Leading Off

1. The Patriots didn’t have a good time in Arizona, but the 2011 Super Bowl contingent did. Highlight: Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck got to be Matt Leinart’s wingman at the Maxim party.

2. Speaking of, Jerry Jones may have pulled one over on Arlington when he made the stadium deal. “I can’t believe it,” said no one.

3. Unless Tim O’Hare had money on the Pats, this story about tougher laws in other states driving more illegal immigrants into Texas probably gave him the biggest case of crazy head yesterday.


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6 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. Anonymouse says:

    ” A News 8 investigation has unearthed questions about his stadium deal with Arlington, specifically, the potential of reaping huge profits at taxpayers’ expense.”

    Huh? Wasn’t this news way back when the issue went to the voters? Weren’t there news reports back then that then-Dallas Mayor Laura Miller looked at the deal and couldn’t believe that Arlington was offering that much?

  2. Anonymouse says:

    Oh, and by the way, the article mentions this, but doesn’t explain why it’s important:

    ” According to the fine print, Jones’ share of the costs of the Cowboys complex will come from a 10 percent ticket tax and a $3 parking tax, city tax dollars handed over to Jones to help him pay his share of the billion dollar stadium costs.”

    The reason why there is a 10% TAX on the tickets and not simply at 10% PRICE INCREASE on the tickets (both would amount to the same thing to fans) is because this is just one more way for Jerry Jones to do an end-around the revenue-sharing that the NFL has:

    Whenever two NFL teams play, the money ticket-purchasers pay is called a “gate”. This gate is split 60-40, with the visiting team getting the 40%. However, since 10% of the price that ticket-purchasers pay is being called a “tax” collected by the city, that is not considered part of the gate, so it doesn’t have to be shared. It is just handed in its entirety right to Jerry Jones.

    Sweet little deal Jones has on his JerryWorld, huh? The people of Arlington brought it upon themselves…

  3. Long Memory says:

    Yeah, this is a heckuva story. I wonder why Channel 8 didn’t get a reaction from Laura Miller? I trust that she’d say “I told you so.”

  4. Bildo says:

    Keep telling yourselves that Arlington got the raw end of this. Eventually, after a Superbowl or two, you might start to believe it.

    I doubt it though.

    Arlington is paying for $325 million of the new stadium, they knew this going in, and interest on bonds isn’t exactly a huge story; it’s to be expected. The real story is that, because of Jerry’s changes, the overall stadium cost has escalated to $1 billion, and Jones is picking up 100% of the increase. He’s had to sell a lot of real estate holdings to cover it too.

    Let’s do the math, shall we?

    What we are going to lose:
    Cotton Bowl – $50-$70 million per year in economic impact.
    TX/OU – $30-$40 million (and yes, we will lose this).

    Those two events are big events, and the lost tax revenue from hotel rooms and restaurants from those two events is going to hurt. In fact, it might have been worth at least considering the stadium for those two items and the 8 Cowboy’s games per year.

    But what we could have had is soooo much bigger.

    Redevelopment of Fair Park. Oh God, $350 million would have been cheap to cover the cost of tearing down the slums in Fair Park. Imagine going to the State Fair and not worrying about whether you’re going to survive the experience…

    Superbowl. The economic impact of Houston’s superbowl in 2004 was over $300 million.

    BCS. Yes, the Cotton Bowl game will eventually be a 5th BCS game. $100+ million. (probably far more).

    National Championship. If they join the ranks of the BCS, then they would be in the rotation to host the National Championship every five years. Not quite a Superbowl, but pretty close.

    Big 12 Championship. Yes, this stadium will be big enough, and offer a large enough payday, to pretty much guarantee that the Big 12 championship will be here.

    Laura Miller is still saying that the AAC was a bad deal for Dallas even though over a $1 billion (of private money) is under development on what would still be an environmentally contaminated brownfield site without it, and that is only one third of what is planned. The money that the City contributed to build AAC will be paid back a hundred fold over the life of the projects there. Laura Miller showed time and again that she just didn’t get it when it came to matters of finance and public investment.

  5. jack says:

    Bildo I have some swamp land to sell you.

  6. Bildo says:

    Wow, jack, what a brilliant retort.