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15 responses to “Candy Evans Gets Props from Newsweek

  1. DFWMediaWatcher says:

    Why don’t the Bushes just bypass Dallas and move straight to hell.

    That would be nice for all the rest of us whose lives were screwed up by George W.

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    “Is that the sort of comment I should delete?”

    We ask ourselves this question here quite frequently. Listen, I’m no fan of W’s. But the comment above from DFWMediaWatcher just strikes me as — as what? Just not that clever. In a way that drags down the discussion here.

    I’ll leave it up. But I encourage everyone — DFWMedia included — to post comments as if they’re making a remark at a dinner party of mixed company. Company they enjoy (mostly). Let’s not abuse the anonymity we allow here on FB. Sometimes a little super-ego is a good thing.


  3. Tim Rogers says:

    Yes. That’s what I’m talking about, Robert (if you’re really Robert). Much appreciated.

  4. amanda says:

    Tim, thanks for the measure. Between the negative Bush comments and yesterday’s post on Henry Wade, I wondered if we’ve lost some civility.

  5. WWND?

    What would Newsweek do? Hugs and kisses to Tim!

  6. Kerry K says:

    Here’s a vote FOR some sort of command/control of blog comments.

  7. Randy Brown says:

    Dear DFWMedia Watcher,

    It seems ridiculous that you would place sole blame for your (choose one): divorce; impotency; bankruptcy; prison rape; child’s drug addiction; hay fever; anxiety; SUV purchase; rheumatism; cancer; DWI; extramrital affair; firing for cause; hurt feelings; angina; hair loss; gambling losses; absent-mindedness; poor fashion sense; triskaidekaphobia; bleeding colon; warts; nightmares; inter-office romance; unhealthy love of American Idol; or, porn addiction on our outgoing President.

    Maybe it’s time to take some responsibility for your own actions, big guy/girl.

    See you in hell.

  8. publicnewsense says:

    Wonder if former DMN AME for Sundays Mark Miller, now a big time editor at Newsweek, has anything to do with how closely the Bush/Dallas story is being monitored?

  9. Everyone was curious when Bill and Hillary bought in Chappaqua, NY. We’ve never had a President from Dallas before — have we? I still remember how awful it was when Buddy, Bill Clinton’s dog, got hit by a car after he moved into the Chappaqua house. He should have watched Buddy more closely.

  10. amanda says:

    Randy, I had the same thought.

    And, I think there is also a lot of interest in where every president and FFL will live.

  11. nancy says:

    I love the freedom to read honest blogs..we all learn….and enjoy!…The important thing to me in all this hoopla of conjecture and media attention IS ..WE ARE SO BLESSED TO BE LIVING IN A STRONG ECONOMICALLY HEALTHY COMMUNITY! Thank heavens we are in Texas…we may have our issues…always! However, this city is going gangbusters…whether the Bushes buy this summer or fall!

  12. Bobby Ewing says:

    Thanks for the random dog observation, Candy. We should all very concerned about presidential dogs in Dallas.

  13. Tom says:

    I agree with other commenters. Politics aside, it’s going to be, dare I say it, a little fun to have the Bushes back in town. Imagine bumping into them at Inwood Village or Snider Plaza. Outside of the big speaking fees and book deals, the ex-presidents and first ladies are like any other retirees. I just hope they don’t have a police escort to Eatzi’s.

  14. Randy Brown says:

    I agree with Tom. And maybe we’ll start getting some decent blow in town now.