nasty you’ve been when you’ve fallen from your pedestal. And if they’ve been cheating the government all these years, imagine what they’ve been doing to their clients.

  27. pb says:

    You’re right, there are probably more people who don’t like them than do. Back to my original questions – what happens to everyone else at their office? How do they feel about this whole thing?


    Very good question. Anybody know? Candy?

  29. Candy Evans says:

    Stay tuned.

  30. Crisp says:

    Come on people. Repeating what you “hear” makes you an idiot and a gossip. Just because you hear something it doesn’t make it true. You are slandering these people by repeating things said by others who have not been able to accomplish as much and have to vent their jealousy by being vindictive towards those who have. Eleanor and Nicky aren’t saints but they have helped alot of people along the way. I didn’t “hear” that. I have seen it, experienced it and know it to be true. Those of you who delight in the woes of others are like packs of envious vultures. Just because you couldn’t get as high on the ladder doesn’t mean you should kick the ladder out from under them. Greedy, needy, dysfunctional old Uncle Sam may knock on your door next.

  31. vindicated says:

    KARMA. that’s what it boils down to folks. a lot of people are nice (and fake on the outside) and rotten eggs inside. case and point – the sheets’. they’ve owed my wife thousands of dollars for years. it almost caused us to lose our house in default. do not pass go; do not collect two-hundred dollars.

  32. AD says:

    Let he without sin cast the first stone.

    John 8:7

  33. Wesley says:

    Well, It looks as if the SHEETS just hit the FAN!!

  34. There are no Secrets says:

    Please be advised as of today E.M.S. does not hold a current Active TX Sales Person’s License; CB sent it back as inactive and N.S. now has 82 listings per http://www.cbdfw.com and http://www.trec.state.tx.us/newsandpublic/licenseeLookup/LicenseeDetail.aspx?inType=01&id=ng&inLicno=0335835 , hmmmmm….. why is CB not standing behind their star “mega producer”?

  35. photog says:

    I know of several vendors, one of which has a judgment against them that they said: Okay, just try to collect it. I have had collectors after them for almost a year. They are not nice people and absolutely know what they are doing. Go ahead and do work for them, you will not get paid. Just ask Dun and Bradstreet about them.

  36. KC says:

    Dear AD:

    Stuff it!

  37. AD says:

    Dear KC:

    I knew there was one perfect person in this world. Glad to know it’s you.



  38. Ann & Preston says:

    When none of the “quintessential” Dallas realtors would list our home because it was on a “busy street”, Eleanor & Nicky openly accepted the challenge & sold our house in two weeks without compromising our asking price.

    Like AD’s comment, none of us are perfect including the FED’s & IRS. Obviously, Nicky & Eleanor have made mistakes as has our own President! At least they’ll be reprimanded for their actions unlike George W(no weapons).

    For those who accuse Eleanor & Nicky of nonpayment, rule 1 is always to check D&B, BBB & Google for past offenses & business practices. Don’t we all require references? My husband & I knew of their past & confronted both of them in our initial meeting. They agreed to our terms & contract & fulfilled every word. That’s just common sense.

    Ann & Preston

  39. KC says:

    Oh, so now it’s the vendors fault that they didn’t check references???? You people are ridiculous. Someone who doesn’t pay up repeatedly is called a crook. Plain and simple. What goes around comes around. And it looks like we’ve come around. AD: is there a bible verse that applies to this?

  40. RW says:

    As late as 6/24/2008 Eleanor was taking TREC classes to satisfy her MCE requirements. One of those classes was Trec Ethics … what a joke. Her license does show inactive even though it also shows an expiration date of 6/30/2010. Since her license would be on a 2-year renewal, looks like it renewed on 6/30/2008 only to suddenly go away. CB deserves credit to remove these THIEFS from their ranks. They may have been good agents to their clients but they have been real bums to everyone else. I personally hope this forces them into bankruptcy (or worse) and they lose everything. That is what they deserve.

  41. Truth needs to be revealed says:

    ALL VENDORS that have not been paid by Eleanor and Nicky Sheets should post their outstanding balances.
    TREC should take action because Real Estate Agents should be held to higher standards and not live cheating the system.

  42. Fact or Fiction says:

    The Standard Professional committee for the Texas Association of Realtors has a wonderful system for helping other agents & the public deal with unfair practices of licensed realtors. You have to list the article that the agent violated. Any person can file an ethics complaint by doing the proper paper work.

    Another point in regards to Eleanor’s license. The information given does not reflect any information on CB’s actions. Her license is active until 2010 she has not completed her fingerprinting. There have been numerous problems with the information given about when that has to be completed. My broker called 3 times & was given 3 different answers in regards to the fingerprinting.

    I would just caution people that there is a difference in gossip & fact. I do not know the facts so I cannot judge or give an opinion.

  43. Devorah says:

    to KC – it’s in the bible: Deut 5:17 You shall not steal….

  44. There are no secrets says:

    Per TREC E.M.S.’s license status is listed as inactive. This means she can not actively engage in real estate sales or brokerage activity in the State of Texas. The Licensed Broker whom holds the salesperson’s License and is responsible may send the salesperson’s license back to TREC at any time as inactive as well as the salesperson. It seems to me that a person that is so very important in the real estate community would not send their own license back because they could not seem to meet a minor licensing requirement. At present there are many Licensees that have not yet met that requirement by TREC and are currently active. Smells Fisher to me…….

  45. JK says:

    To those saying, be nice she just messed up on her taxes, evernyone makes mistakes. Oh please wake up and smell the coffee. Read the filing. This took place over YEARS.

    Some of that was PAYROLL TAXES (witholding, FICA, Medicare) from employees that worked for her company and was due to the Dept. of Treasury. Some of this liability (~200Kish) WASN’T NEVER HER MONEY TO BEGIN WITH. And all of this took place over a number of years with evasive manuevering all along the way?

    Your kidding me right? Nice Person? Sold my house quickly and that makes her OK in my book?

    That is quite a body of deceptive work there in those filings. I don’t care how many lemon bars she brought to your open house or how nice she was when you met her. THey sound like crooks, scam artists, vendor stiffers, tax evaders to me. Lots of bad choices there. Not just a simple mistake.

  46. Laura Miller says:

    Eleanor and Nicky are not good people. They have ruined people’s lives. I know of one gentleman’s life they ruined 9 years ago. He was never the same after it. What they took from that young man was nothing short of criminal. This is one case where I applaud the government’s efforts. I hope only more cases come against them. There are secrets that know one knows about these two. If you did, you would hope that they would be taken off the streets and locked up for a long time. It would give them each time to reflect on the misery they have caused certain unsuspecting individuals. Then perhaps they would come out with a new intention to write the wrongs they have committed. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we discover that people are more important than money.

  47. wcm says:

    Wow people are jealous. I would imagine that 99% of these negative comments are from competing real estate agents. If they did something wrong the government will take care of them. Go back to work now.

  48. wcm – many agents in the real estate community are aware of the ugly ‘secret’ that is bound to surface soon. Disgust, not jealousy, will bring it in the open – as it should. The previous crime kept ‘secret’ goes beyond money and theft.

  49. yikesdallas says:

    For me, it’s not “gossip”. My company was brought in to do some work for EMS without knowing their past history of nonpayment to vendors. We did they work. We worked extra hard. They loved the work. They used the work. Then didn’t pay.

    They didn’t give a reason or dispute that they owed the money. Just wouldn’t pay. Didn’t “feel” like it. So we are currently taking them to court, but I think we’ll end up being at the end of the line for $$$ from them!

    It’s almost humorous to read people’s comments that blame the vendors for EMS not paying their bills. That’s ludicrous. After our business dealings with EMS, and then reading other people’s similar problems and the government filing, it is quite clear that the Sheets’ way of doing business is to basically steal from everyone else: vendors, their employees, the government. I’m sorry, but you can’t be a “nice person” if you think it’s okay to take something from someone else and not pay them for it. It shouldn’t be my job to hire a lawyer to get paid from them, or track down the right governmental agency to try and get them to pay, or spend hours picketing in front of their office! It’s their job to pay their bills – pure and simple.

  50. Concerned citizen says:

    Yikesdallas I agree with you and i can relate to your frustration.

  51. Concerned citizen says:

    Yikesdallas no one is Jealous of EMS. She has earned her reputation as the dragon lady. Her husband is a sexual predator he has a record on file with Dallas County. So ladies if your house is listed with EMS you better understand that Nicky will have access to your home. Check his public record because obviously TREC hasn’t. Eleanor uses people and takes advantage of people so she can climb the ladder. Well they are about the get knocked off the ladder and the folks they stepped on are in line to deal with them when they fall.

  52. not in dallas anymore says:

    They are people, not perfect scions, but prettymuch OK, compared to the other hotshots in the bidness.
    There has been a tough market; looks like a competitor is playing hardball, kicking up dirt, but at a distance. No fingerprints.

    On the face of it, it looks to have something to do with the Indymac failure.

  53. You've got to be kidding. says:

    Your moniker should have said not in Kansas anymore because you must be in the world of OZ. Seriously. Your comments were a joke right? Must be a joke. No one could be that not with it anymore. I’ll give you props as you do have two facts straight.

    They are people.
    There has been a tough market.

    Thanks for the insight.

  54. You've got to be kidding. says:

    Concerned Citizen. Is this public information? (ie. on a website somewhere?)

  55. Yes, it's public information says:

    Dallas County website

  56. yikesdallas says:

    So a “competitor” of EMS somehow set up a sham trust, siphoned off their payroll taxes, fixed it so that EMS didn’t pay the IRS, and secretly filed multiple bankruptcies on their behalf… all with “no fingerprints”?

    But in the end, decades of EMS’ financial misdealings can all be laid at the doorstep of Indymac? Are you insane? I don’t think even in the land of Oz that excuse would fly. I’m continually surprised at the number of people who keep trying to come up with excuses for EMS. I’ll have to give them points for originality, but not any for logic.

  57. a little bit pregnant? says:

    c’mon…either your pregnant or you’re not..either you steal or you don’t…one is either ethical or not…you can’t be a little bit pregnant…or a ‘little bit of a crook’…when you steal it doesn’t matter from whom or how much…it’s one of the big ten…’thou shalt not steal’ and let’s call it what it is and if TREC doesn’t take away her license, or Colwell Banker doesn’t get her off their roster, then they are accomplices to the crime and making all the other Realtors look like they are crooks, too. Where are the ethics of our profession, let alone our ETHICS, PERIOD!
    Get the rotten apples out and let’s move on and show our customers that we have scruples and ethics in our profession…how we act in the market place is no different than how we are in our own backyards….Who does she think she is…Clinton? Some people think they are above reproach…..

  58. Concerned citizen says:

    A little bit Pregnant: I couldn’t agree more.

  59. By Golly.. says:

    well, it only took the IRS 30 years?…EMS has been scamming anyone who gets in her way..the system, her employees, her employers, her clients, her vendors, other agents and brokers and I know I’m forgetting a long list of others…and for those who don’t think she is everything you’re reading about…well, she’s worse…when she left ABA after the company was sold (apparently mifted that she wasn’t informed until the announcement) around 2001 I think…she decided it was in her best interests to take all of her listings with her…and took it upon herself to initiate the paperwork without proper authority…can we say “forging documents”…naughty naughty…and against TREC rules and obviously company protocal…and what about all those kickbacks she received behind her clients backs….bet they would like to know about those…and bet TREC would too…put them both in jail and let them ROT…and for heavens sake…keep them out of the real estate business permanently…and as for the accolades of sales ability…come on…those in the business know her methods…and her poor clients are on the losing end…it’s all about reduced prices and quick commissions….and moving on to the next clueless homeowner…sales ability…don’t think so…anyone can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo at the right price…aka…giving it away..altho 30 years of resisting the IRS must include some moxie…..what an embarrassment to the profession…good riddens…

  60. Are ya'll Nuts says:

    Enough is Enough

  61. sarah says: