Eric Trich Knows How To Make Money

Artist Eric Trich is not yet of legal drinking age, but he’s already impressed a slew of art fans and patrons. I just received word (via a press kit with a calligraphy-written address — nice) that his series of paintings, American Lucky Coins, is on display at the Oak Lawn Branch Library, starting tomorrow and continuing through September 4. Trich went to high school in Mesquite, then attended the Art Institute of Dallas, and is now a student at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts. He’s local through and through. And yet perhaps his biggest fan is in Tokyo. Collector (and American Lucky Coins owner) Keiko Ichihara writes:

When I was introduced to the innovative work of Eric Trich, I could easily see in his canvasses the very essense of his art; it is all-American. A style that oscillates between being Neo-Expressionist and at times primitive with total liberty of his views and opinions about the world around him. A powerful young talent!

Not too shabby.


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10 responses to “Eric Trich Knows How To Make Money”

  1. whenever someone visits that site, the registered owner makes money, it’s called traffic. For every person that visits these sites and every sale that these sites make, the owner is paid a commission. Which pretty much sums up what this Jeff Paul program is

  2. Dale says:

    This is a con. Eric Trich at 20 has collectors around the world, bah hah hah. What a joke. He has no collectors across the world and all his ‘supporters’ and collectors amazingling can’t be found anywhere online…hmmm!? He’s just an art student no different from any other with a conartist pushing his works as a facade of being much more then they are. What a shame!

  3. ahmed tahran says:

    I just found your blog on google. I really liked it and now I will share it with my friends.

  4. Nushin Dell says:

    I am from Dallas but live in California finishing my Master in Fine Art at Berkeley University. I’ve heard about artist Eric Trich from a few of my professors back in Berkeley and knew very little about his art. Only the images that were available through the internet. Also I’ve read some of those gossipy boarder line extremly trashy write ups by sadly highly educated but bitter art blogers (failed x-artists) who have been trying to trash and discredit this young talen. However to my amusement all the published gossips on the internet by these so called art critic blogers are strictly about Trich’s personal business life and not his work! What is wrong with this picture?
    So, I was in Dallas three weeks ago visiting my parents and happened to see Eric Trich’s omg exhibition announcement poster at the West Village Starbucks. I got together with two of my friends from SMU and we went to Trich’s show.
    I was very impressed by the sophisticated modern Cathedral evidently designed by the late architect Philip Johnson, the Cathedral of Hope where Trich’s exhibit was held at. We got there a bit late but to my surprise the reception hall where Trich’s art works were installed was packed with the guests. I would say at that time when we arrived they were still about two hundred people there. A great turn out by any standard for any art exhibition opening not to mentione in Dallas. Finally I got to see Eric Trich’s work in person and meet him as well.
    Let me tell all of you out there, this kid’s work is a Knock Out! I was very impressed and have to admit that I was envies for the art he has created. So simple and yet so strong.
    I got to talk to Trich for a short time but then he introduced me to his friend Siros and we talked for a good while. Siros explained to me Trich’s work phillosophy, their friendship and collaboration.
    And hey again, for all of you gossipy blogers out there, Siros and Eric Trich are NOTHING but two just friends who happen to enjoy painting together.
    Then Siros introduced me to some of the guests and Trich’s collectors. But in the crowed I saw a very familiar face from back in California. The famouse Los Angeles art collector Richard Weitzmann. I have seen Mr. Weitzmann in several museum openings back in California with his great Warhol and Rothko collection. I introduced myself and asked Mr. Weitzmann openion about the Trich’s work from a seriouse collector’s point of view. He told me that he was here in Dallas from Los Angeles to see Trich’s work and he would’ve never bothered to come if Trich’s art was not worthy to collect.
    I truly enjoyed Eric Trich’s art, exhibition and meeting him. I salute him for his hard work and success.
    But at the end to all of you suspicious, bad wishing, hopeless and negative gossiping individuals out there I must say to go on and get a life. Just be happy that one us artists has been a success.

  5. buddyboy says:

    Come on Siros! Is that your best shot?

    This website even has spell check and your English is still atrocious. And btw, there is no “Berkeley University.” You note is real super Knock Out!

    This sounds just like everything else you write, dude. I guess when you run out of people to threaten to kill, this is what you’re reduced to. I don’t “envies” you.

    “Bitter bloggers” just wrote honestly about Trich’s “life work”, and you tried to ruin “their lives”. After that, “they” just revealed your unbelievably lame cons. Following online, I thought you guys more than asked for it.

    What is there to say about the art, except he’s not very good? Like the bitter bloggers say, let the kid just go to school and learn something already. Quit just trying to make a buck off his sweet, sweet ass.

  6. buddyboy says:

    previous example of concocted Siros spiel, that he sent out claiming to be from the Chicago Tribune (proved by bitter bloggers to be untrue). Compare, contrast. It certainly shows a similar MO, and lyrical flair:

    “He’s got the looks and talent that go with it too. However, for Eric Trich, a 19 year old Texan who is a freshman at the Dallas Art Institute (sic), it is not only his looks that make him the sexiest man alive in the art world, rather it is his incredible neo-expressionism style paintings and drawings.

    “His work is fresh, new and all about his generation of Twenty-First Century American teens. His text messaging words scribbles over the madness of lines and images of recent and historical events and personalities. A fierce rush of brain explosion scatters over his stark black and white canvases, which sets them on fire and leaves the viewer blinded by the flames and awed by its intensity. Eric’s body of work has put texas art collectors and galleries in a frenzy creating a long waiting list for his work.

    “His mentor and advisor is Siros. A former resident of Milwaukee, Siros turned the Midwest upside down at the age of 18 with his Eve magazine in the early 1980’s. Eave magazine, so ahead of its time, created a national controversy over its photography upon release of its its first issue and gave siros over-night notoriety. A few years later, Siros moved to texas to pursue his art career. With his pop/neoexpressionist style he is among the emerging American-iranian artists.

    “So for Eric Trich to find Siros seems to be an art connection made in heaven. The art duo are planning to merge in create a collaborative body of work to be unveiled in 2009. Then this duo will become the artworlds sexiest men alive. Watch out Men’s Vogue!”

  7. buddyboy says:

    Siros writes:”I was very impressed by the sophisticated modern Cathedral evidently designed by the late architect Philip Johnson, the Cathedral of Hope where Trich’s exhibit was held at.”

    Phillip Johnson designed a Peace Chapel (for the Cathedral now hosting Trich’s show), that hasn’t yet been built…

    And if one is a mere student (I assume you meant Master OF, not IN, Fine ArtS, not Art), at a (fictional) university in the Bay area, how does one happen to just “recognize” a rich “serious” collector from Los Angeles, 500 miles to the south? In a state of, like, a 100 million people? A famous collector who is unsearchable on the internet?

    Siros, you are simply the worst liar in the world…hilarious!!!

  8. buddyboy says:

    Oh- Richard WEISMAN – author of Picasso-to-Pop, and a big WARHOL collector, the artist who apparently is Siros’ god, the beginning and end of his entire art historical understanding.

    It all always adds up perfectly with this guy.

  9. Rose says:

    Ha, I don’t agree with it all but nice none-the-less

  10. Kristy says:

    I have a painting by Siros from 1988 and would love more information about him and anyone who may be collecting his art. There’s so little information on the internet concerning his work. Thanks to anyone that can help.