Georg Schaeffler’s Complicated Love Life

Over the weekend, a fair number of people around town received an e-mail from Erika Nazem, owner of a Plano gym, saying that she’ll soon begin shooting a reality show about her life. Our friends at People Newspapers posted the e-mail. Who cares, right? Well, the thing is, Nazem has been romantically linked to Georg Schaeffler, a man who prefers to keep a low profile, and Nazem hinted in the e-mail that he might appear on this supposed show. I profiled Schaeffler in March 2007, in a story titled “The Billionaire Next Door.” At the time, I was told that Schaeffler and Nazem were breaking up. So I called Schaeffler’s D.C.-based lawyer to find out whether Dallas’ most under-the-radar billionaire was ready for his close-up.

Says Christopher Smith: “He did end his relationship with her about a year ago. It stays mostly off but it goes back on every once in a while. Georg is incredibly disappointed and frustrated with her shenanigans. He would never be on such a show. He won’t participate. If he were on a show like this, he’d be the laughing stock of Germany.”

So the question is, why would you send out an e-mail blast that would clearly anger your on-again, off-again reclusive billionaire boyfriend? My guess is that hell hath no fury.

Eh, Nazem?


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39 responses to “Georg Schaeffler’s Complicated Love Life”

  1. DGirl says:

    Ist Erika krank in die kopf oder nur oberflachlich? Georg, ausgerissen!

  2. DM says:

    ok, don’t look at me… I’m NOT producing this one!

  3. Navtej kohli says:

    It’s great and I am very excited to watch this reality show but I want to suggest that he have to seprate personal thoughts from commercialistion
    Navtej Kohli Personal life views

  4. Erika says:

    Well Hello Bloggers!
    I just learned of this blog and after reading it, I feel compelled to respond.
    First of all.
    Georg and I are not “on again, off again”. Everyone that knows us, friends, family, and people in the social scene that see us out regularily, know the truth. We broke up for about 2 weeks a year ago due to his lawyers, and many other people interfering in our relationship. It began to wear us down. However, the break up did not last long. We have been happily together for almost 5 years now. Of course we have had many struggles! If you knew what I had found out a few years ago??? You would all be seriousely questioning me why I am still with him! The answer is simple. I love him, my son loves him, and we are bonded down to the core.
    As far as his lawyers comments? What do you expect? Why would he admit anything, and why would he make a public statement? I think he is a smart enough man to understand that D Magazine is media. Press. Georg and I both have issues with the editor of D, and how they choose to represent situations.
    However, press is press. I will always try to see the positive in every negative.
    As far as Georg being unhappy with my “schinanigans? He just flew to Beverly Hills with me to meet with producers. He has stood by every decision I have ever made. He didn’t even tell me his lawyer was contacted by D Magazine. Are those actions of someone who is upset with my decisions?LOL
    The reality show is a positive spin on my hectic life in Dallas as a single mother, an owner of a women’s only gym, and my social life outside of running my home, and businesses, as well as my complicated relationship with a Billionaire. I believe I am in this world for a reason. To help people. If I can show my life and help people understand the difficulties of being associated with an heir,to be careful what you wish for. I will.
    Thank you all for your concern but believe me when I say, THIS IS MEDIA. PRESS. It is the job of “entertainment REPORTERS and lawyers to yes, lie, and stretch truths.
    I am an honest person, an open book. You will see that on my show.
    Next time D Magazine has questions? Maybe they should contact the source. ME!
    Love to you all!

  5. DGirl says:

    She sounds dumb. IJS.

  6. JS says:

    I love this quote, “I believe I am in this world for a reason. To help people. If I can show my life and help people understand the difficulties of being associated with an heir,to be careful what you wish for. I will.” Seriously, how in the world do you think you’re helping people by putting yourself on TV simply to admire yourself? And why would you think that your life is so special to warrant a television show? What segment of the population can relate to a gold digger dating a billionaire? There are plenty of narcissists out there, but you are at the top of the list. As for the media and press, without them, you wouldn’t be getting all the attention (albeit negative) that you crave so deeply.

  7. Caramel says:

    I am a close friend of Erika and know her and Georg well. I have posted a blog at the park cities people.
    I will not respond to negative people who are judgmental of things they know nothing about.
    Georg has always sought out Erika. Not vice versa. She is in no way a gold digger. She is an amazing friend, and mother, and I wish her the best in all of her choices.
    Haters, get a life!

  8. Caramel says:

    Also, I’d like to add that we do know that the hating blogs are coming from you and your so called friends Bernadette. Pretty pathetic. The phone calls and harassment you have caused to Erika is really sickening. I’m shocked that she has not filed a harrassment suit against you a long time ago. You should know she records all the phone calls to the gym. She has evidence. You should look in the mirror and wonder why you were left.
    Leave her and G alone. Your actios show a very sad deeply sickened woman.
    Best of luck to you.

  9. JS says:

    “I will not respond to negative people who are judgmental of things they know nothing about.” It’s a lot easier to be judgmental due to the fact that your buddy is the primary source of information. It’s her mass emails and posts that keep adding fuel to the fire.

  10. DanS says:

    Hey “JS”. You obviously don’t know what you speak of. It so easy for some pinhead like you to get on a blog and run your ignorant mouth when you can do it anonymously. Have some balls and put your name out there if you want to spout opinions that no one wants to hear. Better yet, help make the world a better place and keep that noise maker you call a mouth SHUT. You’d probably jump at the chance to have your own TV show, but i doubt anyone would waste their time on that one…

  11. Maia says:

    Seriously JS who the hell are you? Put a name, have some confidence behind your words.

  12. DanS says:

    “It’s a lot easier to be judgmental…”

    Not a shocking statement coming from a nitwit like “JS”. Why don’t you just crawl back under your rock.

    How about you JUST DON”T JUDGE! It’s not your(or anyone’s) place to say what Erika is doing is right or wrong. Get a life! People like JS give Dallas a bad name. What an idiot. Oh wait…did that sound judemental??

  13. Nowitzness says:

    “Put a name” out there say the ones who go anonymously by Maia and DanS. Hi Pot, I’m Kettle. You’re black.

  14. DanS says:

    Nowitzness. you used the word pot and you also use a non-name.

    You must be smoking pot. Maia and i are not posting for the sole purpose of bashing and judgeing…like the people we were refering to.

  15. Nowitzness says:

    First, I don’t care one way or the other about who uses their real name on message boards. If you’ve ever spent any time on the interweb, you certainly should have picked up on that by now. You are the one that said “put a name out there.” Second, a little spell-checking goes a long ways in gaining some sort of credibility. You have misspelled “judging”, “judgmental “, and “referring” in your last two posts. Who’s the idiot? Finally, people that give Dallas a bad name are the $30k millionaire douchebags and pretentious & self-absorbed middle-aged women like Nazem who believe the world revolves around them.

  16. SDM says:

    it’s people that write stuff like this that give Dallas a bad name:

    “I have been pursuing a reality show for about 6 months now, and have been able to get connected with a major award winning production company with 11 current successful reality shows! They are highly interested in featuring my life as a single mother, business owner of a women’s only gym, and my intense insane love affair with my extremely high profile billionaire boyfriend! Sorry, he won’t be on the show, or will he? You’ll have to wait and see! Oh yeah, and my crazy nightlife in the social scene of the Big D will be featured too!

    This is an amazing opportunity for [the gym], my staff, my friends, and the city of Dallas!”

    really, an amazing opportunity for the city of Dallas? what a joke

  17. DanS says:

    …and i don’t have all day(as you must) to spend time on your “interweb”.

    This has been a first…and kind of fun, but i have more important thaings(damn, there i do again!) to do with my days.

  18. Nowitzness says:

    How do you not have time to spellcheck? Are you incompetent? It takes less than 30 seconds. But, it takes you all day to spellcheck?

    And why do you continue to say that everyone is jealous and would jump at the chance to have a reality show? Maybe you would jump at the chance, but most people with a level head and an ounce of dignity would prefer to leave such shows to the circus freaks. So no, there’s no jealousy whatsoever. The majority of the population works hard to provide for their family, so she’s no different than anyone else.

    This woman is trying so hard to put herself in the spotlight. Clinging to the delusions that her life is worthy of being televised is ridiculous. This show will never even get to production. And to advertise and blast email like she’s done is unheard of…has she ever heard of letting the game come to her? She’s only setting herself up for failure when none of this materializes.

    Finally, why are you so belligerent in your responses?

  19. Another Parkie Mom (APM) says:

    Nowitzness, my friend: Birds of a feather flock together. You can’t ration, or try to make sense of someone or people who clearly are complete idiots. I actually give the nimwad credit for trying. It’s hard to defend a joke like Erika. She is obviously a complete airhead, and so what can we possibly expect of her friends? The person I feel bad for, is her Mr. From all his efforts to remain out of the spotlight, I’m sure that having his name spoken of repeatedly sends cringing chills up his spine, and he has her to thank for that. Not only that, but he has his pristine name now attached to the biggest joke the neighborhood has ever seen. Don’t worry Mr. Billionaire sir, we know she’s gone off into the deep end.

  20. DanS says:

    spell check takes much less than 30 seconds. maybe yours takes longer for all the corrections.

    again, no time to spend preparing a nice, formatting paragraph for the likes of you.

  21. DanS says:

    someone please point out my typo on “formatting” so you can feel really really smart. quick, hurry before someone beats you to it. and damn it! bad capitalization too!!

  22. Nowitzness says:

    What part of “It takes less than 30 seconds” did you not understand? Refresh my memory, you said you don’t have all day to spell check. Now you’re saying that you can do it in less than 30 seconds. So which one is it- are you incompetent or lazy? Not only do you have trouble spelling, our schools have also failed you in reading.

  23. amused says:

    After reading through all of this, here’s my quick summary:
    Ericka- Excessive need for admiration & trying so hard to pimp herself for a TV show that will never happen
    DanS- The unrelenting friend with poor grammar, slow wit, hostile replies, and an inability to see how preposterous his friend’s behavior and demeanor is.

  24. DanS says:

    SEN-SI-TIVE nitwit-sky.

    whick part of i don’t spellcheck for a silly blog do you not UN-DER-STAND?

    This is fun…

  25. amused says:

    Dumbass, I said “it takes less than 30 seconds.” You countered with “spell check takes much less than 30 seconds. maybe yours takes longer for all the corrections.” I know your comprehension levels are low….but that’s saying the same thing. Remember, you said you don’t have “all day” (your words) to spell check? Then, you counter with you can do it in much less than 30 seconds.

    So, you could spell check and make yourself appear a tad bit more intelligent, but you choose the alternative option of ignorance and incompetence.

  26. Dans says:

    wow. that’s pretty technical NITWIT-ness.

    I’ll speak real slow so you get this…Spellcheck only takes about 5 seconds for most of us humans, if that…when i’m actually writting a document that matters…and having a mindless interaction with you certainly DOES NOT MATTER.

    you indicated that it takes <30 seconds, indicating that it might take upwards of 20-25 seconds. get it now?

  27. Dans says:

    sorry, that was from amused, not NITWIT-ness. i’m getting the dipshits mixed up

  28. Dans says:

    This has been fun and all…exchanging mindless banter with you bloggers. below is a similar post to the one over on that stupid ass park cities blog so forgive the redundancy.

    Correct me if i’m wrong. Blogs are a forum for commentary and opinion.

    You started off on the subject of Erika and her possible TV show. You mostly spouted insults and judgments. Fine.

    Then you let one person(ME!) get you totally off track. and i’m the most inexperienced blogger in the blogosphere. you immediately start talking about typos and bad writting style. Hello!! what happen to your point(not that you ever had one)? Your blog is lame and people like APM make it even worse. so now go back to your judgments and belittling…or better yet. read a freakin book!!!

    And James(i’m done with that other blog),

    the insults were flying long before i ever logged onto this debacle. Those “park cities women” you speak of brought it on themselves. we live in a very judgmental world and at times I too, am guilty, but we all know their type. They thrive on it and somehow that makes them feel better about themselves…and that is very sad. My purpose was to simply tell them not to judge, and i was attacked for it. I can handle those attacks. I expected them. Erika does not deserve them. If she wants to do what she doing, then so be it. Those “park city women” need to get over themselves and live their life, not bash someone elses that they don’t even know. And they need to expect a bashing right back at them when they dish one out.


  29. Yvette says:

    I have been friends with Erika and I have known Georg (through Erika)for a long time now. Actually, I remember when they first met and what an exciting time that was for her!! Give it a break people…I say to each his own and I am excited for the show to air! Come to think of it this is “awesome publicity” Bring it on!!

  30. APM says:

    Are you kidding me? This would be awesome publicity if she actually HAD a show already, but THERE IS NO SHOW. All this negative feedback from residents in her own neighborhood is a very very bad thing. Any network who sees this will be too embarrassed to have anything to do with her. Not even her own city is behind her!

  31. Maxy says:


    I am sorry, Georg and I had an on and off thing for a while. He is very low key, non-attention seeker. I don’t know what he sees in you. It won’t be long though before he is sick of you. He is taking me out to an opera soon. So, hopefully you will be long gone.


  32. Dallas Dude says:

    Ladies, you need to look at this from a man’s point of view. This Erika must be truly amazing in bed, otherwise I don’t know what the hell a guy like Georg could see in her … oh, wait! She loves to help people! that must be it!

  33. franzi says:

    Woha. Move over, Mausi Lugner…

  34. Intrigued says:

    I googled Georg Schaeffler after reading a Financial Times article on his mother’s recent moves to accquire control of Consolidated. I was fascinated by what an impressive woman Maria-Elizabeth is. I am a recent graduate of a top 5 Ivy League business school, moderately attractive, never been married, no children and from a decent family. I am frankly bewildered that a classless, unintelligent, possibly uneducated, middle aged single mother who is most probably sexually promiscous (hence single mother)is the “one” who Mr. Schaeffler loves. Why could a well educated (Duke Law School), attractive, billionaire from a decent family possibly want with trash like Erika? A seriously unaccomplished woman by any measure. And the ignominy of having his good name bandied about by this trollop in the hopes of turning a few tricks and a few bucks in the process. If Georg is really foolish enough not to see past her very obvious guiles then I think he deserves her and all the misery that is sure to visit him (financially and personally) once he marries her. Off course this is exactly what she wants, a marriage, or at least poping out another child with him, so that she will then be assured a very comfortable lifestyle. Its extraordinary that smart men fall for these cheap skanks at all! And no the sex is never that good. Mr.Scheaffler, please get yourself an honest woman – a prostitute to satisfy your sexual needs. Even the most sordid prostitute would be more honest than this Erika creature. Good luck, don’t say you weren’t warned.

  35. dizzyblondie says:


  36. AGoodFriend says:

    Erika and George are still happily in lpve. They were on Austria together with their kids when this article was going to print….so, I really wonder….do you people really believe all this? Trust me G has his issues and E has hers. But they are both really good people that have been together for 6 years now! I think it’s time to realize they are staying together.

  37. AGoodFriend says:

    Oh and one more thing… The fact that this article down plays their deep emotional loving exciting passionate relationship is a joke! E has boxes and boxes of love letters, tokens of his love, little things to remember from every place they go to. The statement “romantically linked” is an insult to the both of them. In fact I know that they have banned reading, logging onto, attending any events that has to do with D magazine, and will not buy their magazine.
    The entire family does not have any respect for bloggers, so this “intrigued”??? Shows a very desperate attempt to get close to people that would never have any interest in such people like her/him. A college education does not buy class!;)

  38. Dallas Observer says:

    FYI go first to check

    Maria E. Schaeffler’s boy and unsuccessful American lawyer is since about 5 weeks in his home country trying to save from his assets what can be saved. But when he will return to Dallas, the city will have lost its strange billionaire next door. There is absolutely no tendency in Germany to grant a necessary 5 billion Euro subsidy to a megalomaniac billionaire, being already now hopelessly in debt.

    Gold-digger Erika will then have to realize that she backed the wrong horse and must return with her lasso to the paddock in order to capture another nag. This blog could finally be closed owing to lack of happy end.