Hunka Hunka Burning Gas Cards

Dave Tapley (as Young Elvis) fights bad real estate mojo with hip thrusts.Door prizes aren’t unusual at DFW shmoozapaloozas. But the $25 gas card that some homebuilders handed out last night at the Hot On Homes DFW Rocks event at the Galleria Westin Hotel seemed especially appropriate (or inappropriate). That’s because most of these builders are pouring foundations 30 to 40 miles away — and Dallasites can burn $25 just whispering “McKinney.”

Regardless, HOH co-owner Leslie Ann Crozier did her perky best to exorcise DFW real-estate downturn demons: Young Elvis (Dave Tapley, in photo) thrust his hips at unsuspecting Realtors; Ozzie Osborne (another lookalike) wandered aimlessly; Ebby Halliday (not her impersonator) played a ukulele and sang.

The press release said about 700 Realtors would be there — I counted about 400, tops.

Anyway, another such event is slated for this fall. I’m hoping Crozier goes for Burl Ives and the homebuilders move the decimal point further to the right on those gas cards.


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4 responses to “Hunka Hunka Burning Gas Cards”

  1. Jay says:

    Strong first post! Elvis, Ozzy (proper spelling btw) and Ebby Halliday in one delicious offering. Plus visuals!

    My bromance was cemented however with the Burl Ives reference. Silver AND gold baby.

  2. Spamboy says:

    Yeah, you beat me to the punch with the “McKinney” crack. Every weekday, I tick off my commute not in miles driven but g.b. (gallons burned = 2 per day).

  3. jrp says:

    agreed, man, dave comes in gun blazing with a rock solid post

    but i’m giving him the benefit of the doubt on the Oz spelling, as an Ozzy impersonator may go by Ozzie, ya know? because there’s only one Ozzy

  4. Jay says:


    Perhaps you are right. I just noticed that Osbourne is not right either.

    What do I know? I sell ads. (Not a lot lately, but that is the job description)

    Too bad Dahli Partin wasn’t there as a reference point.