Leading Off

1. Supporters of a Benbrook couple who say they were the target of racist graffiti staged a candlelight vigil in support of the victims. Biggest question I have, of course, is where in the world is Benbrook? Is it near the Stock Show?

2. Despite vaccination requirements, Texas has shown a 41 percent increase in chicken pox cases in the past two years. Chicken-bok-bok, indeed.

3.  A local economist says we may already be in a recession, but that’s okay because “from an economic perspective, the best place to be in the United States in 2008 is Texas.” Take that, New Hampshire!


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8 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. the amanda says:

    I went to the afternoon rodeo on Saturday with a group of exchange students. It was really entertaining. Check out http://www.whiplashrides.com to see a sheep herding monkey riding dog-back. Now that’s entertainment. A lot of people in spurs…

  2. Kristen says:

    The Uptown landmark Hard Rock Cafe is a pile of rubble today. Anyone know what is planned for that spot? The owners haven’t been forthcoming — last they said, they wanted to preserve the building. So much for that!

  3. Brad says:

    If you aren’t smart enough to Google “Benbrook,” you really shouldn’t be writing…and no, I do not live there, nor do I particularly care about the place, but I did think your comment reflected your ignorance.

  4. J-No says:

    Eric is just playing dumb. As former Arts editor of the Star-Telegram, he’s aware of Benbrook and all the art-fulness that goes on there.

  5. JB says:

    That is just weird. I saw that Bebrook story on the news last night. Racial crap happens everywhere all the time. Why are they having a “Candleight Vigil” and so much media attention for this particular incindent. Something just seems off about this lady’s story. Are there no Police in Benbrook?

  6. Sean says:

    The Benbrook Police were cleaning up from the last cross burning. Remember, there’s still a town in Tarrant County called White Settlement. As a kid, I thought it was White Sediment. Ahh, the innocence of youth.

  7. Daniel says:

    In the story about chicken pox, it’s clear that one daren’t even obliquely question the efficacy of the vaccine. There’s obviously still R&D to recoup. Until that day, let’s all daren’t even imagine that the shots may be not only ineffective, but dangerous — for all we (would be allowed to) know.

    Let’s daren’t find these things out, shall we?

    Okay, okay, I also believe Bush is a shapeshifting lizard whose brethren live inside the earth, ingress and egress provided by an aperture in Antarctica, and that aliens are observing us from a hideout on the dark side of the moon. (“As a matter of of fact, it’s all dark.”)

    That doesn’t make me wrong.

  8. Peterk says:

    speaking of vaccines, I suspect the reason for the increase in chicken pox is not due to the vaccine not working but rather parents refusing to vaccinate their children due to an unsupported fear of autism supposedly caused by thimerol. But thimerol hasn’t been used for years. These idiotic parents would rather have their children suffer than vaccinate them. This same reasoning is why there is an increase in whooping cough and other childhood diseases that had virtually disappeared 40 years ago.