Illegal Immigrants Cause Editorial Page Problems

In case you missed it, the DMN editorial board chose The Illegal Immigrant as the Texan of the Year for 2007. That was the consensus pick, understand. It was not the opinion of the essay’s author Rod Dreher, as he points out here. But that still doesn’t get him off the hook with a blogging fellow named Larry Auster, nor with the folks at Scrappy Cons. Expressing opinions can sure bring out a lot of hostility in people. I’m going to try not to do that in 2008.


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6 responses to “Illegal Immigrants Cause Editorial Page Problems”

  1. Daniel says:

    While making a clear implication that topless clubs lead to sex crimes, the State in the same breath makes rape crisis centers dependent for their funding on topless clubs’ proliferation.

    Great stuff!

  2. Daniel says:

    Woops, wrong thread. Well, I can think of a topless dancer or two who should be Illegal Immigrant of the Year. And they ain’t working at the Lodge, people.

  3. Don says:

    Adam, opinions are valuable, for they save us from the terror of uncertainty when no facts are available.

    For example, although the police have no motive in the case, Mr. Dreher saves us from this vertigo of ignorance by suggesting on his Belief Net blog you reference that the recent deaths of two girls in Irving could be the result of a Muslim honor killing.

    This saves us from wasting valuable time and mental effort speculating on other possible reasons, and in this hectic day and age, who can’t use that little bit of extra assistance?


  4. Harvey Lacey says:

    Don I caught that story on the news this morning and my first thought was Rod would be doing an Islamists are Evil dance before lunch.

    I have three close friends with sixteen year olds. Believe me, they’ve considered killing the kids and it having nothing to do with honor.

    I like to say we come with an asshole gene. It’s activated at least twice in our lives. The first time is when we are passing through puberty and adult onset. It’s a good thing too. If you think not look at the teens who haven’t evidenced the presence of this gene and you will notice that the parents want to keep them around forever. That’s not a good thing, not for the child, and especially not for the parents.

    The second time the asshole gene exhibits itself is middle age or so when it’s exposed to a teenager in the throws of assholeness.

    The serious side of this story is two young ladies have lost their lives and a father has for all practical purposes lost his reasons for living. I just hope it wasn’t over something as silly as religion.

  5. Don says:

    Harvey, I guess I’ll never understand white trash thinking.

    If two dead Muslim girls imply an honor killing, he must also think a dead white person implies a black or a Mexican perpetrator. How could anything else be true in cracker land?


  6. Jack Jett says:

    Like our President, little Dreher is a bigoted retarded redneck who should not be allowed to make decisions for himself, much less others.

    While he makes a great fluffer for the Belo’s, he is for the most part, a non entity.

    He would be better served making certain that Julie Lyons remains heterosexual.