MystiQal: A Success?

Despite the strange name, from where we sat, Saturday night’s MystiQal Mardi Gras party in Victory Park seemed to be a hit. However, we were sitting at Luna de Noche, because the lines were so long for beers and crawfish outside that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. First we tried to go to Medina, but many of the tables were “reserved,” and we were ignored at the bar. We had much more luck at Luna, and we even got a table outside. From there we couldn’t see the parade, but we could hear it, and the people watching was pretty amazing (there were an estimated 35,000 people there).

Obviously they underestimated the amount of vendors they would need for beer and food, and hopefully they will correct that next year. But my other grumble is with the restaurants and bars themselves: I know you didn’t need to give us any drink specials, considering the amount of people in Victory Park. But wouldn’t it have been nice? Half- price margaritas, cheaper beer, something? We loved the energy we felt on Saturday night, but let’s be honest: I’m pretty broke today.


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13 responses to “MystiQal: A Success?”

  1. Bethany says:

    And what was the deal with the fight after? From the way WFAA talked, it was possibly a matter of poor planning on the crowd control once the event was over.

  2. Nate says:

    Yeah, I heard about the fight too. Looks like the planners didn’t work with Dallas PD or any other security very much. They had to anticipate a huge crowd would show up, and therefore, need sufficient law enforcement and private security to handle that large a crowd.

    On the bright side, it sounds like our reps at the Super Bowl learned a lot about the security issues there, so they can start planning for it now. So amid all the festivities and events, they may have a very well-executed security plan. We shall see….

  3. DM says:

    What is a Mardi Gras party without a fight or two? You have to pay good money to see that inside the AA center.

  4. Mh says:

    Energy was great! Nice to see the mix of people Dallas does have represented there. Never saw food or drinks. Paid way too much for shots at Nine. Never saw the Parade. And I really wanted to see the Grambling Band. Getting out of the Parking Lot afterwards was longer than the time we spent at the Parade itself.

    Best part? Seeing the group of people break out into the Electric Slide in between the fountains and the W on Houston Street. I think Allison has it on a video! It was awesome!

  5. dub says:

    was there and nudity for beads bartering going on?

  6. paul says:

    As a transplant New Orleanian after Katrina only suggestion I’d have is Victory really had an opportunity to get the 35,000 people to stick around and continue to celebrate carnival much like we did in NOLA but completely dropped the ball; turn off the fountains (you wasted soo much space having those on), get more live music options out and don’t send out press releases saying to leave the kids at home, jeez that’s silly. I lived on Canal St. where Endemion crossed and Mardi Gras is about family; trading the nudity for beads bartering only started occuring to make fun of all the tourists who started showing up.
    Truth be told, I really think the biggest mistake was made by holding the event at Victory… in NOLA you knew not to bring the kids to the bars so you set up shop at a restaurant or parking lot and left the 20 & 30 somethings to embarrass themselves in front of some bar… well Victory skipped a key element by not providing the bar (house of blues doesn’t count)
    Also, MORE MARCHING BANDS!!! they make the parade last longer (not to mention they’re a key element of carnival, they are the entertainment of the royalty) therefore leaving you with the feeling that the mile you had to walk to get to the perfect spot was worth it
    Move to Deep Ellum, Downtown or Greenville and all you’re needs would be handled

  7. TF says:

    We were over by Luna and didn’t have a good time at all. Because the ads proclaimed there would be so much food, we skipped lunch and dinner, thinking we’d eat down there…only to find there was only crawfish (which I am allergic to) and Popeyes (which I don’t eat..and could get anyday of the week WITHOUT the lines, if I did). The wait times for Luna and Hooters were outrageous. We couldn’t even get in at the bar, and you could forget getting a beer at the outside booths. All that wouldn’t have been so bad if the parade wasn’t so lousy. No cops to man the crowd, so of course people jumped the barricades as soon as the parade began, there weren’t very many floats, there was only one band in the entire parade (that I saw) and the folks on the floats were stingy with the beads.
    Coming from Frisco, it was a waste of time and gas. 

  8. Chris says:

    It. Sucked.

    The beer line was 30 minutes long, then when we got a beer, the cops told us that you can’t have open containers on public streets, so we had to throw them away.

    At that point, we got back on the train and went to eat in Plano. Suck it dallas.

  9. this was stupid says:

    what a travesty. this was so bad that we left. w/o food and most certainly w/o drink. no way would i stand in the line for the pisser. the perot boy should’ve known better. what would’ve made more sense, make mckinney ave foot traffic and trolley traffic only and let the party travel from victory all the way up mckinney. not so victorious.

  10. i was too drunk to know if it was good or not says:

    love the mckinney ave idea. get myself a lawn chair and sit in the loon parking lot.

    no open containers? i drank jack with a beer back right out on the street. oops.

  11. was in it says:

    I was in the parade, both as a driver and as someone throwing out beads. Part of the reason a lot of use were so stingy with beads was b/c we ran out. Estimates for crowd size were unrealistic and affected pre-planning.

    There definitely needed to be crowd control. As a driver on part of the route we had people coming up to vehicle window asking, demanding, reaching into the cab to grab the beads around my own neck. The window had to be open b/c I had to hear the police and our spotters who were letting me know when to stop and go as the crowd had us surrounded and we couldn’t get through. Men and women and children walking or falling down in front of me made it a very dangerous situation.

  12. Performing in the Parade says:

    Gawd – How I wish wish wish I could say this went off without a hitch. This was a very fun event but crowd control really was non-existent. Our group and float were mobbed more than once by the “Bead Zombies” to the point where the whole procession was brought to a holt. The police were brought in to help us twice before we were assigned two cops to walk with us and keep the crowd back.
    I hope that serves as lesson learned and is not an event stopping mistake!

  13. david says:

    My friends went and said it was poorly planned. They underestimated the ability of Dallasites to show up in mass.