Correction: We Got the Wrong Fernando Perez

In the June issue of the “print product,” accompanying the story “Why Does This Man Have a Badge and a Gun” (online headline: “The Worst Cop in Dallas“), we ran what we thought was an image of Officer Fernando Perez, the cop in question. The image was a digital illustration that used as source material a photo of Perez. You’ll have to trust me, as the image is not online. The problem is, we got the wrong source material — and we got the wrong Perez.

The one pictured in the magazine is actually Luis Fernando Perez, a Telemundo sportscaster.

D Magazine sincerely regrets the error. And I personally apologize to Luis for the mistake and any grief it might have caused him.


  • houston

    1. if there is good reason to be out
    2. if you have done nothing
    3. if you have tools for work or other legitimate use
    one does not run from the cops.
    they did something.
    now they are not around to do anything again.

  • John

    They all look the same anyway.

  • DGirl

    What a relief! I thought that guy was really hot and I am always disappointed when a hot guy goes bad.

  • DA

    Is the check in the mail yet? If not, you better get out your pen.