What Blonde Celebrity Will Wreck Next Season’s Cowboys?

Commenter SDM brought up a good point in response to Jessica’s Tony/Jessica post: After the debacles that were Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, who will be the next blonde celeb to shoot the wheels off a promising run by the ‘Boys? Here’s my short list. Cast your vote or nominate your own in the comments.

  1. Paris Hilton
  2. Hayden Panettiere
  3. Heidi Montag
  4. Elisha Cuthbert
  5. Scarlett Johansson
  6. Troy Aikman 


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13 responses to “What Blonde Celebrity Will Wreck Next Season’s Cowboys?”

  1. JB says:

    Lets hope it’s not Ryan Secrest. Romo out. (of the closet)

  2. blueblood says:

    Considering the regression in Romo’s taste (Britney? Jessica?) all signs point to Paris or Lindsay Lohan being next. One of the Laguna Beach girls isn’t a bad bet either since they seem to like the attention too.

  3. Hopeful says:

    Please, please, please, please let it be Heidi Montag or Elisha Cuthbert. So hot… want to touch the hiney… ar-oouuuuuuu…

  4. Sean says:

    How ’bout an Olsen twin? Though I’m old, so I’d prefer Emily Procter.

  5. Missy says:

    I vote for Jessica! Jessica Jones that is… Because that would just. be. awesome. Plus, with that last name she’s practically related to Jerry and that’s good for business. Not to mention Jessica is totally cute anyway.

  6. dave little says:

    I think it will be Gary Busey.

  7. BigRusty says:

    Definitely Johannson … “Johansson encourages responsibility when having sex telling Allure magazine, ‘ get tested for HIV twice a year.'” … I mean, that’s good, right? One less thing for Tony Homo … er.. Romo to worry about

  8. d martin says:

    Amy Winehouse? Gets good blow

  9. Tony Romo says:

    Being half Hispanic, I take all references to my hetero manliness very seriously. Please remove Troy from the poll Mr. Crain or you will be hearing from my people.

    Thanks for the other suggestions except for Amy (Skank) Winehouse and Gary (Horseface/Insane) Busey. Wouldn’t yall like to see me with that hot French supermodel Tony Parker was banging while little Eva wasn’t looking? IJS

  10. Tony Romo says:

    BTW, does anyone know the Vegas line on which will happen first: I catch a STD -or- will lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory? Haha, Witten told me that one in Cabo.

  11. Mantooth says:

    My money is on Pam Anderson. Just the kind of brainless, stupid fun that Romo is looking for. Plus, he doesn’t want to get downstream of Jeter’s STD’s the way that he would be if he hooked it up with Scarlett J.

  12. Neal says:

    I hear Troy’s not really a blonde. If you know what I mean.

  13. call me duck says:

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