Tristan Simon To Open New Bar

I know I’m just dishing myself up for snarky Tristan Simon-related comments this morning, but it’s Wednesday, and my head is fuzzy so I don’t really care. As it was first reported here, Consilient Restaurants is getting back into the bar biz with Victor Tango’s, a speakeasy/upscale pub/anti-nightclub opening up in the old Sense space. Estimated opening date is March 15.

What we know so far: There will not be any lists, bottle service, or guns–soda guns, that is. The focus is on handcrafted drinks with fresh ingredients (think the Porch’s Blackberry Smash), and in addition to cocktails, there will be a bar menu that rotates nightly. Which seems like it might be tough to pull off, but what do I know. Music will be eclectic, but will not include techno, and the vibe is casual. In lieu of traditional sign, they’re thinking of just using one with a martini glass. If the martini glass is illuminated, it means they’re open.

Oh yes–Victor Tango is bar slang for a vodka tonic. Now you know.


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21 responses to “Tristan Simon To Open New Bar”

  1. Topham says:

    Not sure a martini glass makes sense for a place named after a vodka tonic. Anyway, thanks Sarah!

  2. Stephen Crowley says:

    no techno? sounds like a fine and boring place for those who are beaten down by life and have given up on having any fun at all.

  3. Sarah says:

    If Dallas’ current Ultra Lounge craze is sooo, like, 2000, then faux speakeasys will be sooo, like, 2004.

    I guess I’d rather have the speakeasy craze than those stupid, overpriced Ultra Lounges with their “experience” and insane bottle service.

    Thanks, Tristan. I think.

  4. AJ says:

    Doesn’t Louie’s have the martini glass sign?

  5. Brian says:

    State Bar had it 20 years ago so… it in the public domain…
    still, i think Victor Tango means more than vodka tonic….

  6. Daniel says:

    I think the neon martini glass is a universal — or North-America-wide — sign for “take a load off, traveller; why, we shorely mix’em stiff.”

    In Europe it’s an insult to a person’s mother, though, so be forewarned.

  7. Puddin'Tane says:

    Victor Tango also represents “viceroy territory” in reference to India.

  8. Puddin'Tane says:

    Btw… when is the ultra “ultra” lounge fad going to die and go to hell?

    Oooppps, my bad, they all seem to be in the basement anyway….

  9. Dutch says:

    So, the big boys down here finally figured out what they’ve been doing in NYC and London for a couple years with craft coctails.

    but having a sign isn’t really in line with the pioneers of this ‘genre’ like Milk&Honey/Death&Co./PDT/etc.

    the best “real” cocktails in town can be found at the Windmill Lounge (run by a NYC expat)

  10. geez that's a dumb name says:

    does Tristan own any of these buildings/land or is he still renting from Andres?

  11. Vee says:

    I just realized that when you hold your fingers up in the V sign (peace, victory, etc…) it looks like a martini glass.

    Wow, so many angles…

  12. wWw says:

    Groucho: “That’s no way to go into a speakeasy, that’s the way you come out!”

  13. GS says:

    Just moved back from Chicago, where I lived down the street from this place:

    Sounds like a knock-off and I’m sure it too will be filled with douchebags.

  14. GIGI says:

    what is with the sour grapes? new venues are what keeps this town from stagnating. this place will close and something else will open and close. like it or not, dancing is where its at,someone still needs to open a real, dance club. !no techno! (which will keep the young babies away), fun dance music and a large dance area, like the ‘glass cactus’ in grapevine at the gaylord. that place will never close, its what people want.

  15. Granny says:

    With Mr. Simon’s professionalism, dedication to good service and creative thinking, I am sure that this venture will be successful and I will be coming over to watch it and maybe, just maybe, if they serve grannies, I will have a vodka martini….dirty!!

  16. LMK says:

    Mr. Simon deserves credit for improvements made to this area. His taxes pays for many improvements you enjoy even if you never walk in. I applaud his creative thinking and will walk in to enjoy the progress he makes over the long run. Go Tristan! Keep it up!

  17. Wayne says:

    enough with the haters. give a place a try before you say unsophisticated things.

  18. Bram says:

    I’m with Wayne, Granny, LMK, and Gigi! Having been an owner/operator off and on in the for 20+ years, I think I am more than qualified to attest to Tristan’s broad knowledge of the food/beverage industry. As a friend, I can also attest to his character, creativity, and work ethic as it pertains to the business and the betterment of the City of Dallas. Lastly, for those of you from DALLAS (not chicago)…I predict that he very well may impact the Dallas hospitality industry over time greatly enough, to be in the company of Gene Street, Al Biernat, and Norman Brinker!

    He is not in the restaurant/bar business after all, he is in the real estate business.

  19. Polan says:

    Damn good job Tris. Great way to contribute to the finer Dallas area’s rapidly booming Commercial and realestate market. You’ve really nipped the nightlife in the bud with your great ideas on upscale pubs and lounges. Well, daytime too. Exceptionally brilliant and ingenious as you may be, you are truly one to be proud of. Keep the business’s rolling guy. Can’t believe I grew up with this guy folks.

  20. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe we are talking about Tristan, but I always knew he would make his friends proud. Polan – I can’t believe it’s you, tell Jason hi. You said it well, when you said, I can’t believe I grew up with you guys. (Jennifer from VA)

  21. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.