Google Performing Mouth-to-Mouth on :CueCat

CueCatYou remember the :CueCat, right? It was the ridiculously expensive, Belo-backed, barcode-reading gadget from 2001 that was roundly mocked nationwide. (The Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg said of it, “For now, the :CueCat isn’t worth installing and using, even though it’s available free of charge.”) If you don’t, just realize it was a really bad idea.

Which apparently isn’t stopping Google, the company that owns us all, from trying to put barcodes in newspapers. And who am I to call them dumb? I use Gmail, iGoogle, Google Calendar, and Google Reader. I’m sure I’ll be scanning my Bill Addison reviews by spring.


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5 responses to “Google Performing Mouth-to-Mouth on :CueCat”

  1. Nancy Nichols says:

    Did someone say Bill Addison?

  2. BigRusty says:

    Did someone say Magic_Crystals?

  3. Swampthing says:

    I noticed someone else tied Google to the Cue Cat the other day. You may already know this. If not, Neomedia bought the Digital Convergence IP fostered from the old Cue Cat idea. Neomedia Technologies has developed a mobile reading platform for consumers/web users. Paperclick, Qode, and now the NeoReader. This platform allows users to click on physical world objects and get instant information in one click.
    The physical world objects could be, logos, trademarks, keywords(Google’s main source of income), 1D barcodes(EAN UPC, etc,), 2D (QR, data matrix, Maxi, Aztec,), slogans, RFID, billboards, etc.

    Location based. It is all there. So, who should Google go after next?

    I would think that they want it (revenue) all for themselves.

    Why pay a licensing fee?

    It would help eliminate click fraud in the mean time.

    The Neoreader can be found at:

    It will read EAN, UPC, QR, data matrix, Aztec codes. Proprietary codes cannot be read with their reader.
    Brands can have anything interactive.

    Who will help develop the next interactive mobile mouse for consumers?

    I sure would love to walk down the street and say the “keyword” in the mobile browser and go right to a web site, get information, a schedule, etc. in one click!

  4. Peterk says:

    if you go to this website you can buy a CueCat so that you can read the barcodes on your books

  5. Dave Mathews says:

    Swampthing, you are incorrect. Neomedia did not purchase any assets of DigitalConvergence nor did they buy the CueCat technology.

    The underlying technology around the CueCat from D:C is managed by LV Partners in Dallas.