Leading Off

1. Local non-profit The Blue Shoe Project’s Last of the Great Mississippi Bluesmen won a Grammy last night for best traditional blues album. Which gives me an excuse for this: Herbie Hancock? Seriously?

2. T.O. Owens and Tony Romo helped the NFC come from behind to win the Pro Bowl, keeping their string of playing well when it doesn’t matter intact.

3. The Morning News‘ take on the big Hunt lawsuit hit yesterday. I’m sure Tim (or someone) will have more on this later.


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15 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. educate me says:

    please shed some journalistic light. i started reading this article and was interrupted. once i returned to the article, severeal hours later, it was re-written. help.hill btw

  2. Daniel says:

    If Herbie Hancock was good enough for the Miles Davis Quintet, he’s good enough for me.

    Minus the moronic “Rockit” single, of course.

  3. Brandon says:

    I Agree with Daniel. To the masses (and it sounds like Zac is part of it), “Rockit” is what Herbie Hancock is known for. It’s a shame. It’s like only remembering George Clooney for “Return to Horror High”.

  4. Daniel says:

    Yeah, Zac won’t be setting the world on fire as a jazz critic anytime soon.

  5. Zac Crain says:

    I don’t just remember Herbie Hancock for “Rockit.” Promise. Just thought there were other, better choices. But Daniel’s right: I won’t be taking the world by storm with my thoughts on jazz. Saving that for my 40s.

  6. SLR says:


    You’re not 40 yet?

  7. Daniel says:

    To be fair to Zac, Hancock’s career is pockmarked with middlebrow mediocrity throughout. But his high water marks are high indeed. Think Marsalis bros.

  8. Mantooth says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the “Tribute to Miles” CD that Hancock and Wayne Shorter (and others) did after Miles Davis passed.

  9. dissapointed says:


  10. Bobby Ewing says:

    I just enjoyed seeing Amy and Kanye and Foo get slighted. As for Vince Gill…well, he had the best line of the night when he receieved his Best Country Album Grammy from Ringo: “I just got an award from a Beatle. Has that happened to you yet Kanye?”

  11. Puddin'Tane says:

    I met Hancock back in 1991 at the NAMM show and wasn’t as impressed with his personality as I was his playing.

    The Jackass can play.

  12. dissapointed says:

    puddin tane…not every one enjoys groupies

  13. PuddinTane says:

    Dis: I wasn’t a groupie and never would be. I was at NAMM on business. It was a music industry setting… not a performance.

  14. Bethany says:

    dissapointed didn’t say please. Tsk.