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10 responses to “Lance Armstrong Says He’s Sorry”

  1. billh says:

    It would be a little more solid if the apology was to the guy whose job he threatened. I didn’t read that. Is it an apology if it’s to a paper? Hey if that works, I’m sorry I was impatient with my son this weekend. Wow, that was easy.

  2. billhizcool says:

    i love you too dad

  3. Bob Stoller says:

    “Land”? Armstrong

  4. MIssing Dots says:

    Maybe Lance should take his BALL and go home.

  5. mm says:


  6. Josh Pearson says:

    Standing. Clapping. (at Missing Dots)

  7. JB says:

    Why would the door guy need to ask him 4 or 5 times not to take a drink from the bar. Everyone from the age of 18 and up knows you cannot take your drink from a bar.

  8. Daniel says:

    I don’t think the door guy asked him four or five times. The bouncer in this story is likely a total d-head — he is unnecessarily physical, and then taunts Lance — and then Lance’s sense of entitlement gets an extra boost from alcohol. Loud words ensue. Lance briefly appears as a meatheaded fratboy. Loud words cease. Lance goes home — hopefully not driving — where he remains a beloved one-balled champ, though sometimes gets “testy.” The bouncer’s brilliant career roars on unhindered. Big story.

  9. dub says:

    he’s just typical Austin trash.

  10. dave little says:

    daniel, never have so few words meant so much.