The Most Bizarre Thing I’ve Seen All Day

Finally, a reason to blog about crazy Britney Spears. A sweet, sweet, used-to-have-my-job-Austin-dwelling FBvian sends a link to this strange news: For some reason, Britney Spears was photographed wearing a “Rogers Healy is my Realtor” t-shirt yesterday while she was running around LA dodging/hanging out with the paps. Click here to see it. Surely you all know Rogers (right Tim?), and although I’ve never met him, I’ve noticed his sign popping up in front yards all over town recently. So how did he get Brit to wear his tee? And why, exactly, would he want to do that? And is he really her realtor? We need answers, people.


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38 responses to “The Most Bizarre Thing I’ve Seen All Day”

  1. Papa Rotc says:

    Hello, the news of these pics is missed. Brit is looking at Pregnancy Tests in the other photos. Messing with us or the real deal?

  2. WhosWho Dallas says:

    WOW!!! I cant believe that she is wearing Roger’s shirt. He really is the go to guy in Dallas Real Estate

  3. amy says:

    Rogers is trying to get a ton of “celebs” to wear his tshirt for marketing…they are posted on his facebook group, “Rogers Healy is my Realtor.” Also, he has ties to Alli Sims so I assume that’s how Brittany has one.

  4. m says:

    Insane celebrity promotes Dallas D-bag.

  5. Cash McMogul says:

    this is amazing!
    how the hell does he get B Spears to wear that?

  6. DB says:

    I don’t know if he will make it in real estate, but i guess he is paying celebs to wear his label so it looks like he has the marketing thing down

  7. Jack says:

    “Is the go to guy in Dallas Real Estate?” Because some washed up h o is wearing his shirt.

    You’re an idiot.

    And what is this about signs popping up everywhere? Have you seen his webpage? He has about 4 listings and 2 of them are his houses! (old and new)

    He knows Ali Sims from LA and paid her to have Britney wear the shirt.

    Such a pathetic man.

  8. AW says:

    Who want’s THAT promoting your company?

  9. Sally says:

    I heard he likes men. Is that true?

  10. Cougar says:

    He is SUCH a hunky Urban Cowboy.

  11. Bill says:

    Rogers Healy = Joke

  12. Mikey says:

    I know his favorite bar is the Male Box. That and Hunkies. He loves Guys’ night every Tuesday night. He is always workin’ the crowd. Quite a showman, but I wish he would stop wearing those leather chaps whenever he comes in. He has a way with the men!

  13. Chris Crocker says:


  14. Hammer says:

    I’m with Chris…

  15. DallasGal says:

    If Rogers wants to be in the spotlight so bad–which is obvious from his Facebook page, career avenue & his choice of celebrity backing–he’s going to have to get used to criticism.

  16. Chris Crocker says:

    Just like Britney…

  17. joe simpson says:

    if he’s the go to guy for real estate in dallas, then why does he currently have 3 listings on his website? I mean honestly, do you think a guy with 3 listings is selling houses to Derrick Harper and Britny Spears? Or begging a conection to relay a t-shirt.

    But that hair is super dreamy.

  18. King Doosh says:

    After looking at his website I really wanna be in his fraternity/sorority!

  19. Kitten says:

    Sounds like Big Pappa Joe is upset someones not paying Jess to wear their T-Shirt…

  20. Fiah Stahta Cowboy says:

    Rogers never ceases to amaze me – I’m beyond proud of him.

    Ebby better watch her ass.

  21. SDM says:

    Britney was in a photo next to her assistant, who was wearing a rogers healy is my realtor shirt, months and months ago so maybe Britney is now wearing hand me downs???

  22. Topham says:

    Here’s an interesting page for a real estate agent:

  23. JukeMove says:

    Because of your daughter Joe, my wets are super dreamy

  24. JukeMove says:

    and yes, Rogers did collect magic cards in High School. He called himself the Skin Wizard….way cooler back then.

  25. La says:

    Rogers is selling the shirts on his website…

  26. Section 8 Realty says:

    I think I saw Rogers on here once:

  27. Last Name Last Name says:

    Doesn’t Rogers claim to have brokered Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson meeting?

    BTW, Cardinal Rule: Never trust anyone whose first name resembles a last name (family name, surname, etc.), unless of course they are a top-gun actor.

  28. …or a local magazine publisher.

  29. RogerDodger says:

    Who gives a S#!T?!?!?!?!

  30. RogerDodger says:

    On another note, someone in Dallas should offer the guy a free haircut and maybe a nice wash to de grease that mop

  31. amanda says:

    What if Britney Spears had wore a Ebby Halliday t shirt?

    Would the team question her sexuality, hairstyle, name, gender, or promotional activities?

    The mistake this realtor made was not purchasing ad space from D Magazine and not playing the quid pro quo game.

    Wick lives in two homes and claims a homestead exemption. Connect the dots or does Britney need to wear a t shirt to point it out?

  32. JK says:

    Amanda, honey…it’s only mid-day, but you need a cocktail.

  33. King Doosh says:

    I’m trying to connect the dots Amanda but I can’t for the life of me see what Wick owning 2 homes has to do with Rogers being a doosh.

  34. Rogers ROCKS says:

    after browsing rogers’ stellar website (watch out!!!) i have learned a few things:

    1. by looking at his “associates” it looks like if you’re a woman and you want to be a rogers healy associate, you have to be a really “smart” blonde; if you’re a man you have to…um…have… i guess a great personality. it’s an eclectic bunch – kind of reminds me of a preppie version of the little rascals…

    and each agent bio is just crying out for an ending of “and world peace!” (guys, you should really add that to the site).

    oh, and kari schlegel sells real estate now. that’s hot.

  35. Tara Holden says:

    It seems that all of you are slightly bitter. maybe if you took a second to get to know rogers you wouldn’t talk about him like that. I must agree kari schlegel is hot.

  36. Farah Beg says:

    Oh WOW…never in my life have I ever seen such a jealous group of people!!

    I happen to know Rogers from SMU…he’s one smart, hard-working guy!! He’s extremely popular because his personality is very down-to-earth and he’s a fun person to talk to…he knows how to make people smile!

    Keep up the good work, Rogers! 🙂