Consumer Alert: Beware Bogus D Magazine Check Scam

A phony check scheme out of Canada has targeted D Magazine and people all across the United States. If you get a letter in the mail from Frontline Consumer Research Group, based in Trenton, New Jersey, and a $3,975 check from D Magazine, call your local postal inspector. It’s not a real company, and it’s a not a real check — though from what we can tell, about 600 people have cashed the bogus checks. Jump to learn how the scam works.

The Frontline letter says you’ve been selected as a mystery shopper who will evaluate Western Union or MoneyGram. The $3,975 is to cover training expenses — and to “test” Western Union. So you go cash the check at your bank, then wire $3,300 to Frontline.

Thing is, the Canadian thieves have our actual bank account number. So if you get take this check to your bank, the bank will hand over cash. As I say, hundreds have done this across the country, including several in North Texas. The problem for the victim is that D Magazine uses a pay verification system. So before any money comes out of our account, our bank calls and asks us whether we actually cut that check. We say no. Then the victim’s bank calls the victim and says, “Hey, remember that $3,975? We’re gonna need it all back.” Meantime, the victim has already wired $3,300 to the Canadian bastards.

So be alert, people. As always, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is (unless you’re talking about Eric Celeste’s Vegas trip).


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10 responses to “Consumer Alert: Beware Bogus D Magazine Check Scam”

  1. Bethany says:

    Can I just have $3,975?

  2. JS says:

    You better hope Sandra Crenshaw didn’t get one of these or that will be another lawsuit!

  3. KCD says:

    You can reach the US Postal Service Postal Inspectors at 1-877-876-2455 or at

  4. DGirl says:

    Surely D Magazine readers are too smart to fall for this.

  5. Tey says:

    So Tim isn’t a Nigerian prince?


  6. Kirk says:

    Why would D keep that bank account open?

  7. Oh My Eyes says:

    My needs aren’t as great as the lovely Bethany….

    I would be willing to settle for just the $975.00

  8. Spamboy says:

    $975 would just about cover the early termination fee I’d need to pay AT&T in order to get an iPhone next month. And I can continue to hold onto my remaining kidney for just a little while longer…

  9. Randy Brown says:

    Nice work, Gonz!