SXSW Releases Initial List of Performers, Causing Me to Type a Lot

Are you planning to head down to Austin for the annual South by Southwest Music Festival? I am. And so are a bunch of bands with local ties. Jump for the list. But before that, maybe grab a cup of coffee and a scone; it’s going to take a bit of time. Also, if you want to see everyone who is on the schedule (subject to change, and–spoiler alert–it always does), go here. Also, also: my favorite band names of bands not from here who are playing this year: Care Bears on Fire, Death Sentence: Panda!, and, of course, Made Out of Babies. Okay. Still here? Let’s do this thing.

Bavu Blakes, Best Fwends, Big Red Rooster, Black Tie Dynasty, Bowling for Soup, Brave Combo, Doug Burr, Ryan Cabrera, Matt Caldwell, Calhoun, Corn Mo & the .357 Lover, The Crash That Took Me, Deadman, The Drams, Faceless Werewolves, Faux Fox, The Feds, Fishboy, Ghosthustler, Robert Gomez, The Hourly Radio, Joe Jonas, Kenny and the Kasuals, Lumba, The Marked Men, Mitra, mom, The Mullens, The New Frontiers, Play-N-Skillz, Pleasant Grove, PPT, Reyez, The Strange Boys, The Theater Fire, Tree Wave, Tum Tum.

Well, I guess it wasn’t that long. Felt that way when I typed it, though. Keep in mind: this is just a list, not a recommendation. Frankly, there are a ton of bands on here I have never heard of, and at least a handful I wouldn’t want to hear again. But there you go. Also, the lovely and talented N’Dambi, one of Erykah Badu’s former backup singers, should also be appearing at a showcase or two, but her name is not on the official list yet.


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8 responses to “SXSW Releases Initial List of Performers, Causing Me to Type a Lot”

  1. dissapointed says:

    the bar you suggested in o.c. sucked

  2. Zac Crain says:

    Sorry. Print out this post and redeem it for the domestic beer/well drink of your choice next time you see me. Except today. Low on cash.

  3. Don in Austin says:

    The Cowsills. You left out the Cowsills!

  4. dissapointed says:

    i may have been a little harsh. who said all of you people at d were arrogant?

  5. Mr. FixIt says:

    Perhaps you should look into an invention known as “cut & paste”.

  6. Duncan says:

    is there going to be a north by southwest in D this year?

  7. Zac Crain says:

    Yeah, it was either cut and paste, like, 50 times, or just type it out. Potato, potahto.

  8. HIOUSTON says:

    potato(E), LOL