Not So Secret Ballot

photo-1.jpgSo I voted today, and it was the first primary election of my adult life I chose to participate in. Not so easy a decision as you might think. I gave serious thought to taking the Democrat ballot to cast a vote for Barack Obama. Not, mind you, for the reasons you might expect. I’ve not experienced an Obamagasm. He hasn’t healed my boils and gout. My thinking on that had several factors. First, it’s past time to drive a stake into the heart of Clinton Inc. Second, I wouldn’t vote for John Kerry McCain under threat of being stuck in a Vietnamese POW camp. Third, for everything really horrible on Obama’s platform — his tuition plan guaranteed to raise the cost of college tuition, his health care plan, his opposition to tax cuts — he has something good to offset it — getting out of Iraq ASAP, repealing the worst of the Patriot Act provisions, and so on. Of the three major candidates, he’s poised to do the least damage, and he actually pays lip service if not more to the realities of the marketplace. More, with any luck a good trouncing of the GOP by Obama may get the GOP to dump all that religious pandering and “compassionate conservative” nonsense that lead them to grow government spending by more than FDR in his wildest wheelchair dreams.

Still, so long as there was a candidate on the ballot whose positions most closely approach mine — pro-market, getting out of Iraq, abolishing the Department of Homeland Security, cutting spending, expanding deregulation, decriminalizing drugs, repealing gun control laws — no matter how impossible his chances, I had to raise that middle finger to the big government Republican establishment. And so I voted today for the only candidate my conscience would allow. Come November, I’m likely to choose not to vote. Or, should my primary candidate lose his House seat and run as the nominee of the party of principle, he’ll get my vote again.

Now I throw down the gauntlet to my fellow D Empire bloggers — whip it out. Who you voting for?


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22 responses to “Not So Secret Ballot”

  1. Droopydave says:

    I plan on doing the same thing. For many, but not all, of the same reasons. Except I like going to the polls on election day. Don’t ask me why, but I do…

  2. Travis says:

    be glad we don’t live in italy or you could be in some trouble for your photo!

  3. julie says:

    “Expanding deregulation, repealing gun control laws, anti-abortion…”

    Sounds like Bush & Co, only worse.

    Fortunately, the American people are showing that they’ve had quite enough of “let’s turn corrupt businessmen and criminals loose while we overcontrol women” crap. Taliban, anyone?

    I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.

  4. Noah says:


    Do you by any chance still call the Civil War the War of Northern Aggression? Just wondering…

  5. Brandon says:

    Who is Hoa Tran?

  6. Rawlins says:

    I’m with wild man Trey and mild mannered Michelle Obama on this one. Viva la 2008. Like smelling gardenas in a misty moonlit garden on a humid night beside a tranquil lagoon.

  7. OneArtDirector says:

    Ron Paul.

  8. Don in Austin says:

    Obama, and not just because he’s got the best choice for 1st Mate. Clinton? No mas.
    I was planning on voting for Ron Paul, just for grins, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to cast a Democratic primary vote (or 2) that actually counts for something.

  9. SE says:

    I’m kind of leaning toward that guy Uncommitted, but haven’t decided if I’m going to sit this one out completely.

  10. Incognizant says:

    Hey, Julie! I’m gonna follow your lead and vote for Billary as well.

    And not just due to the dramatic demonstration of pride-swallowing that Ms. Clinton’s endured thoughout her decade of Robotic PanderQuest for the Presidency.

    Instead, I’ll vote for Hillary over these other guys simply because she’s got the biggest boobs.

  11. Warrior Needs Food Badly says:

    I’m voting Billary in the primary, just for the joy of watching a brokered convention. never seen one, and I’d really like too. Chaos! Panic in the streets! Cats and dogs living together!

    For the election, it will be anyone but a Democrat. Because as bad as the Republicans have been (which they paid for in ’06), and they’ve been been to borderline awful, the Democrats no matter which one it is, will be infinitely worse. I refuse to drink Clinton’s/Obama’s/Julie’s socialist swill. [“Overcontrol” of women? Huh? What feminist tripe are you spewing?]

    If Ron Paul didn’t have giant closet full of skeletons, just silly monetary/Fed Reserve ideas, and juvenile foreign policy positions, I’d give him a harder look. But I have a chance to make both my votes mean something this year, so I can’t waste it on him.

  12. david says:

    Obama/Oprah, Oh my!

  13. Eva Ave says:

    I’ll vote Clinton because we need Robert Rubin now more than ever. You know she’ll appoint as many of the same people as she can. Clinton I’s appointment of Rubin was sheer genius.

    Keen minds have observed that the current lot of possibilities diminishes confidence in this democracy. Not a stand out in the bunch, excepting Biden who was probably the closest thing to a statesmen and individual of substance in the running.

  14. Huh says:

    I am saving my energy for the 2012 ballot.

  15. sesquipedelaphobe says:

    Why don’t they just throw dead people on this thing? Hoa Tran (um, huh?), Fred Thompson, Rudy and Duncan Hunter (who already quit), Alan Keyes (was he ever serious).

    Personally, the Obamaslammajamma was nice to watch, but I still think “uncommitted” is getting my vote.

  16. Matt says:

    Is that your picture? So do you think you violated one or two subsections of the Texas Election Code?

    § 61.013. USE OF CERTAIN DEVICES. (a) A person may not
    use a wireless communication device within 100 feet of a voting
    (b) A person may not use any mechanical or electronic means
    of recording images or sound within 100 feet of a voting station.

  17. Steve says:

    Obama won’t allow you to sleep in

  18. Jay says:

    “Are you taking a picture on a cellular phone? I don’t know you. Who is this? Don’t come here. I’m hanging up the phone. Prank caller. Prank caller!”

  19. Bobby Ewing says:

    Go Hoa Tran! I respect a man who can get himself on the ballot and successfully avoid any publicity whatsoever. Although I hear he can prescribe something know as Purging Croton for what ails ya.

  20. Cindy G. says:

    “Do you by any chance still call the Civil War the War of Northern Aggression? Just wondering…”

    I’m Trey’s wife and oh my God, I assure you he does.

  21. Trey Garrison says:

    “Is that your picture? So do you think you violated one or two subsections of the Texas Election Code?”

    Gee, I never been in trouble with the law before.