Dallas Cowboys Enjoy a Quiet Evening at Local Discotheque

On Friday, several members of the Dallas Cowboys descended upon (or ascended upto?) the Ghostbar for some good times before training camp starts. Jerry McClure, one of our nightlife photographers, was there to capture T. New on the mic, Andre Gurode and Isaiah Stanback looking/living large, and this group photo of non-Cowboys that includes one of the greatest facial expressions I’ve seen in a while. Here’s what I imagine going through the guy’s head: “Okay. Look good. Look sharp. Be cool for the camer …. whoa, HEY. HEEYYY.”


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59 responses to “Dallas Cowboys Enjoy a Quiet Evening at Local Discotheque”

  1. DGirl says:

    You stay classy, Kim G.

  2. MIssing Dots says:

    I’d sit next to her anytime.

  3. Chris says:


  4. jrp says:

    well said, chris

    what a collection of posers and d-bags

    plenty of hand signs, sneers and ridiculously short skirts

    a fairly sad-but-true accurate representation of much of Big D

  5. Bethany says:

    Can I just make a pre-emptive plea for this to not turn into the Red Dress Debacle, Part Deux?

  6. bill says:

    Ms red dress, meet ms hand in crotch of one guy while butt on lap of another…

  7. Matt says:

    Hey tanning-bed addict, you’re trying too hard.

  8. Little Miss Haughty says:

    Where do people who are not pimps, “playa’s” or ho’s go for an evening of entertainment? Thanks for posting the pictures of places NEVER to be seen in Dallas. Phew, and I actually contemplated going there once….

  9. Puddin'Tane says:

    The only reason to go to GhostBar is for the view of the city at night.

    That is all.

  10. bill says:

    Ms. Hicbol

    (H and I n C rotch, B utt O n L ap)

  11. huge cowboy fan says:

    who cares wat the people n the club r doing ? the reason everyone went there that nite was to celebrate THE BOYS !!!!
    it was a blast and obviously none of ya’ll are COWBOY fans !!
    my girls and i had soooo much fun and will always SUPPORT the BOYS !!

  12. Bethany says:

    I don’t need a hand on my pants-covered nether regions to cheer for the Cowboys. I mean, I don’t guess it would hurt, but it doesn’t help, and it doesn’t demonstrate my level of appreciation for the team, either.

    So your debate skills are lacking, schnookums. Maybe um, less joystick time, and more um, this?

  13. RealCowboyFan says:

    Real Cowboy fans DO NOT hangout at the Ghostbar…were you douchbag #1 or #2?

  14. mlh says:

    This is why we do not go to the Ghostbar…


    And what was that blue cocktail??

    Hynotic? Or UV?? I am not sure of those trendy, I can’t drink a real drink cocktail, drinks…

  15. MushMouth says:

    I doubt the douchi have any idea what a zone blitz or a cover two is. The new stadium will be filled with them though.

  16. SB says:

    @ huge cowboy fan – Trying to mount a Cowboy because he has money and being a Cowboys fan are not the same thing.

  17. huge cowboy fan says:

    nope – sorry i am not one of the girls n the pic but i was at the party..so because a girl has her hand on a guys leg – that justifies cutting down ghostbar – that happens n every bar ..oh really fans dont hang out at gbar??? so where do u think they hang out at then ?? …ur house ?? alot of the boys are my friends..so going to a party at gbar to support them and hang out w them doesnt make me a fan ??? wat planet r u from ?
    obviously u didnt go or couldnt get in or are not a fan..
    i guess hanging out w romo and jessica at suite was a crime 2 –
    the whole reason for the party was to show support to the team and we did and they had a great time and thats all that matters !!

  18. AnonyMouse says:

    @huge cowboy fan:

    This book’s for you:

    Please, a little less time drinking, a bit more time learning grammar. And leave the netspeak for when you text-message your airhead friends.

  19. Tom says:

    Also, that’s one R in Terence, boys.

  20. huge cowboy fan says:

    haha i dont even drink..i can write the way i choose.
    i am a trusted friend and fan .. u know the boys do have friends..and lucky me happens to be one of them.
    anyway the boys had a great time and im glad i got to be there to share it w them..b4 they leave thursday 4 camp !!

  21. Bethany says:

    Please tell me you work at the Gap or something.

  22. BSG says:

    Greatest thread ever?

  23. Puddin'Tane says:

    ******BANGING HEAD ON DESK*******

  24. East Dallas Eccentric says:

    Too-Tall and Harvey never behaved that way at Confetti.

  25. Wes Mantooth says:

    Where was Uncle Wade during these festivities? I hear that you can’t keep him away from da club.

  26. Chris says:

    I bet Abercrombie.

  27. Freeze says:

    Greatest thread EVER.

  28. RealCowboyFan says:

    Abercrombie or Gap…that’s giving too much credit…I am thinking that booth in Valley View that sells the gold chains & nipple rings…sitting on his stool using his new iPhone that was a “gift”. Come. On.

  29. amandacobra says:

    So I just called an engraving place. They said that to engrave this whole thread into a plaque (8.5 x 11) starts at $59 each BUT the price goes down the more I order. I am thinking that a dozen minimum should do. I can even get free shipping and put a rush on it before the boys leave for camp on Thursday.

    wat du u guuyz think bout dis? lemme knOw! iLl be oN mY SYdekiCk so HOLLA!

  30. Tim says:

    Text messaging is transforming the written (or typed) English language into a joke.

    Note to huge cowboy fan: The players can talk/type like that because they will have enough money/connections to carry them through life. You = Notsomuch.

    Unless you are trying to be like the “friend” in a famous Kanye West song, go back to school. You only need to take English and typing classes. But go back to school.

  31. need some ZC says:

    if we can get a Crain quote on this thread, it’ll be finished.

  32. md says:

    i didn’t even know Nate Newton and Eric Benet were friends.

    Mr. Benet’s left hand tells me everything I need to know about his ex.

  33. Michelle says:

    I’m pretty sure the guy in this pic is Chris-Chris (and P1s out there?)

  34. brian says:

    damn you people are old. you may not realize, but that’s how everybody under the age of 30 types these days. y’all sound like a bunch of jealous haters…like you don’t want some bimbo’s hand on your crotch? especially you bethany.

    ps no i was not at this thing and have not and probably never will be at ghostbar.

  35. huge cowboy fan says:

    i can type “text” if i want to. i do not need to go back to school. i have a masters degree – thank you very much – how many of you have one of those ? and i don’t need any of the boys money – i happen to have plenty of my own..
    i am sorry if you are not friends with any of the cowboys – so you try to knock me down because i am ??
    so sorry for ya – haha.
    with all the hateful remarks on here – its no wonder that none of ya’ll are friends with any of them –
    who wants to be around negative people ? that pretty much sums up all the people on here !!
    not one person on here has said anything good about the team – only snide remarks about the party and the people there..

  36. amandacobra says:

    Man, now I gotta call the engraving place back and get a revised quote on a bigger plaque.

    Hey, huge cowboys fan…let me blow your Ed Hardy hat off your tiny little mind. If you can somehow find a way to click on the blue letters that form my name, you will find out that I maintain a blog which, during Cowboys season is a (gasp) Cowboys blog. Where I write about the Cowboys. Wherein you may even find my anecdotes about talking about The Faces with Mark Stepnoski etc.

    I don’t know how much extra they are gonna charge to engrave a silhouette of “some bimbo’s hand on your crotch” but this is gonna be a truly kickass plaque. Thank you all for participating.

  37. Chris says:

    and it keeps getting more awesome!

  38. Puddin'Tane says:

    “i have a masters degree – thank you very much – how many of you have one of those ? and i don’t need any of the boys money – i happen to have plenty of my own..”

    And this was a product of what university?

    (Kinda reminds me of Crenshaw and her TSU claims.)

  39. Little Miss Haughty says:

    Huge cowboy fan: Sideways pole-squatting is always certain to make you a friend of the “Boyz” at least until the sun comes (or rather cums) up or the lights come on. Unfortunately, your master’s (yes, I’m one of the many on FB with an advanced degree)and mommy and daddy’s money has not made you anything more than one of the beaut’s in the original photo. How depressing…..

  40. Cris Cris says:

    I have a master’s degree and a Benz. Tons of cash. Probably gonna get off work today, find some broad and hit it tonight. Typical Tuesday. Likely be hung over like a chizamp on Wednesday. I’ll just tell the intern to get me a grande latte and make it snappy. Or, I might just go to Starbuck’s in West Village and walk out with latte and some hottie’s digits. Did I mention the master’s degree? Help me…

  41. allison says:

    I’m guessing University of Phoenix, Puddin’Tane.

  42. huge cowboy fan says:

    jealous jealous jealous haters !! haha

    all of you OLD people need to go back to bfe where you belong..
    sorry puddin – but i think someone is a lil jealous and as far as amandacobra – snake fits you perfect.
    journalism huh – guess you think that makes you smart ?
    haha. noone had their hand on my crotch – you must not read very well – i am not in any of those pics..
    ya’ll have fun being haters –
    so sorry for each and every one of you !!

  43. Bethany says:

    *sigh* Brian found me out. I DO want some bimbo’s hand on my crotch. I do.

    I also want astronomy lessons from John Wiley Price. Can somebody help a girl out?

  44. amandacobra says:


    I kindly accept your condolences, huge cowboys fan. And while I appreciate your concern about my advancing age, I fear that your buddies Newman and Gurode, both born in 1978, are both almost 3 years older than me. Therefore making them nearly geriatric. I hope they will join us all in “bfe” (really? where do they still say that? Sachse?) where we all collectively belong. Amen.

  45. Bethany says:

    amanda, Leonard. BFE is Leonard.

  46. Wes Mantooth says:

    I propose that the photo be converted to an iconic sculpture (like the Iwo Jima Memorial, only in the West End) and the comments cast on a bronze plaque that would sit at the base of the sculpture for all history.

  47. Puddin'Tane says:

    Cyberly speaking, The Burn is BFE so there’s really no need to go anywhere.

    Btw, what part of “FrontBurner® has been called the best blog in town (recently, and repeatedly), a snarky celebration of ignorance..” don’t you understand, HCF?

  48. Tom says:

    @Wes: Only if there’s room for a Red Dress photo sculpture right next to it.

  49. Bethany says:

    Besides, HCF, I feel that I should point out you misspelled something in your last post.

    It’s haterz. OMG.

  50. Wes Mantooth says:

    @Tom: Brilliant. It probably should be on display in the West Village though. Perhaps in the verboten parking lot in front of the Subway?

  51. Tom says:

    Good idea, Wes. Especially since said parking lot also serves The Loon.

  52. fran says:

    Y’all should take it easy on “huge cowboys fan”. I get what he/she meant in the 1st post and it does seem like y’all are hating on him/her.

    Huge Cowboys fan- please don’t respond anymore cause you are not helping your case at all.
    It serves no purpose to mention your ‘connection’ to various Cowboys. It just seems like needless bragging.

  53. This place gets more and more awesome every day.


  54. Wells says:

    I am most impressed that a Dallas Cowboy, or anyone at the Ghostbar in Dallas for that matter, would wear a pair of red $35 Vans shoes.

  55. Keep Dallas Pretentious

  56. Wells that f-ing Fixed Gear Spoof has me loling pretty hard.

  57. jrp says:

    held back all afternoon, thinking i had nothing to add, as this Cowgirls fans was doing fine on his own

    but an after dinner cocktail made me realize this HCF cat has his head so far up his ‘boys arse that he really thinks calling FB commenters jealous would make them feel bad or end the taunts thrown his way

    master’s degree from TSU or not, anyone that uses !!! and haha and ur and shite like that clearly isn’t very bright

    and it isn’t about under 30 or anything like that. i rarely use CAPS and get some grief for it, but, at least, i don’t sound like a 15-year-old girl gossiping to her friends at lunch about blowing the QB under the bleachers, ya know, because she’s a HUGE cowboys fan and not a slut or anything like that