Sandra Crenshaw: the Greatest Hits

In this thread, Crenshaw is now up to 3,085 words in the comments section. Again, Ms. Crenshaw, thank you for keeping it lively. But for those of you who don’t have time to read her full contribution — if you’re planning to do it this weekend, but you crave a little taste now — here’s a more easily digestible 672 words of highlights. Crenshaw on the Tuesday caucus and so much more:

On the events of Tuesday night: “I instructed the attorneys that I had informed the conventioneers from Pct. 3549 earlier that I don’t do Illinois and I don’t do New York much less New Mexico. I told the attorneys that if they did not vote in Pct 3549 for the primary they were not allowed in our convention. I advised them that ‘I was skinning this cat and all they could do was hold the tail.'”

On her getaway: “… I left the building on foot, the attorneys ran after me bumping into a senior citizen and proceeded chasing me down the street, taking camera pictures while the precinct conventioneers jumped into their vehicles to follow me and just as the street turned into cul de sac I planned to run through the alley to lose them.”

On the refreshments served: “An invitation was given to all voters (95%African Americans) inviting them to a Red Carpet and Bandanas Texas Super Stars Precinct Convention with soul dance instructions for the next dances also known as conventions ( Texas Two step is a Western dance.) They were to be served popcorn in brown paper sacks and cactus juice ( Mountain Dew) and Texas Earl Campbell Links with a big screen plasma TV donated by the recreation center advisory for a watch party. ( Some of them asked why I was putting down red carpet) … [P]eople were being trampled on who were trying to vote and others were fainting and complaining that they were hungry because they had been instructed to arrive at the convention by 6:00p.m. so by 8:00p.m. their blood sugar was off. … I told the angry and sick ones that I was instructed by law to follow the strict procedures and if we violated these procedures that our delegation would not be seated. I continued to tell them this throughout the medlee.”

On the Obama interlopers who interfered: “I know for a fact that Obama came to Dallas with a huge delegation from Chicago. Verify this at the hotel on Elm St. next to the DART station. I have black friends in Nevada who came to the Hillary Campaign to see Hillary at the rally and to report what the Obama campaign did to them there. They came to intimidate and when I called them on the carpet they all said that they were attorneys or attorney’s wives even the homeless ones. i reported all of this to Senator West asking for Peace treaty because I did not want black people potrayed across the country as monkeys.”

On why she likes Hillary: “Hillary has been portrayed as every thing negative about females, even a witch So I am used to being portrayed as negative that is why I bond with Hillary twice and Obama only as a black person.”

On her permissive attitude toward spelling and punctuation: “I read blogs all of the time and rarely do the writers take the time to send to an editor for corrections. I really don’t have the time to read or write blogs. I took this time out for the regular voters in my precinct who feel the true story should be told. Please refer to your law books on slander and libel. Incorrect grammer does not validate a person’s state of mind and if you are not a doctor you cannot diagnos.”

On racism: “Tey i do notknow your ethniticy or your age, but the elite power structure has always portrayed black people as monkeys. I suspect that if you are a young person black or otherwise you don’t know the history and the ruling elists effort to convince the public that blacks come from monkeys and are not capabble of governance to justify slavery or the guilt associated with the oppression we suffered.”

On her own steadfastness: “Don’t play with my people. Somebody is going to be held accountable for this. Older black people take their votes seriously, some of their parents died trying to get us the right to vote and I am willing to die to see to it that they get to exercise it. You just gave the platform and the enemies tuesday night just gave me the mike.”


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35 responses to “Sandra Crenshaw: the Greatest Hits”

  1. Lindsay says:

    “I read blogs all of the time…”

    Next sentence:

    “I really don’t have the time to read or write blogs.”

  2. jb says:

    Dude, I’m so voting for Sandra Crenshaw for Mayor. The entertainment value alone invigorates me.

  3. JS says:

    The following doesn’t qualify for the highlights summary?

    “don’t play hate on my precinct because we like to do things in style”

    “it is not fair to DISD to attribute my haste ( I am not a product of DISD) but I study under Dr. Thomas Freeman who was recognized in the movie the Great Debates. I was member of the TSU Speech Team which is nationally recognized so set up a debate with a call in radio show with one of the radio stations and take me on.”

  4. Lindsay says:

    Ah, blast. Someone already noticed this on the original post.

    My apologies for the duplicative derogation.

  5. former texan says:

    Why, oh why, did she not run through the alley to lose them? That would have made great video.

  6. OneArtDirector says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  7. OneArtDirector says:

    There has to be a joke about the Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch and her flying monkeys in here somewhere…

  8. Bill says:

    To think that the fate of the Democratic delegates in Texas could have been decided over a 3am Lumberjack Slam® at Denny’s after a car chase/foot chase/cul de sac rumble is something you just cannot make up.

  9. Tey says:

    “I was member of the TSU Speech Team which is nationally recognized so set up a debate with a call in radio show with one of the radio stations and take me on.”

    There are scarcely enough hours in the day to simply parse her sentences much less rebutt them.

  10. Tey says:

    LOL…rebutt. Doh!

  11. ERG says:

    Between Ms. Crenshaw’s rantings and the disaster involving that “wacko smack freak” Basquiat’s painting, this is the best day on Front Burner EVER.

    Seriously, I suspect Darlene Ewing has Ms. Crenshaw restrained somewhere to prevent further damage to the fragile majority the Dems now seem to have in Dallas County.

  12. Dallas DysFunction says:

    Good Lord! Why isn’t she sitting on our City Council?!

  13. Greedy Republicans says:

    Question – What could we do to undermine the easiest cakewalk election of a Democratic Presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter?

    Answer – Ah, what are we worried about? The Democrats are gonna take care of that for us.

  14. DalGal says:

    Seriously, where can I get some of that cactus juice?

  15. Sandra's Attorney says:

    Your honor, I need to withdraw as counsel. I simply cannot control my client.

  16. Kevin says:

    Please let this be the greatest troll of all time, because if it’s for real, it explains why Dallas is in trouble.

  17. Kristin Haun says:

    Tim, thank you so much for posting this. It has made a quiet afternoon at our office very enjoyable. I’m so glad she said she that she is not a product of DISD. I am, and I’d hate to have her representing the district’s ability to teach proper spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension.

  18. Glena's Swiftboaters. says:

    If Sandra Crenshaw actions would have benefited or contributed to the same belief system as the owners of this blog, she would have been named D activist of the year. “Beserk” is in the mind of the beholder. If you listen to KLIF too much, your view of beserk will become skewed. As in the past, if the person in question is proved to be right, this blog will never report it. May the Lord bless and keep you all.

  19. Bob Barker says:

    “Glena’s Swiftboaters.”, are you serious??!?

    NO ONE listens to KLIF….

  20. Rawlins says:

    Crenshaw reminds us why Trey adamently opposes gum control.

  21. Dallasite says:

    Glena’s Swiftboaters???

    I’m laughing out loud right now.

  22. Rawlins says:

    The last time I listened to KLIF, John McCain was sleeping with his first and second wives.

  23. Brandon says:

    There’s a difference between activist and cheater.

    The fact that this woman has been on the Dallas City Council and is still in some sort of leadership capacity is par for the course for this city’s putrid excuse for a government.

    I love the quote made by the mayor of Detroit a few years ago (and I may be paraphrasing): “If you think our city council meetings are bad, take a trip down to Dallas”.

  24. Matt says:

    The Sandra Crenshaw threads are easily the funniest things I have read all week. Absolutely brilliant. Good job, Tim Rogers.

  25. RickJamesFan says:

    I found an old video of Sandra Crenshaw.

  26. Neal says:

    So Tim, how are the FB traffic stats now??

  27. RickJamesFan says:

    Three Excerpts from a Dallas Observer story,
    April 27, 2000

    The best part:
    In court proceedings, she wrote “Do not have full emotional stability to sustain concentrated effort.”

    Part One
    Beyond that, Crenshaw conceded in an interview that the feds also accused her of bribery in the Yellow Cab-Lipscomb case. She agreed to a limited immunity deal and testified for the state before the grand jury that indicted Lipscomb. Although Crenshaw admits she accepted cash from Yellow Cab, she says she either reported the money as campaign contributions or solicitied it as charity for social-service organizations in her district.

    Part Two
    Crenshaw says a less forgiving electorate — not an ethics code — will clean up District 8. Her campaign, she said, is all about “full exposure” of the practices of crooked politicians she knows. She conceded in an interview, though, that she accepted use of a truck, received free car repairs, and often stopped by the Yellow Cab office for a drink before and after meetings — all while sitting on the council and championing the company’s position in votes and interviews.”

    Part Three
    Upset by unfavorable publicity about her involvement with Yellow Cab, Crenshaw brought civil lawsuits over the past year and a half against Channel 11 and Rufus Shaw, who writes a column for the Elite News. In the Channel 11 case, which a judge later threw out, Crenshaw represented herself. She pleaded indigence, asked the court to waive filing fees, and filled in answers about her finances on a required questionnaire.

    In the document, which was file-stamped in February 1999, the 46-year-old Crenshaw wrote that she was not employed.

    “Do not have full emotional stability to sustain concentrated efforts,” Crenshaw wrote. She described her occupation as “contract labor for political and government purposes.”

    In her suit against Shaw, filed last month, she described her occupation as “sales.” In her filing for the city council seat filed earlier this month, Crenshaw listed her occupation as “community relations.”

    Asked to explain specifically how she supports herself, Crenshaw said that “my family supports me” and that they would continue to do so if she retakes a seat on the council, which pays $50 a meeting for expenses.”

  28. Harvey Lacey says:

    Double doggone darn, and today I had to fight traffic and the weather, darn!

    On Sandra and abusing the english language, I’m glad ya’ll are picking on her and leaving the likes of me alone….

    You can put me on her side btw. Mostly because I think a brawd with bawls, black, white, brown, red, yellow, or any combination thereof is preferable to men or women without.

    How many of you have the gumption to hijack a caucus? How many of ya’ll doing the jumping on her had the gumption to even caucus?

    I wish she wasn’t so hell bent on Hillary (nice play on words, right?) but I’ll give her points for spirit and well, bawls.

  29. AJ says:

    Y’all = you all; ya’ll = jibberish

  30. Steve says:

    Be advised that anyone who reads this blog entry is a witness to legal slanders, libels and other malfeasance. Those who comment unfairly on Ms Crenshaw, her actions or her writing style are also liable for damages.

    However, Ms. Crenshaw is in legal peril as well, having committed Felony Paragraph.

  31. Sandra's Attorney says:

    Steve, welcome to the legal team. I’m back on the case

  32. bong says:

    I recognize that envelope! Sandra put me on top of it Tuesday night!

  33. Steve says:

    I find it unlikely Ms Crenshaw would require service of counsel any more than that of an editor.

  34. Harvey Lacey says:

    Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a wonderful feeling of well being?

    I did last night/early this morning, didn’t look at the clock. I just felt good about myself, life, even Tim and Frontburner. I woke up feeling appreciative.

    I think everyone else should feel the same way for the same reason. I think we need to be still and be thankfull for a minute for Sandra Crenshaw and her national moment.

    This is expecially true for liberals and especially especially true for conservatives. Normally I don’t think conservatives deserve an extra especially when liberals only get one. They do on this occasion, define compassion for them.

    For the liberals like me Sandra is especially important at this moment. This is because we’ve finally got ourselves someone that forces us into the position the poor conservatives have been since 2001. We’ve found ourself in the uncomfortable position of having to defend the indefensible. We’re getting ours for giving them theirs for almost eight years.

    For the conservatives it’s doubly especially because us liberals have finally been saddled and are being ridden with an ass like their Dubya. Well almost, their ass is elephantine if you know what I mean.

    I suggest we let them have their moment. They’ve earned it.

  35. Harvey Lacey says:

    I bet AJ calls cajones kah jones and has none.