• Wes Mantooth

    Alt hed: “Driver, Bar, Smashed”

  • title:
    An Irishman drives into a bar…

  • Here’s the police report information

    Offense Report 0221750-V


  • Tom

    I’m assuming the Pontiac of Justice is still in the shop for repairs. Otherwise, this crime could have been prevented.

  • Will there be any specials on Irish Car Bombs at the Dubliner tonight?

  • DM

    Maybe this is what happened…

  • Nate

    Maybe the person was looking for the drive thru entrance…beer to go please?

  • Thomas Gatlin

    Not me. I was home last night.

  • @ DM

    What would good, God-fearing Christian folk be doing driving a black 2003 Nissan pickup at the Devil’s hours around Lower Greenville? Everyone knows that amongst those to be Left Behind most surely will be anyone driving anything not made by Ford or GMC.

  • Chasqui

    Maybe with the insurance money they will invest in bringing back the juke-box!

  • Daniel

    The devil sets his own hours, amandacobra. He ain’t workin’ for no Man.

  • Puddin’Tane

    Reminds me of what I would have done after listening to one of Dr.C’s sermons.

  • Wes Mantooth

    They should look at the bright side of this. It’s an opportunity, really:

    The Dubliner: Come See Our New and Improved Covered Patio!

  • Chris

    Up Ye Irons!!!! Me footballer hang about!!

  • This is terrible news. I like the Dubliner. And beer. Blimey!

  • Old Regular

    Oh no, the whole place is smashed. I will be in mourning until I can get my next snakebite there.

    Peter, let us know if we can help rebuild – quickly. DeLuke

  • IDan

    He wasn’t running from the police, he was driving while drinking his virtual beer from the new iphone game, appropriately named ipint. I heard they gave him a ticket for DWI, thats Driving while Iphoning.

  • Roscoe Purvis Coltrane

    I’m surprised the Vespa Militia was not parked out front to thwart the wouldbe beer assasin.
    Irish car bombs for the whole blog! (put it on Tim’s tab)

  • If we’re naming suspects, I’m pointing my finger at the Sunday Merrill Lynch Mob across the street at Blue Goose having something to do with it.

  • NC

    so sad, i had my 2nd date with my first husband there.

  • amanda

    Puddin’…it wasn’t so bad. It didn’t kill me, so I’m “stronger”?

  • Claire

    Pre-easter services mean shorter school days.
    Not so bad at all.

  • amanda

    When I was there it was a full day. Yeah me. And, no, I won’t be going to my reunion. In fact, I haven’t been invited…to any of them.

  • NC is mistaken. It was at the now-defunct London Tavern across the street. But yes, very sad.

  • Wasn’t the London Tavern originally next to Arcadia where Dragonfly was before it all went down in flames before it moved to where Stans is now before it closed for good?

    (I had my first illegal underage drink at the London Tavern which I thought was next to Arcadia but that might have been the Colorado Bulldog talking)

  • Yep, started at the Dragonfly location (and was fun), then moved up the street (and was not). The night in question, we got shooed out of there around midnight, because there were no customers.

  • The Dubliner

    We will be open TONIGHT! Sorry, no carbomb specials.

  • Conor

    Devine!! What a nightmare agent!

  • Dude

    Conor, are you accusing Devine of crashing into the Dub? I’m telling.

  • davey

    they needed to get more parking places

    Maybe the persons gps system didn’t show a turn to get back on Goodwin!!

  • Kelly

    Dude … Doobie…. I think it is you…. and it wouldnt be devine is car knows where to go

  • Dude

    Yes Kelly, it’s me. Too true. Devine could find his way to the Dub with his eyes closed (and has before) as have I.

  • Pat

    The truth of the story comes out. It was not a car at all! Johnno accidentally stepped sideways on the patio and knocked the wall down.

  • Joe Rogers

    This is a Laura Miller no smoking conspiracy. Those that smoke inside will not bother others since the smoking population now have all the open air they need.

  • Eric Celeste

    Wait, has anyone seen Capasso since this happened?

  • apebot

    when’s the benefit concert?

  • anon

    the birds are chirping about this being the handiwork of a member of the management staff of the inappropriately named TABC (the bar, not the state agency)

  • monkey god

    The Devil works for one man, Jerry Jones. He just signed him as a free agent. I think Calvin Hill is suppose to work with him on his p.r. skills. He will no longer be called The Devil. He will be called Lou Cifer. Friends call him Lou.

  • A.Stewert

    Dude It should of been Lucky’s RoadHouse