Eric, Nancy, and Sarah’s Radio Perfomance: What’d you Think?

I assume (yes, I know the danger of assuming) I was not the only one who listened to Eric, Nancy, and Sarah with Krys Boyd just now, talking about August’s Best of Big D issue. I’ll also assume I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it. I’m sure Tim would have been proud.


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11 responses to “Eric, Nancy, and Sarah’s Radio Perfomance: What’d you Think?”

  1. Anne says:

    I had a great lunch! Found leftover Tex-Mex from a meeting yesterday (free!) in the main kitchen…and had very enjoyable hour listening to Eric, Nancy and Sarah. Eric sounded older than I imagined. At first I thought Sarah was Nancy…she has this great job/life AND she sounds young! I’m looking forward to picking up the print version on my way home today.

  2. Trey Garrison says:

    Eric’s big boy voice is indeed all manly whiskey-and-cigarettes, but I wish he’d used his Big Bob voice instead.

  3. Eric Celeste says:

    I’m a man. I’m 40.

  4. VC says:

    Yes great job. I was just waiting for Tim to call in, not the same without some uncomfortable remark . . . birds chirping . . uneasy laughter. We miss you Tim. Please come home.

  5. thomas says:

    Make that, a “grown-ass man,” Eric.

  6. Wes Mantooth says:

    If Tim were to wrap his Prius around a tree (I know, big supposition since a Prius probably cannot generate the speed necessary to be wrapped around a tree, but work with me here), is it a double-crime against the environment, or is it a double-negative and therefore doesn’t exist?

    I’ll take my meds now.

  7. summa don-na says:

    it was hot

  8. microdermer says:

    Disappointing that Eric couldn’t squeeze in a fake “best of” for the Cherry Pit.

  9. Jef says:

    The whole thing left me wanting a jumpsuit really badly. If only I knew where to get one? Maybe my fashion prayers will be answered when my subscription arrives.

  10. billh says:

    quite good. I was in the car and couldn’t call in, but thought it was a nice show and that the three of you handled yourselves very nicely.

    And big ups to Sarah Jaffe. She’s the absolute best. I’ve heard her many times, and she’s a delight, a very nice, down to earth person also. Wilonsky’s profile of her in this week’s Observer hits the nail on the head, I thought.

  11. Nancy Nichols says:

    OK, so I am still waiting for a call from where the owner says ‘like thanks for that free promo, let me send you a free jumpsuit’ but it hasn’t come. So I get on the website and there are no jumpsuits for GIRLS. But I did find these “Goof Off Pants which I am ordering. How good is that? Goof Off Pants. You could do a lot of stuff with that.