Local Pickle Concern Concocts New Frozen Pickle Treat!

Loyal readers of the “print product” will recall this story (scroll down) about Garland’s Goldin Pickle Company and its struggles with the FDA over saltiness and serving sizes. The story contained one of my favorite paragraphs that I’ve written in my career:

Despite the piping times at Goldin Pickle Company, printing new pickle juice labels proved cost-prohibitive. Plus there was a possible public-relations problem that could pop up from saying that one serving would contain 1,640 milligrams of sodium. Production was stopped.

Well, now there’s a new pickle product in town. Out of Carrollton (by way of Seguin) comes Bob’s Pickle Pops and its Pickle Sickle, “the bizarre tasting ‘pickle’ craze from Texas you can’t get enough of.” They even have their own song.


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10 responses to “Local Pickle Concern Concocts New Frozen Pickle Treat!”

  1. CDD says:

    Pickles are the right hand of Satan. They are cucumbers soaked in evil. That is all.

  2. David says:

    That is a funny comment. If that statement is true then the new Jalapeño Pickle Pop that is Hot and fiery is sure to confirm it. Those Dastardly Pickle Pops are going to take over the world.

  3. Ashamed says:

    As a long-ago, former employee of a local (now-defunct) roller skating rink, I can tell you that “Pickle Sickles” are nothing new. I vividly remember freezing excess pickle juice in popsicle molds and offering “Pickle Sickles” at 50 cents a pop.

    They were disgusting, but I admired the owner of that skating rink for squeezing every last dime out of those giant jars of pickles.

  4. MIssing Dots says:

    I always knew Texans loved them some pickles. What amazes me is that will all of the sex shops around Dallas, none of these companies are making pickle bread. There seems to be plenty of places where you can get your hands on some “dill dough”

  5. DM says:

    Here’s to their success! I hope it does better than the Garlic Candy Bar…

  6. The Marty Cortland Tribute Banned says:


    Yes, this pickle story is riveting and far more important than the first possible African American president. We are all thrilled that the time priorities are in order. Can you tell us more about Owen Wilson?

  7. Johnny says:

    The best pickle in texas is BEST MAID pickles. Who’s pickles are they using?

  8. David Millar says:

    Hello Johnny, we are using Best Maid Pickles. They are right down the street from our manufacturer. Serendipity. Great taste.

  9. danielle says:

    i was in texas a few years ago and had a wonderful jar of pickles. i thought it had a little boy with a sombrarro on the lid, but the closest i found on the net was best maid pickles which had a girl with a bow on the lid. Does anyone know if there are any others that fit the discription??

  10. Kristen Jay says:

    Old story, but commenting now because I just discovered Bob’s Pickle Pops recently. Nothing odd about it. If you love dill pickle juice, you will love this. People get odd looks on their faces just because the juice is in frozen form. Grow up. Its just pickle juice. If you find it yucky its prob.because you’ve been living under a rock all your life