Leading Off

1. Farmers Branch, which has spent three-quarters of a million taxpayer dollars so far on legal fees in failing to pass rental bans on illegal immigrants, sets itself up to hit the million-dollar mark by passing one more such ordinance yesterday.

2. The UIL has hired a firm to randomly test high school athletes for steroids and says it will start doing so within the coming weeks.

3. Paris Hilton was in town yesterday, and I think we’ll have a post about it later. BTW, not a big fan, certainly don’t think she’s interesting, or attractive, or talented. But I do agree with her when she says, “I’m basically a drag queen.”


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12 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. dave little says:

    maybe the UIL can hire a firm to help high school athletes pass tests?

  2. ROJ says:

    What’s really sad is the poll results on DMN site re: “agree with ban or not?” (Agree is currently winning w/ 75%). I’m always amazed by this sort of thing – but guess I shouldn’t be anymore. Sad.

  3. Comrade 15932 says:

    Welcome to the totalitarian republic of Farmers Branch. Please show identification when entering our fair city. . . . the question is more rapidly becoming . . .why would anyone even consider living in a city that is blessed with such misguided leaders?

  4. Seriously? says:

    The ordinance required those renting residences to provide identification and proof of citizenship, correct?

    I am a white mail who has had to show a driver’s license and provide a social security card for every apartment or house I have ever rented or purchased. Should I be upset that I had to do that?

    I really apologize for the ignorance, but I didn’t know I had a choice. And if I didn’t/don’t, why should somebody (anybody) else not have to jump throught the same hoops? Just so we don’t hurt their feelings?

    I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “No Human is Illegal.” I completely agree. But, their actions are another story. All I want is for everyone to be held to the same standard. If I have to show my id and offer a social security number, if I have to pay taxes and contribute to social security, so should everyone else. If it hurts their feelings, too effing bad.

  5. Rod Davis sucks says:

    Because the liberal concept of “white guilt” now applies to anyone with brown skin. Making Mexicans follow the rules is a racist way of thinking that we should be ashamed of. Apparently we’ve committed some atrocity to these people that precludes us from imposing our “oppressive” laws on to them.

    Whatever. The only atrocity we committed was kicking Mexican ass in the Texas Revolution (which I’m probably supposed to feel guilty about if I want to be politically correct).

  6. SE says:

    Seriously? is right. The last apartment I rented required – gasp – a background check. They kept a copy of my driver’s license on file, had my SSN, and I think (it’s been a while) the application asked about citizenship.

    As the wife of a legal immigrant, I have no problem with these actions. We’ve filled out the forms, gone through the interview, paid the fees, and my husband will become a citizen in a few more years. I’m sorry it’s such a “painful” process for those that choose to come across the border illegally, but those are the rules our government put in place. If the employers need the labor, they need to do it the right way, too, and encourage Congress to expand the visa program.

  7. Neal says:

    I agree with SE and Seriously regarding proof of ID but this new ordinance is just foolish. The problem is that every person who wants to rent a house or apartment in Farmers Branch now has to go down to the FB city hall, stand in line and pay $5 for a “license” granting them the privilege of renting property in Farmers Branch. Who wants to do that? Yes, it may scare off some illegal aliens, but it will also scare off desirable tenants (e.g. young professionals working in north Dallas, Addison and Frisco) who won’t put up with this extra hassle when they can just as easily rent a place at an equivalent complex a few blocks away in Addison, Dallas or Carrollton for the same price. Apartment developers (especially good ones like Lincoln and Trammell Crow) and investors looking for rehab and turnaround opportunities will stay away. The existing inventory of apartments in Farmers Branch will continue to degrade. Whatever expenses FB has incurred to date will not compare with the long term decline in its tax base resulting from this ordinance.

  8. Rod Davis sucks says:

    I’d gladly pay $5 and wait in line at city hall if it ensures me that my neighborhood will never turn into a barrio.

  9. Neal says:

    Rod Davis sucks: Good for you I guess, but I doubt that most prospective tenants would think of it that way. And would you really consider it “your” neighborhood if you’re renting one apartment in a 375-unit complex on a one year lease? It’s not like you, as a renter, have any real stake in the long term prospects of the neighborhood. If – as you fear – the place turns into a “barrio” during your lease, you would just move. So I doubt that the new ordinance will make Farmers Branch properties more attractive to apartment hunters than equivalent properties in neighboring cities. Instead, they will simply look elsewhere in order to avoid the hassle of renting in Farmers Branch.

  10. SE says:

    Neal, you have to remember – most young professionals that can afford it are going to live in a trendier area than Farmers Branch. If it became trendy to live in “the FB”, they’d have no problem paying the $5 fee, probably chalking it up to exclusivity.

    Ultimately, this ordinance is about attracting Washington’s attention, and stating that people are tired of our government not doing anything. Check CNN’s website, and you’ll see it mentioned on the front page. I’m sure Lou Dobbs will run a story on it, and Fox News probably won’t be far behind. While you may not agree with the ordinance, you have to admit that the timing is perfect for the political climate.

  11. Seriously? says:

    I agree the new ordinance sounds stupid. Now, so as to not offend someone breaking the law, all people have to go get a license to rent? Even legal people who have been paying taxes and whatnot have to get a license to rent? Just so we don’t offend a group of people?

    I’m all for allowing anyone to live anywhere they can afford. I simply want everyone paying taxes and jumping through the same hoops I have to when they want to receive the same privelages. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Call it amnesty or a worker program. Call it whatever you want. The simple fact is these people are not going away. Might as well get them in the tax and social security revenue stream and make them show some id to rent a house.

    Another point about all this is immigrants have rights. After all, legal or illegal, they’re still people. But if we don’t know they exist, how can we make sure they are being treated properly by landlords, doctors, dentists, etc.?

    Just doesn’t make sense.

  12. Bobby Ewing says:

    Farmer’s Branch is hereby referred to only as “Hooterville.” And that nom de ciudad has no basis in female anatomy nor wing slinging restaurants. Ironically, there are no Hooters restaurants in FB.