Where You Should Be Tonight

The Candleroom, from 8-11 p.m., for Paws in the City‘s “Martinis for Mutts” fundraiser. Paws in the City is a non-profit organization committed to ending overpopulation, abuse and neglect of dogs and cats in Dallas, and the money raised tonight will help pay medical bills for sick or injured critters.


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24 responses to “Where You Should Be Tonight”

  1. dave little says:

    I’m sure the homeless love that.

  2. Jim says:

    Why can’t the money go to the dog catchers who obviously need all the help they can get in Oak Cliff?

  3. Trey Garrison says:

    Who cares what the homeless think?

  4. dave little says:

    Right. Who the fuck do they think they are? Cats?

  5. Gwyon says:

    Pawstraps down?

  6. Anonymouse says:


    Because dog catcher’s aren’t cute and cuddly, and won’t make the martini-drinkers salve their conscience tonight.

    I know one place I *won’t* be tonight.

  7. JB says:

    ….Although after watching her video, Paris Hilton could teach Romo a thing or two about not choking under performance.

  8. dave little says:

    I hope they have a mobile home in front of the Candleroom
    so they can spay and/or neuter the socialites.

  9. Socialite says:

    haha! actually, i think what they’ll do is have a bouncer in front, to keep people like you all out.

  10. Friend of PAWS says:

    Who knew there was anyone who disliked animals and charity in such a wonderful philanthropic metroplex as Dallas? Instead of blogging about people you don’t know trying to make the world a better place, perhaps you should get off the computer and find a way to be a more productive member of society and our beautiful city.

  11. dave little says:

    tonight i’m gonna buy a cat some soup. and work on some bumper stickers

    “When cats are outlawed, only outlaws will have cats”
    “My dog and my money go to man’s best friend”
    “Cats don’t kill people; bullets kill people”

    First martini is on me, y’all.

  12. Dave Liitle says:

    Im a moron. Please ignore me. I should be spayed.

  13. Socialite says:

    dave, the socialites forgive you, and we conceded that perhaps you’re not the ‘little’ man we at first thought you to be. thank you 🙂

  14. Neal says:

    Ridding the world of cats is the best way I can think of to be a more productive member of society and our beautiful city, which will be even more beautiful after the cat-culling.

  15. dave little says:

    Ah, the first dick joke has been thrown. Finally.

  16. Claire says:

    Is this the same non-profit that’s always outside Needless Necessities on Henderson?

  17. DeeRag says:

    Dave Little is pandering to the Michael Vick crowd. Thanks Trey for letting us know about this important event and a great organization.

  18. dave little says:

    Amen, Trey. Who cares what the homeless think?

  19. sally says:

    Dear Dave,

    Please let me know when you help host a charity event of your own. I will be sure to be a dick about the entire thing.

    your mom.

    and PS – if you ever end up homeless, I’ll be sure not to offer you a dime.

  20. Rebecca says:

    Yes – it’s the same Paws In The City that does adoptions at Needless Necessaties. They are one of the only groups in town that actually hosts adoption events for the City of Dallas Animal Services animals (the dogs picked up by the aforementioned dog catchers in Oak Cliff). Sorry for the dose of reality here but — Dallas killed 19,378 dogs and 7,601 cats in the last fiscal year just because there weren’t any homes. Paws In The City is working hard to change that by finding homes for homeless pets. That’s worth at least a bit of appreciation for the work they do.

  21. Neal says:

    Dear Sally,

    If Dave ends up homeless, it will be your fault for being a bad mother.


    and PS – don’t use the word “dick” in letters to your adult son. It’s creepy.

  22. dave little says:

    Dear Sally,

    First, thanks for letting me call you by your name. “Mom” seems so formal. Next, I’m sorry that you still have that stick up your ass that always plays with your ability to recognize irony. I know that isn’t why dad, I mean Frank, left you but it couldn’t have helped. I know you’re probably in a tizzy because this is the month you save the cats and then next month is even crazier, because that’s when you help the mentally challenged or as you like to call them, “the tards.” Of course, March is when you take a well deserved break to simply lie on your divan and watch your stories on the tee vee. So, simply put, I forgive you.

  23. DLP says:

    Spay and neuter is the answer….

  24. PAWSfriends says:

    Trey –
    Thanks for posting this event and your support of Paws in the City. The event last night was a huge success thanks to people like you.