Leading Off

1. A tiny school near Corsicana says an 18-year-old student must cut his hair or he won’t graduate. They’ve also told Kevin Bacon there will be no school dance.

2. Wade says Romo going to Mexico with his girlfriend isn’t a big deal, as he told players to get away and relax. That won’t stop folks from overreacting. (Too many links of local overreaction to provide just one.)

3. DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) officials are considering private partnerships to help the agency complete some of its projects. They’ve even met with Bay Area Rapid Transit officials (BART) to brainstorm. Oakland and Denver are also considering similar ideas. No word whether they’ll meet with Fresno Area Rapid Transit. (I am 8 years old.)


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17 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. DG says:

    1. The kid knows the rules. The hair will grow back. But this is his only chance to remain a part of his class and participate fully in high school activities. It’s his CHOICE to diminish his school experience over hair.
    2. Romo can go to Mars for all I care as long as he plays well on Sunday.
    3. DART… no comment.

  2. Mantooth says:

    Nice one, Eric. That immature attitude really undermines the seriousness of the international talks with the Bremen Urban Rail Program.

  3. Gwyon says:

    DG, it’s possible he believes standing up to a pointless authoritarian rule enriches his high school experience and that cutting his hair for the sake of following would diminish it.

  4. Jason says:

    Dear city of Kerens,

    The 1950s called; they want their myopic rules back.

  5. Amandax9362 says:

    Why are girls alowed to wear their hair long? His is up all day where you would not see it. Obviously his hair did not grow that long over the winter break. They have know for 4 years the kid has long hair. Why wait until he is about to graduate?

  6. DG says:

    Gwyon, you have a valid point, but rules exist in all facets of society for whatever reason. It’s pointless for him to “stand up” to this one because all it does in the end is hurt him, not the school or society. The courts have ruled over and over that schools can enforce a dress code unless the family cites a valid religious reason. Being stubborn is not a valid reason and it’s going to cost him. He can grow his hair back, but he can’t get back his senior year.

  7. AJ says:

    Damn, maybe someone close to him should hold up a mirror to him and say “Look, you don’t look good. Long hair was really cool many, many years ago. You need a freakin’ haircut.” Screw the rule; it looks ridiculous. Sorry, it’s a fact and must be said.

  8. Amandax9362 says:

    DG sometimes you have to take a stand for what you believe in. Not what society thinks you should believe in. I know it is a drastic example but… If Rosa had not sat her butt down and taken a ‘stand’ where would we be. I am not saying his hair is going to solve the ills of the world, but is this really such a big deal? Is it something the school district should be spending this much time on? Lets work on grades and getting guns and drugs out of the schools. Not pick on a straight A student who works 30 hours a week.

  9. Gwyon says:

    DG, rules exist in society and individuals have a right to question them. This is a smart kid who’s taking a principled stand. Maybe he’d rather remember his senior year as the year he stood up for something and got kicked out of school for it instead of the year he caved and went along. You can scoff at the battle he’s chosen, but only he knows how important it is to him. It’s not up for you to decide what his priorities should be and whether or not this “pointless” act “hurts” him.

  10. Peterk says:

    I just love this altruism about challenging the ‘rules’. there are consequences if one decides to challenge the rules. Is it worth this young man’s future to challenge this rule? from reading the story he has been following the rule by braiding his hair and wearing it above his collar. But lately he and the others have decided not to do that.
    What if he were working in a restaurant and was required to wear his hair up? Should he challenge that rule? or follow it?
    Life is tough, learn to pick your fights. This one is ridiculous

  11. jrp says:

    fart jokes are never not funny…i, too, am eight years old

  12. Nitpiker says:

    Peterk, I doubt he’ll face those sorts of consequences. He’s a straight A student with a job and (it sounds like) his share of extracurricular activities. This is going to make for an outstanding college admissions essay that will make him stand out from the pack of other students with similarly padded resumes. I’m sure this fight will go a long way toward getting him admitted at some Ivy League or liberal arts school with an admissions board that thinks Texas is repressive anyway. But I’m just cynical that way.

  13. Daniel says:

    Peterk, I’m not sure the word “altruism” means what you think it means. Moreover, working at a restaurant is a voluntary arrangement, whereas most Americans consider access to a high-school education to be a right. It’s true that the the letter of the law would seem to favor the school district in this case. Whether this battle is worth the fight can ultimately be answered by the kid alone.

    Keep on not challengin’. I’m sure you’re good at it. I’m sorry that you find life “tough.”

  14. Mantooth says:

    This kind of banal conflict is why lawyers will never go out of business.

  15. Tim Rogers says:

    Again, I know we’re not supposed to comment in the comments section. But we’ve got a similar tonsorial dilemma here at the D offices. See, Zac Crain has himself quite a head of hair (see below). And Wick has recently established a similar rule: all boys’ hair must be above the collar. Zac has been given 12 hours to get his shorn. The problem is, he’s a straight-A student.

  16. the amanda says:

    Don’t do it Zac, fight the man!

  17. Harvey Lacey says:


    I’ve got to go to the woods today and cut logs.


    I can’t believe a school administration would be so stupid in the twenty first century. I hope the kid doesn’t give in. When he’s sixty like me he’ll be able to look back and smile and it’ll mean something.

    As for Zac, I can see why he doesn’t want to get that haircut. He’ll look more like Wick than Marty.