Leading Off

1. As Trey noted, the greatness of Dallas County DA Craig Watkins was on display again yesterday, as the man who has made DNA testing a priority shook the hand of Charles Allen Chatman, freed after 27 years of wrongful conviction for a rape tests show he could not possibly have committed. Sources say several intelligent design advocates showed up to protest, arguing that, “Science is obviously confused.”

2. Oil fell below $99 a barrel, which caused the rivers to run red.

3. So, a Dallas woman’s pug escapes by digging under the backyard fence (the family has a doggie door). An admitted alcoholic from Tulsa, here on Christmas break, finds the dog, falls for it, takes it back to the Tulsa area and gives it to her daughter (who doesn’t live with her, because of the alcoholism), then writes a letter to the pug’s owner explaining this, saying she’s sorry and hopes they find another pet. She also sends $20. The Dallas woman understands, would be willing to buy the Tulsa woman a dog, but wants her pug back. Um, comments, anyone?


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6 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. oh brother says:

    Between this woman & the Hannah Montana lying essay mother – what’s up with mothers so desperate to make their children happy that they’ll do anything to make it so? Sheesh. We’ve got a generation of “rude, selfish pig” (thanks, Alec Baldwin!) parents raising children that will be worse.

    And why do these stories always seem to have a Dallas connection?

  2. Daniel says:

    Money quote:

    “You are an example of how justice is supposed to work,” Mr. Watkins told [Charles Allen Chatman].

  3. Kersten says:

    Call Ellen Degeneres. This is way worse than Iggygate. Dad, if you’re reading this, give the dog back to its owner.

  4. Drew says:

    What I’d really like to know is, what happens to these people who are now being freed 20+ years later for wrongful convictions? Is it just, “Sorry, dude, my bad… Enjoy what’s left of your life.”?

    I have to think these people weren’t just innocent bystanders who got caught up in something when originally convicted but innocent is innocent, regardless.

    Are they suing the state/local government that incarcerated them?

  5. Mark says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party. Busy day. Nobody reads these comments, but….

    First we get a sad-faced Jeff Crilley after the football game, and later it’s the lead story on the DMN web site. Do these people have a PR hack in the family?

    How is this dog stolen? The dog appeared to be running around the neighborhood as a result of carelessness. If I foolishly leave my wallet in a public place, the person who finds it and takes the cash isn’t stealing.

    Instead of crying to the cameras, the (former) owners should be happy to know the dog isn’t lying dead in a ditch as a result of their negligence.