The Best Places to Work in Dallas are in … Coppell?

So says the new issue of Fortune, which lists its “100 Best Companies to Work For” in the mag I just received on my desk. My quick scan shows that DFW doesn’t beat out a few other Texas companies — Methodist Hospital System in Houston (#10) and Whole Foods in Austin (16) — but we have a few on the list: Container Store of Coppell (20, go Val!), Shared Technologies also of Coppell (25), TDIndustries of Dallas (35), and Texas Instruments (100). My fave, of course, is Tulsa’s own QuickTrip (28), which served as my after-school parent in 7th and 8th grade, providing me many solid hours of Galaga playing and vanilla soft-serve snacking.


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7 responses to “The Best Places to Work in Dallas are in … Coppell?”

  1. Lindsay Johnson says:

    Google has 2 offices in Dallas!

  2. Randy Brown says:

    Whataburger has, like, 40 offices in Dallas!

  3. new born baby says:

    Daddy, I know you have tons of other kids, and that I am just the latest in a long run, but it seems to me that you have been spending more time with Frontburner than with me. Don’t you love me?


  4. dave little says:

    I don’t mean to brag but I just drove Dallas to Oklahoma roundtrip today and towards the border there are several adult video stores that are prominent along the interstate. I found it interesting that Walmart, a proud proponent of morality, had one of it’s semis parked in the parking lot. I suppose he could have just parked it there to grab 40 winks. Or he could have grabbed Barely Legals 40 co-eds. I’ve heard that is excellent.

  5. ROJ says:

    I will beat your ass at Galaga anytime, anywhere (that has a working Galaga machine).

  6. Randy Brown says:

    You were an accident.

  7. Jo Trizila says:

    FYI DFW claims 5 of the 13 “Fortune Best Companies to Work For” headquartered in Texas–two in Coppell, two in Dallas and one in Fort Worth. Second-ranked Houston claims 4 with the remaining 4 evenly split between Austin and San Antonio. All of the other Texas entries are branches of named companies…

    Container Store Coppell (HQ) 20 494
    Shared Technologies Coppell (HQ) 25 217
    TDIndustries Dallas (HQ) 35 971
    Texas Instruments Dallas (HQ) 100 9,613
    Alcon Laboratories Fort Worth (HQ) 60 3,192

    Camden Property Trust Houston (HQ) 372
    David Weekley Homes Houston (HQ) 572
    EOG Resources Houston (HQ) 424
    Methodist Hospital System Houston (HQ) 8,893

    National Instruments Austin (HQ) 2,105
    Whole Foods Market Austin (HQ) 1,617

    Rackspace Managed Hosting San Antonio (HQ) 1,265
    Valero Energy San Antonio (HQ) 1,836