Clever Headline About Judging a Diorama Contest

Had a busy little Saturday. Drove about six hours round trip to attend the 100th birthday party for my dad’s amazingly active Aunt Bee. Came home and picked up the family for Diorama-O-Rama, where I was chosen to be one of the judges. If you want to know how the former went, you’re probably related to me and can e-mail me if you like. For the latter, let’s jump.

Diorama-O-Rama was a fundraiser/silent auction for Justin Sullivan, displaced from Oak Cliff to Bethesda, Maryland, in his battle to beat cancer. Putting on the shindig were the lovely and talented Holly Jefferson, Tish Brewer, Jennifer Dunn, and Shannon Driscoll Phillips, who hosted. Of the dozen judges, I was clearly the least qualified.

You can see good recaps of who and what was there here and here. There were some truly amazing dioramas on display, especially this one, a wooden camera with a tiny photographer inside that lit up.

I’ll let the Flickr sites and the Diorama-O-Rama blog do the rest of the talking. I’m still kind of worn out.


  • ZAC!
    You’re a bunny love.
    Thanks for mentioning our event.
    We can’t wait to do it again next year and you are most def qualified to be a judge again–and hope you will.
    So look.
    I have to give my homegirl Shannah Frank, aka Shoshi, a shout out.
    She is the smarty pants that made that super dope wooden camera that everyone was drooling over.
    Score for the sweet C.J. Davis.
    She has neat business that everyone should check out:


  • Thanks for putting the name with the awesome wooden camera.

  • Zac, if you ever run for anything again, that needs to be your campaign slogan: “Zac Crain: I’m a Bunny Love.”

  • Puddin’Tane

    Zac, are you sure your name isn’t Opie?

  • Because I…look like a young Ron Howard?

  • Puddin’Tane

    Well you do have an Aunt Bee. (Bea?)

  • Totally over my head. (And I’d even thought about that when I posted.) See last photo.

  • Rawlins in Blunderland

    What a blast this event was. Charming, interesting, fun, eclectic, with Holly making the entire thing seem like a blind date cruise with a Roman candle quartet. Blasted.

    Zac’s new hair won Best of Show. Shosi’s entry worthy of the MOMA collection. The Shiner on tap endearing. Or something.

    Being a judge at this was like picking a partner at an orgy of artisans. Impossible. But fun. Thanks Holly for asking me.

  • That reminds me, Rawlins, was it you who said I’d make a great Cruise Director? A Cruise Director. Noice.