Saturday Night Was Suite for Jessica and Tony

Everyone’s favorite celebrity couple Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson were in town Saturday night, first for a big birthday party at The Club (ed: wrong info there, sorry), and then out to dance it off. Perez Hilton says:

Spotted: Jessica Simpson celebrating Tony Romo’s birthday with the Cowboys QB at Dallas nightclub Suite on Saturday night.

Wonder what she gave him for his birthday? I’m sure we can think of something.


  • C.V.

    She gave him the destruction of his career. She and her Dad/Pimp are bad karma deluxe.

  • Each pass he completes to her is one less pass he compltes to his Cowboy teammates. He can do better than her at the Eldorado compound

  • bill

    I love big boobs.

  • Kyle
  • MushMouth

    Hoof And Mouth Disease?

  • DGirl

    Wonder if that talentless she-man sang happy birthday to him?

  • Puddin’Tane

    Jessica can sing?

  • dave little

    who gives a shit? i wanna know how the bird watchin’ went last weekend.