Tommy Lee Jones Defends the Barnett Shale

Has anyone else seen the new Chesapeake spots featuring Tommy Lee Jones defending the Barnett Shale as if it were his mother and someone had just called it a whore? The spots end with Jones coldly saying, “Let’s get behind the Barnett Shale.” I know some people would rather not have drilling rigs in their neighborhoods. But who is against the geologic formation of Mississippian-aged sedimentary rocks?

So confused.


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15 responses to “Tommy Lee Jones Defends the Barnett Shale”

  1. JS says:

    “Let’s get behind the Barnett Shale.” Sounds kinda Brokeback Mountain to me!! (NTTAWWT)

  2. Oh My Eyes says:

    After the recent development of the sinkhole thanks to past drilling in Daisetta….I would REALLY think twice about the logic of their drilling the Barnett Shale so close to the city, near schools, hospitals… and other sensitive locations.

    It is that “sounded like a good idea” thinking that put Dallas in the middle of the Trinity River boondoggle. But if the tax payers and voters are stupid enough to say yes… they get what they pay for.

  3. invisible greg says:

    I also noticed the (everybody loves Chesapuke) ads that run on weekend TV.By the way I know TL Jones ranch isn’t anywhere near FtWorth.But hey, as long as I get my check, who cares if my water looks and smells like human waste or petrol.

  4. Puddin'Tane says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the Shale is made up of sedimentary rock and not a series of salt domes.

    The sink hole in Daisetta was created due to the collapse of a salt dome.

  5. AT says:

    Yeah, I don’t get why locals would really care what TL Jones has to say about our shale. One has nothing to do with the other. It’s obvious to me that its just another gig for him to make money.

  6. Oh My Eyes says:


    They all said the salt dome thing was safe…

    It wasn’t…

    They said that they could drill in Downtown Dallas a few years back…and it wasn’t…and caused some road collapses there as well.

    I know there is a difference between the Daisetta situation and the Barnett Shale drilling…but come on!

    Any time you see this much PR money, and BS flying…there is something to question about the safety of the situation.

  7. PuddinTane says:

    My comment contained no statement about “safety”. I mearly said that the situations are different.

    I don’t know who “they all” are and I don’t recall anyone making claims salt domes were safe- though there is a history of stability there.

    Drilling for gas and oil can be a dangerous prospect. I suggest you be more concerned about a possible well blow out than a sink hole.

  8. Interested Party says:

    Just to season the debate with some facts:
    The drilling is 7,000 to 9,000 feet down in Tarrant. The frac-ing I understand to radiate out maybe 100 feet from the horizontal bore hole. I think it may prove exceedingly difficult for a 4000′ horizontal bore hole with a 100′ fracture a mile and a half down to affect the surface in the ways some above suggest. Maybe not though, maybe a 7000 foot deep, 4000 foot long crevice will yawn below Fort Worth and plunge us all into the gassy, rocky depths leaving only Dallas saying, “I told you so.” We’ll see. But with 6080 wells active as of April 2007 in the Barnett, I think we’d be sunk by now if that were remotely possible.

  9. XT says:

    The Barnett Shale economic benefit to our local economy seems great until a company like EOG Resources (formerly Enron) puts a very loud monster (PERMANENT compressor station with loud 24/7 noise heard a mile away) next to you that threatens your property values and once peaceful environment. Look out, you could be next!

  10. Ben says:

    Drilling in Downtown Dallas? I think it was for a telecom project & they hit a water main. What does that have to do with drilling for natural gas? Are you against all pipelines/underground work?

  11. BTrain says:

    Guys, sorry for the cynicism about Tommy Lee, but I thought the ad was awesome. After the Lonesome Dove series, when TL puts on the hat,
    the whole Cowboy aura just seems to fit. Being an exCowtown Boy, I am happy for all the royalties and improvements. Just tickles me that the shale doesn’t run east under Big D where i currently reside…all running west from Cowtown and Denton…funny…

  12. Shirley says:

    Real funny BTrain. O&G wants rigs 300 feet from schools and homes. Doubt you or Mr. “I’m just a good ole boy Texan” Jones wouldn’t care to have this out their window. Such drilling is greed, pure and simple. There are ways of extracting gas without ruining peoples lives.

  13. Ccrane says:

    Typical, just typical.
    The rich get rich-er… and the rest of us get noisy rigs placed feet from our homes, and all anybody can think about is lining their pockets.
    The BS they’re pushing of how the industry will improve our economy is ridiculous. Our roads are being DESTROYED, traffic congestion from all the trucks and related vehicles is terrible!
    It’s easy for folks to promote this “economic boom” when they’re 100 or more miles away getting royalty checks! Those of us who have to deal with the noise, pot-hole-filled-roads, rude truck drivers, eye-sores, and looking out your back door to see what looks like a damn theme park 24-7 is NOT THE GOOD LIFE!
    Nobody is holding these morons responsible for the damage they are doing to property values, roads, scenic by-ways, or people’s right to enjoy their property.
    I have had to FIGHT these idiots to keep them from using my street as a thoroughfare… I will not sign a lease (I don’t make deals with the devil).
    To anybody who thinks drilling gas wells in residential areas is a good idea…. WAKE UP!

  14. Mr.Inside says:

    There are equal share of employees working from Oklahoma for Chesapeake in the Barnett in form of contractors and employees than local Texans. They want to be visible for the purpose of creating more shareholders in their(Enron Oil & Gas aka EOG,Chesapeake,Devon,XTO) companies. Why are people not more upset with the well-known unsafe working practices of XTO Energy. Many in our business would tell you of the unsafe and enviornmentally unfriendly work practices, in order to save a buck. They tell you “we have a shortage”. The shortage is created by only running at a nation-wide 40% capacity at our refineries and gas- processing plants. Politic$ as usual, and we swallow it like a pill. We are losing huge water stores and the elite are buying the underground water rights all over. That is what supplies Las Vegas. You guys are so tipp of the iceberg, and I do not mean to be rude. I want to to be informed.

  15. Figured this was rife with parody. Check it out: