Leading Off

1) Aren’t we all glad that previous Dallas County district attorneys didn’t bother with all that DNA business so they could say they were “tough on crime.” After all, justice is about conviction rates. And besides, the jury’s still out on that whole “science” thing.

2) Thanks, Highland Park, for getting the ball rolling on cell phone bans. Sure, you have existing traffic laws, but passing new ones makes it look like you’re doing something, right?

3) This doesn’t really fit with the “everybody panic!” economic news election-year script, but foreclosures are already slowing in Texas.


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10 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. Daniel says:

    I can’t believe that they are able to use DNA evidence without “teaching the controversy.”

  2. dave little says:

    I love Highland Park because they have the speed limit signs that tell you how fast you’re going. And if you go over the limit it starts flashing like you’ve won something. But you haven’t won anything. And I don’t know if this is off topic but I’ve heard that as soon as Mockingbird is finished they’re going to build guard towers, one at Mockingbird and Central and the other at Mockingbird and the tollway. And there is also going to be a moat around Snider Plaza. And if you’re caught inside the realm and don’t have a Horchow Frequent Buyer Card, you’re in trouble, mister. It’s just a rumor I heard from Zac Crain. Probably isn’t true.

  3. Seriously? says:

    I still love the fact I can drive through Highland Park on the way to work and sit through an extra light almost daily…..because a woman is putting her makeup on and not paying attention to the road. Thank goodness they didn’t make that illegal.

  4. Peterk says:

    People who want to use their cellphones while driving need to learn how to use it hands-free eg use a headphone or earbuds. I do a lot of interstate driving and an earbud/bluetooth is the only way to go

  5. Seriously? says:

    And people who want to put on makeup or eat a burger while driving need to do it hands-free as well.

    I agree with the ban. I also feel it’s just as dangerous to do other things in a school zone that take your attention away from the road.

  6. Proud Highlander says:

    I don’t need a law for me to tell my driver not to be on the phone in school zones. And I never let him eat in my car. Needless to say I’d fire him if he ever wore makeup. So let’s not lose sight of the fact that these laws are to protect us from you people, not ourselves.

  7. Daniel says:

    I believe that deaf people should be allowed to converse in sign language while driving — emergencies only.

  8. Greg T says:

    DNA evidence wasn’t available when those people were convicted. Why don’t you do your research

  9. Trey Garrison says:

    It was available when they asked for review, and it was denied. I did my research, now you do yours.

  10. Bildo says:

    If they would just keep those damn kids from walking in the street, I could keep using my cell phone.

    Jeeesh, kids are so rude. And don’t EVEN get me started on old people…