Darwin Deason Does Not Want To Talk About His Long Hair

A friendly FrontBurnervian has a friend who was in attendance at an unusual deposition recently. Darwin Deason took exception to comments made by lawyer Don Godwin vis-à-vis Deason’s longish hair:

23 Q. Remember we still have a trial. There will be
24 some more of it come up then, but no reason to go over
25 it all now. Can’t have it all. You’ll have cut your

1 hair by then, you know.
2 A. You have a thing about my longer hair, don’t
3 you? Are you jealous or what?
4 (Off-the-record discussion.)
5 (Exhibit No. 25 marked.)
6 THE WITNESS: Well, you’d probably look
7 better if you shaved it. Anyway, go ahead.
8 MR. GODWIN: I know you would be. I know
9 you would look better if you shaved yours.
10 THE WITNESS: Do you really think so?
11 MR. GODWIN: Yeah, I really do.
12 THE WITNESS: That’s amazing. Your wife
13 doesn’t think so.

Above the Law picked it up. You can read more of the transcript here.


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14 responses to “Darwin Deason Does Not Want To Talk About His Long Hair”

  1. CJ says:

    Godwin hasn’t changed a bit. Same egotistical a-hole he was when I worked for him.

  2. amanda says:

    He’s kind of fiesty for an old guy.

  3. drew says:

    “Darwin don’t you go and cut your hair / Do you think it’s gonna make him change?”

    Any Pavement fans?

  4. Gretidog says:


    Rest assured that Godwin is currently instructing his HR department to identify all persons with the initials “C.J.” who ever worked for him. Run and hide.

  5. Adam McGill says:

    @ drew. Well played, sir.

  6. CBS says:

    Godwin is a joke. Plain and simple. Wish this guy would have punched him.

    Dear Mr. Godwin:
    Please do yourself a favor and simply retire. The law and the practice of law have passed you by. If you need further evidence please see the success of your former partners (and great lawyers) at Gruber Hurst.


    The Profession

  7. Kirk says:

    Adam: You really ought to post some photos of these people so we can see what the hair looks like.

  8. Grumpy says:

    “Advertising looks and chops a must”…still and yet?

  9. Josh Pearson says:

    Kirk – check out this story we did back in 2003. Or, click here for a more recent picture of Mr. Deason.

  10. mm says:

    Good God. Are you sure that’s the same guy in the two photos, from 2003 and “more recent”? Looks like he’s aged quite a bit.

    And in the 2nd, he looks kinda like the Dad from “That 70s Show”.

  11. Josh Pearson says:

    Same guy. Go here to see a picture of Don Godwin – courtesy of Pegasus News. Maybe we could have a poll on the site tomorrow for who has the best ‘do…

  12. Don't think so says:

    @ Josh,
    The second picture posted is not of Deason, it is of Lynn Blodgett, CEO of ACS. So no, they are not the same person. The bigger question is why Deason references Bob and Myrna (Schlegel, I assume) in his argumentative “deposition.” For what lawsuit is he being deposed?

  13. My friend on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.