Cityplace Evacuated, Possible Bomb Threat

Word comes to us via a FBvian whose friend works in the building. Developing …

Update: From a FBvian inside Cityplace:

The great thing about the bomb threat was that evacuation was “voluntary.” WTF??? They said it was up to your company to evacuate. She said if the popo find something suspicious, they will make it mandatory. Very comforting.

More: Here’s the e-mail that went to tenants in Cityplace:

Monday, 2/18 A large tenant has received a bomb threat – they are evacuating. Police are involved. If you choose to evacuate, Use elevators to evacuate and gather in AMC parking lot. The bomb will go off at 10:00 according to caller.


  • BB Winans

    I work inside Cityplace , and my company was one of the last one’s to be notified about what was going on. Had this been a real threat , and the bomb had actually gone off at the time the caller said , we would have still been in the building . Just the thought of this makes me upset , because so many lives were at stake , and it seems as though this could have been handled better. Then to find out that only 3 floors were searched by the authorities only made matters worse . I still don’t feel completely safe in the building , and hope if something like this happens again it will be handled more carefully.